We Breakdown the True Bahamas Cruise Cost

While Bahamas voyages are among the most affordable and popular cruises available, we detail the true Bahamas cruise cost.

The True Bahamas Cruise Cost

Cruises to the Bahamas are a popular gateway into cruising for many guests, as well as those who want a quick weekend getaway without committing to a full week-long voyage further south into the Caribbean. They’re an easy choice not only because of multiple departure port options (mostly in Florida) but also because there’s an abundance of affordable cruise lines sailing to the Bahamas.

It’s no secret; Bahamas voyages are among the most affordable and popular cruises available. So, what’s the true Bahamas cruise cost? For a full breakdown of how much you can expect to pay for an average sailing to the Bahamas, read on.

The True Bahamas Cruise Cost

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How Much Does a Bahamas Cruise Cost?

As with any cruise, costs vary greatly depending on the cruise line you sail and the type of stateroom you choose on the ship. How far in advance you book and the time of year you’re sailing can have an impact as well. When sitting down to create a budget for a Bahamas cruise, consider these main components:

  • The cruise fare plus associated taxes and fees
  • Transportation to the homeport, whether it be via plane, train, or automobile
  • Hotel accommodations (if needed before and/or after the cruise)
  • Onboard purchases (such as specialty dining, alcoholic beverages, spa treatments, wifi, and souvenirs)
  • Shore excursions
  • Travel insurance

How Much Are Cruise Fares on a Bahamas Cruise?

Cruises to the Bahamas tend to be cheaper per-night than voyages in most other regions thanks to easy access from a number of homeports as well as the large number of ships from different cruise lines that sail there. With that being said, prices have a big variance depending on factors like the cruise line, the length of the cruise, and the type of cabin you’re staying in.

Most sailings to the Bahamas are short three to five-night jaunts. However, seven-night Bahamas voyages are also available (which usually also include port calls in Florida). The longer sailings are often from homeports in the northeastern U.S. since the ship takes longer to get down to the Bahamian islands.

Comparing Bahamas Cruise Costs by Cruise Line

As with a cruise to any region, the cruise fare will be vastly different depending on whether you sail a mainstream, premium, or luxury line. You’ll find the cheapest per-night price for Bahamas cruises on lines like MSC Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line, with many voyages starting at under $50 per person, per night. Mid-range prices can be found on lines including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line. Many sailings are between $70 and $100 per person, per night.

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Lines like Virgin Voyages and Disney Cruise Line are at the pricier end of the spectrum with sailings that usually start at over $100 per night and go up to several hundred dollars. Occasionally, luxury brands like SeaDream and The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection will also do one-off Bahamas cruises which can cost $600 per person, per night or more.

Comparing Bahamas Cruise Costs by Cabin Category

After the cruise line itself, the single largest factor that will determine the cost of your cruise is which cabin category you choose. Interior staterooms with no windows or a balcony (occasionally tiny porthole cabins are classified as interior, though) are the most affordable, followed by oceanview cabins (with a large window) and balcony staterooms.

Suites will be the most expensive accommodations on the ship. Based on the breakdown above, here are examples of what you might pay for interior and balcony cabins. These figures are per person, per night.


  • Carnival and MSC: $30 to $60
  • Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Norwegian: $70 to $100
  • Virgin Voyages: $140 to $170
  • Disney Cruise Line: $250 to $300


  • Carnival and MSC: $60 to $100
  • Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Norwegian: $110 to $180
  • Virgin Voyages: $160 to $200
  • Disney Cruise Line: $350 to $450

Comparing Bahamas Cruise Costs by Time of Year

As the air starts to cool and kids go back to school, that’s when you’ll find the most affordable cruise fares to the Bahamas. Not only is it cheaper, but these sailings are also less crowded due to two main factors: the risks that come with booking a cruise during the most active part of hurricane season, and the fact that grade-school and college students are back in class and families have likely wrapped up their major vacations for the year.

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Even the tail end of fall — early December — can be well-priced and quieter. Voyages over Christmas and New Year’s command a premium, and then sailings are back to lower prices in the mid-winter months of January and February.

Spring and summer are the most expensive times to sail to the Bahamas. Though, you’ll still be able to find deals if you’re open about the cruise line and ship you sail.

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How Much are Shore Excursions on a Bahamas Cruise?

As opposed to a wildlife and nature-focused region like Alaska or a history-filled destination like the Mediterranean, excursions aren’t as necessary or popular in most Bahamian ports. This means that you’ll likely spend less average per-port on a cruise to the Bahamas than in other regions.

For example, lots of cruises to the Bahamas include a stop at the cruise line’s private island/destination in the Bahamas. While these ports do have excursions and activities you can do such as snorkeling, horseback riding, jet-skiing, or parasailing, many passengers are just as happy to have a beach day complete with the free lunch that’s included on the island.

In Nassau — the most popular port stop in the Bahamas — you can spend your day walking around town, walking to the Queen’s Staircase, or doing an activity on your own like parasailing (around $100 per person), heading to an all-inclusive beach resort for the day ($100 to $170 per person), or going to Atlantis’ Aquaventure Park ($100 to $130 per person, varies based on the season).

However, shore excursions like swimming with pigs and visiting a beach club (around $150 per person), a catamaran ride with snorkeling (around $85 per person), and a guided walking tour of Nassau (around $40 per person) are also available.

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In Freeport, another common Bahamas stop, excursions include things like a bicycle ride with a beach stop and lunch (around $100 per person), a glass-bottom boat tour with shark experience (around $80 per person), and a sightseeing bus tour with shopping and a visit to a brewery with a tasting experience (around $70 per person).

Depending on the type of activity, the excursion price spectrum is extremely wide for any cruise — including those to the Bahamas. Decide which activities are must-do’s and which ports you can either book an independent tour or explore on your own and come up with a loose budget from there. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of food and drink (if they’re not included in your excursion).

Additional Costs for a Bahamas Cruise

Once you’ve got your cabin and shore excursions nailed down, there are other factors to take into account when planning your Bahamas cruise budget.


If you need to take a flight to get to your Bahamas cruise homeport, be sure to factor that airfare into your overall trip budget. The cost can fluctuate based on the time of year and how close-in you book it. So, start looking as soon as you book your voyage and check back often for the best price.

Taxes and Fees

On top of the cruise fare, your final payment for your cruise will include taxes and port fees. The exact number is determined by the cost of your cruise fare as well as the departure port and the ports your itinerary visits. For a three or four-day Bahamas cruise, expect to pay at least $100 per person in taxes and port fees.

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On most cruise lines, daily gratuities are not included in the cruise fare. You’ll be charged separately for them at the end of the voyage. The per-person cost is different depending on the line you’re sailing and the cabin category you’re staying in. Most range from $13 to $18 per day. This means that for a three-day Bahamas cruise, plan for a total gratuity charge of $39 to $54 per person; for a four-night, $52 to $72 per person; and for a seven-night, $91 to $126 per person.

Gratuities are automatically charged. But on most cruise lines, you do have the freedom to either remove them or adjust the amount. However, we recommend sticking with the automatically charged amount, as gratuities go not only towards guest-facing crew members but also many that you’ll never meet face-to-face.

Alcoholic Beverages

If you plan to drink alcohol or other specialty beverages on board the ship, think about how much you’re likely to drink each day and budget accordingly. The price of wines and beers by the glass, cocktails, and things like milkshakes and specialty coffees vary. So, look into the average prices for your specific cruise line and figure out a rough estimate of how much you want to spend.

If you think you’ll drink enough, consider purchasing the cruise line’s beverage package (if it has one). This might help you save some money.

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Specialty Dining

While your cruise ship will have plenty of included dining, you may want to try some of the specialty restaurants (which are not included in the cruise fare). Look at a list of the specialty dining options aboard your specific ship, their costs, and decide which (if any) are a must-do for you.


Some cruise lines, such as Virgin Voyages and Viking, include wifi as part of the cost of your cruise fare. Most mainstream brands, however, charge an additional fee to access the internet system on board. Though there are some exceptions, most cruise lines charge a per-day price for internet, with multiple tiered packages.

The basic tier usually includes internet-based messaging (like iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp) as well as access to social media. It usually costs between $13 and $15 per day. Higher tiers will include access to things like web browsing, email, downloading and uploading files, and music and video streaming services. They generally cost somewhere between $18 to $25 per day.

Many cruisers prefer to disconnect during their cruise and not access the internet at all. Others want to stay connected with family and friends or work. It’s important to know that even if you don’t purchase any wifi, you’ll still be able to use your cruise line’s smartphone app.

Onboard Purchases

Other than the purchases mentioned above, there are plenty of ways to spend money on the ship that you may or may not want to take advantage of. These include things like photo prints, spa treatments or access to the spa’s thermal suite, playing in the casino, and souvenirs in the gift shop.

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It can be tough to come up with a good estimate for how much you’ll spend on things like this. So, we recommend coming up with a budget for “extras” and doing your best to stick to it.

This can also apply to purchases in port. Come up with a souvenir budget and try not to go beyond it.

Breakdown of Bahamas Cruise Costs

Now, let’s look at the Bahamas cruise cost for the three most popular cruise lengths on a mainstream cruise line.

Three-Night Cruise

In an interior cabin, expect to pay $350 to $500 per person including taxes, fees, gratuities, and basic wifi. For a balcony cabin, our estimate rises to $460 to $600 per person with the same inclusions. Be sure to add in transportation, shore excursions, and any onboard purchases you plan to make.

Four-Night Cruise

For an interior cabin, you can estimate $400 to $600 per person including taxes, fees, gratuities, and basic wifi. In a balcony cabin, expect to pay somewhere between $550 and $825 per person — plus transportation, shore excursions, and onboard purchases.

Seven-Night Cruise

In an interior cabin, expect to pay $700 to $1,050 per person, including taxes, fees, gratuities, and basic wifi. In a balcony cabin, expect to pay around $1,000 to $1,400 per person. You should also take transportation to and from the cruise homeport, shore excursions, and onboard purchases into consideration.

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Do you agree with our assessment of the true Bahamas cruise cost? What’s the best deal you’ve found on one of these quick getaways? Drop us an anchor below to share your Bahamas cruise reviews.

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