Here’s All the Different Types of Cruises You Can Take in 2024

If you're considering a cruise vacation, we cover all the different types of cruises so you can pick the best fit for your travel party.

Here's All the Different Types of Cruises You Can Take in 2024

Popular cruises include both mainstream and premium cruises. Both are great entry choices for delving into cruising. However, there are other types of cruises that exist too. These include river cruises, expedition cruises, luxury cruises, and even themed cruises.

Before you decide which is right for you, you should acquaint yourself with some of the benefits of cruising. You should also know which cruise lines fall into which categories, the amenities featured on each, and some popular cruise destinations.

We cover all this and more in our complete list of all the different types of cruises you can take in 2024.

A Complete List of All the Different Types of Cruises You Can Take

First things first though. Should you go on a cruise? Well, a ship is a floating hotel resort that puts this type of vacation at the top of the list for many travelers. These are just a few of the many benefits of cruising over other types of vacations.

Celebrity Cruises' Biggest Caribbean Season Has Begun

Benefits of Cruising

  • There is no need to pack and unpack every day or set your luggage out in the wee hours of the morning to be ready for a bus.
  • Cruising saves time – no need to get to airport, train station, or bus station to travel between destinations.
  • There is no need to find new lodging everyday or spend hours making reservations for multiple accommodations.
  • Many meal options are included with a choice to pay for specialty restaurants.
  • No grocery shopping, meal prep, dishwashing, cleaning, etc.
  • Your stateroom is serviced daily.
  • You may do as much or as little as you want.
  • The family-friendly ships have complimentary clubs for the children up to 18 years of age.
  • You will have access to clubs, shows, pools, and other activities.
  • Port stops include options for guided tours or independent activities.
  • With meal options included, you have a chance to try new foods.
  • You will meet people from around the world.
  • There are often specials for those sailing with more than two in a cabin offering potential savings to families.
  • When you consider what it would cost to visit the same destinations by car or flight, you will realize a significant savings.
  • Cruise lines offer loyalty programs with perks for their repeat cruisers.
  • Larger family friendly ships offer some high-energy options: gym, climbing wall, race track, waterslides, roller coasters, zip lining, bowling, and more.
  • Lectures, demonstrations, presentations, and destination talks keep cruisers informed.
  • You can enjoy the fresh air and a different view of destinations from the sea.
  • Spa and wellness, and gyms to keep healthy are popular activities on most cruise ships.
  • Those with dietary restrictions will find that with advance notice, most of their needs can be accommodated in the restaurants.
  • Those with limited mobility will find accessible cabins. Though, you’ll need to book early.
  • With so many activities on the ship, it is so easy to try something new.

If you are deciding between a cruise or an all-inclusive resort for your next vacation, we weigh the pros and cons of each.

What's New for Viking in 2024 and Beyond

Different types of cruise ships

Cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to sail the open sea or enjoy a river cruise, there’s a perfect vacation for you. Within these categories, you can further drill down into a variety of experiences: big ship, small ship;  mainstream, premium, luxury, ultra-luxury; family-friendly, adults only; expedition and masted sailing. The sky – or the sea – is the limit.

With so many options available, it’s essential especially for the first-time cruiser, or even a seasoned cruiser trying out a new type of cruising, to find a knowledgeable travel advisor. Finding a perfect style of cruising for your needs ensures that your experience will be what you were expecting.

All cruise ships aren’t the same, but there are definitely similarities amongst the brands. Just like hotels, the offerings vary and guests often become loyal members to a certain cruise line. Others enjoy trying a variety of cruise lines for several reasons – the size, the atmosphere, the itinerary, the age of the ship, as well as the ease and cost of reaching the port. Cruising offers so many different options and styles.

The main types of cruises include:

Ocean Cruising

When most people think of cruising, it’s ocean cruising that they envision. Yet, sailing the seven seas still offers plenty of choices in terms of style of cruising and sizes of ships. Anecdotal evidence suggests that most first-time cruisers will choose one of the mainstream or premium ocean cruise lines.


Whether you are looking at a short cruise, long cruise, transatlantic sailing, or anything in between, ocean cruising has something for you. From mainstream to ultra-luxury brands, big or small ships, the choices might make your head spin.

best time to go on a cruise

Popular destinations

The most popular destinations for ocean going ships are the Caribbean and The Bahamas. Easily accessed from US ports, these destinations attract cruisers looking for warm and sunny destinations. You will find the greatest selection of ships sailing to these destinations from Florida homeports.

Other popular destinations for cruisers are Bermuda and the Central and Western Mediterranean. But don’t discount lesser known but equally interesting destinations like Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and New England, and other regions of Europe.

Additionally, don’t forget that many cruise lines have their own private islands, many found in the Caribbean or Bahamas. With lots of amenities, these islands are often a high point for cruisers.

Mainstream Cruise Lines and Their Amenities

Many of these cruise lines offer Broadway-style entertainment included in the fare. Complimentary clubs for children under 18 keep kids engaged and allow parents freedom to pursue adult activities. Free dining in both a main dining room (MDR) and buffet is typical of most ships. Search around the ship for light or quick meals.

Other activities like roller coasters, zip lines, rock climbing walls, pickle ball, and even ice skating are just a few of the many recreational options offered. The daily programs include fun events like trivia, bingo, demonstrations, solo gatherings, and learning activities as well. Some of these activities are complimentary while others may come with an additional charge.

Further, gyms keep guests in shape. Spa facilities lure guests with the wide variety of treatments and demonstrations. One just needs to look at the daily program and make a choice from the many options available. Fitness classes and spa treatments will cost extra on most mainstream cruise lines though.

Complete list of all the types of cruises you can take

These are the most popular mainstream cruise lines.

Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival recently welcomed their 100 millionth passenger onboard. With so many passengers who have sailed with this cruise line, it’s logical to think that many first-time cruisers selected this company. Carnival emphasizes “fun” in their product and even has Shaquille O’Neal as its chief fun officer.

Many Carnival ships depart from Florida ports, and cruises to warm weather destinations like the Caribbean are numerous. Both short and long cruises are available, with cruises listed in the Carnival Journeys category being longer and often to more exotic destinations.

Carnival Fun Italian Style itineraries use ships from Costa, Carnival’s sister brand. These have an emphasis on Italian flair without sacrificing the fun element that Carnival is known for.

Those looking for a culinary experience will find several specialty restaurants featuring fare from renowned chefs. With Emeril, as Carnival’s chief culinary officer, you will find not only his Bistros at sea, but a selection of other dining experiences. Some of those alternatives are Shaq’s Big Chicken and Guy’s Burger Joint (both included). For an additional charge, guests can enjoy Guy’s Pig and Anchor Smokehouse, Rudi’s Seagrill, and Il Viaggio.

Celestyal Cruises

If Greece is on your radar, check out Celestyal’s itineraries. Sail with them on 3-14 day itineraries. Their focus is on the Greek experience with visits to many of the Greek islands. To share the Greek hospitality, they do include certain complimentary beverages at meal times.

Port fees, gratuities, and service charges are included in your fare as well. If you want to see more of Greece than Santorini and Athens, Celestyal is a cruise line to consider.

Complete list of all the types of cruises you can take

Costa Cruises

Based in Italy, this cruise line specializes in the Italian experience. The majority of their cruises sail European itineraries, but they do include a few itineraries in other parts of the world.

Who doesn’t like Italian food? You would definitely expect pasta and gelato on a cruise with Italian fare, but are you a Nutella fan? Costa features a spot where you can try all things Nutella. How cool is that?

And to take culinary inspirations from the ports that Costa visits, three chefs, Bruno Barbieri, Hélène Darroze, and Ángel León have a nightly treat for you. At dinner time, one of the dishes features local ingredients to give a taste of the following day’s port.

Entertainment on Costa ships includes acrobats, musicals, comedians, and more. Further, pools, mini-golf, and other outdoor activities keep guests busy. Of course, there is a gym, even an outdoors one. For those interested in wellness, there are classes, beauty treatments, and more.

MSC Cruises

This cruise line boasts beautiful ships featuring Swarovski crystal staircases. A relative newcomer to the US market, MSC Cruises attracts a diverse group of cruisers from North America and abroad. The ship interiors are stunning.

Additionally, these ships have upscale private areas with cabins and restaurants. Known as the Yacht Club, this exclusive area also has its own pool.

The entertainment on the ships features classical music, acrobats, and large productions shows. Outdoor areas with pools and hot tubs are popular with guests.

MSC sources their own goods for their shops rather than depending on the same vendor that other cruise lines use. One favorite is Il Venchi chocolate shop.

As a privately owned company, MSC is not beholden to shareholders. Often their cruise fares are quite attractive.

If that’s not enough, MSC cruisers can enjoy the newer Ocean Cay Marine Reserve, MSC’s private Bahamas island.

Guide to Norwegian Cruise Line Ship Classes

Norwegian Cruise Line

Known for its Free-Style concept of open dining, Norwegian Cruise Line and innovation go hand-in-hand. NCL was one of the first cruise lines to relax the dress code. Dress Up or Not nights happen a few times per cruise.

Unique to mainstream cruising, their American-flagged ship, Pride of America, sails the Hawaiian Islands round-trip from Honolulu. It lacks a casino, but saves the long and sometimes rough crossing from the West Coast of the USA.

The ship-within-a-ship concept on the newer NCL ships is a private retreat with its own dining, bars and lounges, and pool. Guests in The Haven can still enjoy the shows and public spaces on the ships, but can relax in the comfort of their own exclusive area on the ship as well.

Ships in the NCL fleet range from small to large. The smaller ships sail more exotic itineraries.

Entertainment on NCL ships includes Broadway-style shows, musical groups, video arcades, casinos, comedians, and performances like Howl at the Moon. Entertainment varies by ship.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean competes with itself on the size of its ships. Its newest and largest ship, Icon of the Seas, just entered the market. Each new ship takes ideas to a new level.

The neighborhoods on the Oasis and Icon class ships each have a different character, and they are easy enough to navigate to find just the right spot for food and entertainment. On the newer ships, a suite neighborhood offers the ship-within-a-ship concept. Like other ships, this neighborhood has special amenities for guests. Exclusive dining and bars in addition to a private pool area are available to those residing in that neighborhood.

Although Royal Caribbean boasts the largest cruise ship on the seas, it also has several smaller ships in its fleet. Its smallest ship, Grandeur of the Seas, sails the Caribbean. Although smaller ships have fewer or smaller public venues, finding a variety of entertainment options is still possible.

As with many of the mainstream cruise lines, each class of ship is different, with different deck plans and options for various types of travelers.

Princess Cruises Upcoming Alaska Season Marks 55th Anniversary

Premium Cruise Lines and Their Amenities

As cruisers age out of these top deck attractions, become empty nesters, or simply want a more relaxing cruise atmosphere, the premium cruise lines provide many options.

Many of the cruisers on these ships are well-traveled. Their interest lies more in the areas that they visit rather than in the high energy options found on the mainstream cruise ships. The guests typically are a bit older than on mainstream cruises, but families are always welcome.

Though, be aware that during certain times if there are not enough children on a particular sailing that the kids’ clubs may be either closed or have limited hours.

The emphasis on food and drink with chef-driven menus tempts the palates of premium-level cruisers. And the aesthetic of the ship creates the total experience.

These are the most popular premium cruise lines.

Celebrity Cruises

With 16 ships that sail to all seven continents and visit 300 destinations, it’s easy to move up the Royal Caribbean ladder to this premium cruise line. The ships have a refined elegance without being stuffy.

Each class of ship features something different, so you have the choice of sticking with the atmosphere you love or trying out a different class of ship. Think comfortable spaces, a relaxed ambiance, yet with plenty of entertainment options and even something for families.

Camp at Sea explores S.T.E.M. topics appropriate for kids. Art, Culinary, and Recreation complement the S.T.E.M. program and keep kids engaged.

Ships in the newer Edge Class feature the ship-within-a-ship concept, The Retreat. Solstice Class lures guests to relax at their Lawn Club and enjoy a glassmaking demonstration.

If you’re considering a Celebrity cruise, keep in mind these tips and tricks.

Cunard Names New Ship Queen Anne


Known for its British atmosphere, Cunard offers ballroom dancing and tea time with white-gloved service. Cruisers may choose from different classes of staterooms, with the Grills appealing to those seeking a more exclusive and proper area.

The highlights in the Cunard fleet of its soon-to-be four ships, include well-stocked libraries including the largest library at sea and regular crossings on the Atlantic. The Queen Mary 2 was designed to do the crossing and even includes pet kennels for your furry friends.

Cunard keeps traditions alive with the black tie formal nights. And how about trying your hand at fencing?

Disney Cruise Line

Disney hardly needs any introduction. Its fans know every detail about Disney and its characters. Disney attracts fans of all ages including childless cruisers. “Where Magic Meets the Sea” sets the stage for Disney cruises with each ship having a different focus.

Guests may choose their favorite movies or characters and choose the ship that is right for them. And speaking of characters, Disney fans have multiple options for joining their favorite stars on one of their soon-to-be six ships. Disney Wish and Disney Treasure (debuting in December) feature several new amenities for the brand including the first Disney attraction at sea, the AquaMouse.

If you’re planning a Disney cruise, you’ll want to keep in mind these tips and tricks.

Holland America's Rotterdam Naming Ceremony Cruise Review

Holland America Line

Having recently celebrated its 150th year of cruising, Holland America (HAL) now celebrates over 75 years of cruising Alaska. If Alaska is on your bucket list, you will appreciate that Holland America enjoys prime slots for sailing in Glacier Bay National Park.

Alaska isn’t the only itinerary that HAL sails. You will find them sailing all over the world. And if music is your passion, HAL will certainly keep you entertained.

Although some think that HAL attracts older people (that is true!), they also cater to multi-generational families. With activities for the kids as well as for their parents and grandparents, the entire family can explore the many activities on the HAL ships.

Music isn’t the only highlight on HAL cruises. The culinary council ensures that guests have plenty of dining options, including restaurants by Rudi Sodamin. Additionally, curated menus feature favorites of other members of the culinary council.

While Alaska offers many longer itineraries that deviate from the typical seven-day cruises that mainstream ships sail, Holland America’s smaller ships venture into lesser-known ports as well.

Princess Cruises

Another cruise line choice that has been sailing Alaska for a long time, Princess Cruises also is at the top of the list for the coveted spots into Glacier Bay National Park. They also have many lodges throughout Alaska for land tours combined with their Alaska sailings.

Alaska isn’t the only itinerary that Princess ships visit. They offer longer itineraries that take cruisers off-the-beaten-path. How refreshing it is to be the only ship in a port rather than sharing it with thousands of passengers from other ships.

Princess features intimate shows, several dining choices with chef partnerships, and outdoor areas. Although more adults typically sail with Princess, they do have kids clubs as well.

Princess cruise ships also vary in size with the brand’s largest ship, Sun Princess, having just debuted in the Mediterranean. Sun Princess is a complete evolution for the brand, looking to appeal to more multigenerational groups.

Princess Cruises is also known for its MedallionClass experience. This wearable technology serves many purposes from opening your cabin door, to ordering food and drinks on demand, and much more.

Virgin Voyages Debuts Eat and Drink Month

Virgin Voyages

A relative newcomer to the North American market, Virgin Voyages tried to turn the cruise experience upside down. Definitely not a traditional cruise, this adults-only cruise line features the unexpected.

Think drag shows, adult themed shows, and staterooms with lighting for any mood. Although initially marketed for the younger set, Virgin does attract guests of all ages.

Their flexible booking policies make Virgin especially attractive to those with ever-changing schedules.

With several specialty restaurants included in the fare, Virgin tempts its guests to enjoy new culinary experiences. Virgin truly focuses on trying new things.

Pop-up entertainment appeals to some Virgin cruisers, while others will opt for other activities. The outdoor areas have plenty of seating, dining options, and even an outdoor gym.

Virgin visits Bimini where the beach club welcomes cruisers. The staff engage with guests and also perform card tricks, magic, and whatever piques their interests. For a totally different and childless cruise experience, Virgin is worth a try.

River Cruising

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from ocean cruising is river cruising.

Ideal for those who feel more comfortable with land always in view, river cruising brings guests close into cities full of history, food, and culture. River cruises sail slowly with scenic views and with little worry about seasickness.

Some of the riverboats even offer the option to charter, meaning family and friends can enjoy a private river cruise adventure.


Riverboats range in size from very small vessels that may carry just a handful of guests to larger boats that carry up to around 200 passengers. Like expedition and luxury cruises, the well-traveled guests come from a demographic that has both the time and money to travel.

While some of the river cruise lines do allow children, a minimum age must be met typically. Cruises designated as family-friendly offer activities for younger sailors, but there aren’t usually dedicated facilities.

When several riverboats visit the same town, it may be necessary to walk across the boats that have rafted up. Keep that in mind if you have any sort of disability.

Viking Announces Opening of 2026 European River Season

Popular destinations

Wherever you find a lengthy navigable river, you are likely to find a river cruise. Popular rivers in Europe include the Rhine, Seine, Duoro, Danube, and more. The Yangtze and Mekong are popular choices in Asia, while South America includes the Amazon with some of those cruises fitting into the expedition category.

In Egypt, the Nile is popular. Of course, the USA offers many waterways for river cruising: Mississippi, Missouri, Columbia, Snake, and Ohio to name just a few. The St. Lawrence Seaway in Canada is another waterway suitable for river cruising.

Some of the river cruises also sail along coasts, on the coastal waterways, or in other protected areas.

River Cruise Lines and Their Amenities

River cruise lines to try include: AmaWaterways, American Cruise Lines, Avalon, CroisiEurope, Emerald, and Viking. At the luxury end are Riverside (boats acquired from Crystal), Riviera, Scenic, Tauck, and Uniworld. Even Disney offers trips on riverboats.

The small capacity of riverboats is an amenity in itself. Many riverboats offer bicycles on board. Further, there may be a chance to visit town with a chef and select food for a meal.

Riverboats usually dock right in town with easy access to shopping and other attractions. Some shore excursions may be included with options for adding others at additional cost.

Life onboard is relaxed with small-scale entertainment. Locals may be invited onboard to sing, dance, or do a demonstration.

Staterooms are of all different styles. Viking has a Scandinavian feel, while Uniworld has a much more formal décor.

Outdoor dining is often possible, but there are usually just a few dining options. Although, Riverside and Ultra-Luxury Scenic have more dining venues than other riverboats.

Silversea Reveals New Collection of Expedition Voyages

Expedition Cruising

A rapidly growing segment of the cruise market, expedition cruises take guests to remote areas around the world. Initially, you may think that expedition cruises are equated with cold destinations, but that is not the case. Expedition cruises sail in many parts of the world.


Like luxury cruises, expedition cruises use smaller ships, a necessity for cruising places that limit the number of passengers to be onshore at a time. Small ships reach spots that large ships can’t safely navigate. As with the other type of cruises, there are many options and styles of expedition cruising.

Ships sailing in icy destinations feature designs that optimize their ability to safely navigate frozen waters. Additionally, many cruise lines sailing in cold weather destinations provide warm jackets to their guests.

The choices for sailing on an expedition cruise are many. Keep in mind that some tour operators have their own programs using expedition ships. Road Scholar, Tauck, G Adventures, Intrepid Travel, and others follow this model.

Popular Destinations

Expedition cruises explore many destinations on all seven continents. Antarctica, Africa, the Arctic, Asia, Australia, Baja, Canada, the Galapagos, Alaska, and other off-the-beaten path destinations attract expedition cruises. Wherever history, wildlife, and nature abound, you will likely find an expedition cruise visiting an exotic destination.

Expedition Cruise Lines and Their Amenities

Expedition cruise lines include: Adventure Canada, Albatross, Atlas Ocean Voyages, Aqua Expeditions, Celebrity, HX (Hurtigruten), Lindblad, Ponant, Poseidon Expeditions, ProIceland, Quark, Scenic, Seabourn, Silversea, UnCruise, and Viking.

Expect to find a variety of naturalists and experts on board. Resources, like labs for citizen scientists, educational displays, and access to books on a variety of topics are typical. Further, entertainment will be more focused on enrichment.

Experiencing the Last Frontier on an Alaska Expedition Cruise

Some expedition ships provide or rent gear to guests. Use of kayaks, SUPs, and other water sports equipment is often complimentary. Luxury expedition cruises might even include submarines or helicopters.

Luxury Cruising

Many cruisers start with mainstream ships before moving on to luxury or ultra-luxury cruises. Typically, those who go on luxury cruises are in a slightly older demographic, but that is not saying that younger people and families don’t sail luxury brands. Luxury cruise ships often travel to more exotic destinations, visiting ports that are inaccessible to big ships.


Attention to detail and upgraded levels of service define luxury and ultra-luxury cruising. With many of the luxury cruises averaging one crew member per guest, “at your service” contributes to the guest experience. 

Fine dining in restaurants overseen by famous chefs, upscale wine, and attentive service similar to an upscale restaurant on land add to the exceptional culinary experience on the ships.

The ships are smaller with more intimate entertainment. Large theaters are rare, and some ships have no casinos. Entertainment is often self-directed. Libraries for reading, lectures for learning, and daily options for living in the moment resonate with the luxury cruiser.

Don’t expect roller coasters, zip lines, or waterparks. The pool and pool decks give the feel of an exclusive resort. While high-energy activities may be absent from a luxury ship, it’s still possible to participate in activities like shuffleboard, pickle ball, or other social activities on a luxury cruise.

Although children are welcome on most luxury cruises, they, too, need to be self-directed. There are often not programs for them and few other children with whom they can socialize.

While the price tag might be higher, there are more inclusions as part of the cruise fare.

Azamara Unveils 2026 World Cruise

Popular Destinations

Luxury and ultra-luxury ships cruise the world. Smaller ships allow docking away from the larger mainstream ships. Not having to explore a destination with thousands of guests from big ships gives exclusiveness to luxury guests.

Luxury Cruise Lines and Their Amenities

Luxury cruise lines excel at service, fine dining, and a calmer, yet enjoyable style of cruising. Good cruise lines to enter into the luxury arena are: Azamara, Emerald, Oceania Cruises, Paul Gauguin, Viking, and Windstar Cruises.

Think of luxury cruise lines on steroids, and now you have the ultra-luxury cruises. Everything is taken to a higher level. Butlers, free room service, upscale dining, and premium wines may be included.

Included in the ultra-luxury sector are: Atlas Ocean Voyages, Crystal Cruises, Explora Journeys, Ponant, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Ritz-Carlton, SeaDream Yacht Club, Seabourn, Scenic, and Silversea. These brands all compete for the ultra-luxury cruiser.

On luxury and ultra-luxury cruise lines, guests don’t need to feel obligated to choose between a plethora of activities on the daily schedule.

Further, air, transfers to the ships, all meals and beverages, and a daily shore excursion are perks of sailing on a luxury ship. Shore excursions may include special access to places without having to wait in line.

The public areas in the ship and the staterooms are similar to those of a 5-star hotel. In summary, service exceeds expectations when luxury cruising.

Top Themed Cruises for 2024

Themes and Affinity Groups

Alumni groups, sports groups, celebrities, musical groups, swingers, singles, naturists, meetings and incentives. These are just a few of the special themed groups that can charter part of the ship or the entire ship.

Actually, the swingers groups and naturists must charter the entire ship. You needn’t concern yourself with accidentally encountering cruisers from these two special-interest groups.

Are you looking for a group of like-minded people to sail with? There are various themed cruises available to book. From music-themed cruises, to Christmas Markets, to literature cruises, and even a Star Trek convention at sea, there’s something for every avid fan.

On the other hand, if you wish to avoid the annual convention of mimes or clowns, just do a Google search adding the group, your potential sailing date, and the name of your ship.

Selecting the Right Cruise Ship for Your Vacation

With so many different types of cruises, how do you choose?

In the end, your choice of cruise line comes down to you. Ask a travel advisor who knows the cruise lines you are thinking about sailing. Check with friends who travel like you do for their recommendations. If you do your research, you are certain to find a cruise line that matches your cruise personality.

Remember there are no “bad cruise lines”; they just might not be the right fit for you. If you pick a cruise line and cruise ship that are aligned with your preferences, we think you’ll love cruising just as much as we do.


Did you know there were this many choices for cruise vacations? Have you experienced all the various types of cruises out there? Drop us an anchor below to share your favorite cruise travels.

Theresa reluctantly set foot on a ship sailing French Polynesia many years ago. The rest is history. She now thrives on visiting new places, learning about a destination and meeting the locals. Taking her hotel room along for the ride, Theresa continues exploring the world by sea. She hopes to get to her 7th continent soon!
Theresa Russell, Contributor
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Here’s All the Different Types of Cruises You Can Take in 2024

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