How Much Does a Disney Cruise Really Cost?

A complete breakdown of all the Disney cruise costs to help you decide if a DCL cruise is right for your next family vacation.

Disney Cruise Costs - How Much Does a Disney Cruise Really Cost?

The Happiest Place on Earth is also at sea, with Disney’s fleet of fabulous ships. A voyage aboard Disney Cruise Line (DCL) has loads to offer adults as well as children. For many families, a huge consideration before booking this magical cruise vacation is how much a Disney cruise costs.

Cruises are generally considered a great value, with accommodations, meals, entertainment, state-of-the-art kids clubs, and more bundled into the price as you sail to different destinations. Although, a world-famous Disney experience isn’t one that comes cheaply.

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How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost?

Of course, various elements like the time of year (spring break, summer break, winter break — really any time that kids get off school) will factor into the price of your Disney cruise. Seasonal themes like “Halloween on the High Seas” and “Mickey’s Christmas Party” offer additional events to get you into the holiday spirit, but also can bump up rates. As do themed sailing like “Marvel Day at Sea.”

Disney Cruise Costs - How Much Does a Disney Cruise Really Cost?

The same premise applies to new ships, popular destinations, and more spacious staterooms.

While most major components of your Disney trip are included in the cruise fare, including coveted character meet-and-greets, there are plenty of extras to empty your wallet. From a special night out for parents to a Princess-themed salon and boutique geared exclusively to the little ones, splurges on a Disney cruise quickly add up.

So, taking into account the initial cruise booking and any ancillary charges, how much does a Disney cruise for your family actually cost?

While it’s hard to put a price on a child’s smile, the reality is that most of us must. We’ve broken down various booking and budgeting options and ended up with an estimated figure. Hopefully, this will allow you and your family to spend more time planning for the ultimate Disney cruise and less time worrying about how much it will cost.

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What are the Disney cruise costs for my family?

As mentioned, this price depends on a variety of factors. These include where and when you’re cruising, what type of cabin you want, and if grandma needs wine at dinner. Still, it helps to have a ballpark range to begin with. So, expect — on average — to pay $300 per person, per night, for a Disney cruise with a family of four sharing one cabin (two adults and two children).

We arrived at that number by plugging in a few dates and destinations and dividing the total cost for an entry-level stateroom (including port taxes and fees) by the number of nights and again by four.

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A couple of considerations: Most cruise cabins are sold at a double occupancy rate, meaning two people to a cabin. Staterooms on cruise ships are unlike a hotel room in the sense that each person must pay that rate. The amount isn’t split by the number of occupants.

On Disney Cruise Line, they know that most passengers are sharing their accommodations with a few offspring. So, cruise fares — beyond the first two people to a cabin — are prorated for children (ages 3 to 12). Fares for little ones 6 to 35 months are reduced even further.

Children ages 13 to 17 are considered adults when it comes to their cruise fare. Up to five people can share one stateroom, depending on the category. There is also the option to book connecting staterooms.

Disney cruise costs by ship

The rule of thumb here, and for most cruise lines, is that the newest vessels with the shiniest bells and whistles will be the most expensive to book due to demand. Prices should taper from there, with the oldest ships in the fleet typically displaying the most reasonable fares. Ships in the same class should reflect similar pricing, dependent on where they are deployed.

The DCL fleet is relatively small, with just five ships (some competitors have about six times that amount). With that in mind, all of Disney’s ships are immaculately maintained and prices vary slightly based on age of the ship.

Choosing a ship will probably come down to where you’re looking to sail. Though, each vessel has its own special design touches and exclusive venues, which keep guests coming back for more sailings on various ships. For example, Disney Wish is currently the only ship with a dinner theater based on the hit franchise “Frozen.”

Disney Cruise Costs - How Much Does a Disney Cruise Really Cost?

Disney Cruise Line currently operates: Disney Magic (1998), Disney Wonder (1999), Disney Dream (2011), Disney Fantasy (2012), and Disney Wish (2022).

A search for a four-night Bahamas cruise for four people in September during “Halloween on the High Seas” came to about $270 per person, per night, on Disney Wish. A similar sailing on Disney Magic was $182 per person, per night— a 30 percent difference.

Disney cruise costs by destination

There are two major cost-associated considerations when booking a Disney cruise based on the destination. These include the ports you will be sailing (including length of the cruise) and the port you will be departing from.

For example, Alaska is one of the most coveted (and therefore pricy) cruise destinations. However, if your family lives on the West Coast and can easily jump to Vancouver, transportation won’t be as big of a hassle.

Disney Cruise Costs - How Much Does a Disney Cruise Really Cost?

The same is true for families in Florida. Port Canaveral is the ultimate Disney homeport, just miles from Walt Disney World in Orlando. So, cruisers within driving distance can cut costs by choosing a port that doesn’t involve long-haul airfare.

The Caribbean is one of the most in-demand cruise itineraries, but there is plenty of competition in those waters. Thus, cruise fares remain relatively steady, with plenty of options that are three or four nights.

On the same token, a European adventure with the whole crew might be just the ticket. Though, you will likely have to shell out more for transatlantic plane tickets to ports like Barcelona. Plus, these sailings are usually a week or more at sea, which means more money down. It’s important to keep the entire door-to-door experience in mind when considering the overall cost of your Disney cruise.

Some destinations have limited availability, and therefore you should book as far in advance as possible. Some cruise lines offer closeout deals. However, the Disney cruise crowd is usually one for advanced planning leaving little last-minute availability on unusual itineraries with only a few sail dates, like Hawaii.

Ten nights one way from Honolulu is $190 per person, per night for a family of four. That same one-way Hawaiian adventure from Vancouver jumps to $328 per person, per night.

Disney cruise costs by cabin type

Maybe one of the most obvious price disparities when booking a Disney cruise is between an inside cabin and a suite, for obvious reasons. Choosing your cabin type is one of the most important — and sometimes complicated — decisions when booking any sailing and considering the cost.

Luckily, DCL is nothing if not family-oriented. So, even entry-level accommodations come equipped with amenities like a privacy curtain that separates sleeping from living areas. Some rooms even feature a “magical porthole” that displays video images of the ocean and Disney characters.

At Oceanview level, a half bath with a toilet expedites getting ready in the morning and a bathtub is a wonderful touch for littles.

Disney Wish Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom With Verandah Review

Disney Cruise Line’s general cabin categories are: Inside, Oceanview, Verandah, and Concierge. The most notable difference is the inclusion of a window or balcony. At Concierge level, the fares might be higher, but rooms come with more perks. Such perks include premium bedding, free Wi-Fi, reservations at specialty restaurants, and a dedicated lounge.

On the same one-week, Western Caribbean cruise from Miami onboard Disney Dream, an inside cabin has a price tag of just over $6,000 for a family of four. A Concierge-level suite was more than double that at over $13,000. However, the price difference quoted between an inside and oceanview room was just $127 total.


What costs extra onboard a Disney cruise?

From tours ashore to cocktails in the onboard nightclub, Disney is a master of temptation, and its cruises are no different. Here is a quick breakdown of what might cost you extra on a Disney cruise.

Shore excursions

The most expensive element of any Disney cruise vacation, apart from the cruise fare, is probably what you’ll do in each destination, dubbed “port adventures” by Disney.

Short, three-night getaways to Disney’s private island Castaway Cay might help reduce additional charges to your credit card as the ability to enjoy many amenities in port are included in the fare. But longer, wow-worthy family vacations to Alaska, Europe, or Mexico mean multiple port calls and opportunities to book excursions.

Disney Cruise Costs - How Much Does a Disney Cruise Really Cost?

Disney’s shore excursions are highly rated, so the experience is not in question. However, they certainly add up for a family of four.

In Jamaica, “beach and water adventures” are quoted on DCL’s website as $109 for anyone aged 10 and up and $99 for kids 6 to 9. That’s potentially $436 for one day of fun in the sun.


Basic Wi-Fi is included at Concierge level. However, most passengers dealing with TikTok-addicted teens and iPad-reliant kiddos will need to pay for an internet package. Packages range from $12 to $36 per day, per device. Yet, even the top-tier package won’t support certain streaming services.

Cruisers can make calls and texts over Wi-Fi, but a regular phone call is additional.


A recommended gratuity of $14.50 per guest, per night ($15.50 for guests in suites) is added to each cruise fare — including infants. This equates to an additional $58 per night of your cruise, for a family of four.

The automatic gratuities are designed to support the waitstaff in the dining room and your stateroom attendant. Amounts can be changed by visiting guest services onboard; however, this is discouraged unless there is a significant service issue.

Additional tips to any crew member who made your cruise outstanding are always welcome.


Disney has you covered when it comes to soda during meals, in the teen club, or from a fountain. Though, any alcoholic beverages as well as smoothies, bottled water, and other premium drinks for the kiddos, come at an added price. 

Disney Wish Bahamas Cruise Review

The cruise line is unusual in the sense that it doesn’t offer traditional all-inclusive drink packages. Still, adults 21 and over can purchase bundles of wine (three bottles for about $95) or six beers for the price of five. A drink of the day costs under $7 and cocktails hover in the $10-12 range.

Specialty dining

While the rotating lineup of included dining venues on a Disney ship are undeniably special, there are restaurants that incur an additional charge — including one of the most expensive restaurants at sea.

Remy, an upscale French restaurant named after the rat gifted in culinary arts in Ratatouille, carries a hefty cover of $125 per person for dinner. (That’s $250 for a couple, excluding drinks). The venue is for adults only and available on Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

Other adults-only, added-fee restaurants onboard Disney ships are Palo on Wonder, Magic, Dream, and Fantasy; and Enchanté on Wish — both inspired by “Beauty and the Beast.”


Did a Disney cruise even happen if there isn’t a character photo? Photo packages are just one of the many additional charges you might rack up once onboard the ship.

Disney is a master of merchandising. Everything from glowing wands and plushies to clothing depicting the latest film characters are sold in shops. Once your junior cruiser spots someone with those very cool Mickey ears, it’s all you’ll likely hear about for the rest of your sailing.

Our advice is set a budget w ith the expectation that there will be some additional treats and surprises to account for along the way.


All it takes is a swipe of your cruise card or a tap of your band — enough said. DCL allows spending limits to be set on the onboard accounts of all children. Don’t let Ms. Pacman eat through your entire vacation budget.

Spa and salon

While there is a dedicated adults-only pool and lounge for mature travelers to unwind, any more relaxation than that —Swedish massage, facial, blow-out, mani-pedi — will come with a price tag.

The Senses Spa & Salon has a full menu of treatments for weary caregivers. Our favorite part is access to a luxurious thermal suite with an aromatherapy steam room, a sauna, and loungers.

Top Activities for Adults on Disney Wish

It wouldn’t be Disney without something for the kids. So, the Chill Spa is the dedicated self-care space for teens 13 to 17, with tailormade treatments like an “Acne Attack” facial ($94).

Royal Court Tea

Expensive and typically sold out before boarding, Royal Court Tea is a coveted event onboard Disney cruise ships. If your prince or princess is set on attending this elaborate afternoon “tea,” book way in advance. Also, prepare to spend $220 per child and $69 per adult. (An adult is required to accompany each child, so $289 is the minimum). Note that teens 13 to 17 may attend for the adult price but do not receive any special gifts, like those ages 3 to 12.

Planning to make it a family event? Admission for two kids and two adults will run you $578. At those prices, you could just as easily start saving for another cruise.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

The opportunity for a child to receive a makeover transforming them into their favorite pirate or princess is an opportunity unique to Disney Cruise Line. It certainly makes the evening a little more special.

Perfect to celebrate a birthday, these packages at the fleetwide onboard boutique (styled after “Cinderella”) are unfortunately not cheap. They range from $60 (pirate makeup and accessories) to a staggering $450, which comes with a keepsake crystal tiara in a box and a custom gown, in addition to hairstyling, makeup, nail polish, and more.

Think your kid isn’t interested? They might not be… until they see all the other junior cruisers sporting glitter and eye patches. Prepare yourself for the inevitable ask or be smart and pack your own costumes from home, snagged at a discount.     

Travel insurance

The least fun but possibly the most important part of budgeting for a vacation is considering adding insurance. Kids get sick, plans chance, and we all lived through a global pandemic. Insurance protects you from the fallout of the unexpected and provides some added peace of mind.

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Are there any special Disney Cruise Line deals or discounts?

You’re less likely to hear about a wild deal on a Disney cruise than you might with some other cruise lines. However, DCL does offer discounts and run promotions.

Florida residents enjoy up to 35 percent off select Bahamas and Caribbean sailings. Southern California residents are enticed to sail from San Diego to Baja for up to 25 percent off. Members of the military are eligible for special rates.

Disney Cruise Line Announces 2023 Itineraries

At time of publication, Disney was running a promotion that allowed third and fourth guests to cruise for free when sailing during select dates with two full-fare subscribers to the streaming service Disney+.

The best way to stay on top of rates, make sense of room categories, track add-ons and extras, bundle packages, and seek special promotions, is to work with a Disney-certified travel advisor who specializes in cruising.


Based on average cruise fares and accounting for inevitable extras, we recommend that a family of four should budget an estimated $10,000 for a Disney cruise vacation.

Of course, it can be done for less — and way more. This figure accounts for a five-night sailing at a cruise fare of $300 per person, per day. It also accounts for gratuities, excursions, some drinks, one meal in a specialty restaurant, a few souvenirs, and the basic internet package.

Disclaimer: Quoted pricing and estimates can vary and are accurate as of the time of this publication.


Do you think these Disney cruise costs are worth it? Have you vacationed with Disney Cruise Line? Drop us an anchor below to share your experiences sailing with DCL.

Brittany has covered cruising professionally for more than a decade. She embarked on a world cruise as a college student aboard Semester at Sea, and never stopped sailing. Formerly a Cruise Critic editor, Brittany now writes about ships and their many destinations for various industry and consumer outlets. She is a lifelong resident of the Jersey Shore.
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