Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

We detail every moment of our first cruise since the shutdown over a year ago in this Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review.

Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

Watch our Exclusive Adventure of the Seas Cruise Ship Review Below!

Ship Overview

Adventure of the Seas, which debuted in 2001, is part of Royal Caribbean’s Voyager Class of ships. At approximately 138K gross tons, Adventure of the Seas carries just over 3,800 passengers.

Adventure of the Seas features Royal Caribbean bar favorites like the Schooner Bar, the English Pub, and Boleros. The ship is also now home to signature specialty restaurants including Chops Grille, Izumi, and Giovanni’s Table. Of course, guests will also love the classic Main Dining Room and the Windjammer buffet.

Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

When it comes to activities, Adventure of the Seas may not have all the bells and whistles found on the newest ships in the fleet, but there is still plenty to love. The ship features the Perfect Storm duo of waterslides, the signature Flowrider surf simulator, and a mini-golf course in addition to the standard pool deck and sports deck.

For nightly entertainment, guests can expect live music in bars and lounges and shows in the Lyric Theater and Studio B. While these shows aren’t Broadway productions like those found on newer ships, they are still worth watching.

We just returned from a cruise in the Bahamas on this ship. Now, we detail every moment of our first cruise since the shutdown over a year ago in this Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review.

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Complete Day By Day Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review – Day 1

Preparing for Our Adventure

This Adventure of the Seas Bahamas cruise is a bit unique, as it departed from outside the United States. Given the ongoing delays for a restart of cruising in the U.S., Royal Caribbean decided to begin offering cruises from other North American homeports.

As soon as these cruises were announced, we booked the first sailing on June 12th. For this Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas cruise, we had to travel to Nassau, Bahamas to embark the ship. Thus, we flew into port the day before.

With the easing of travel requirements for vaccinated passengers prior to this sailing, there was not much additional legwork that was needed prior to this trip. The exception was applying for a Bahamas health visa. This process can be completed up to 14 days prior to your trip.

Getting Ready to Cruise

After some last minute flight changes and added anxiety, our actual flights to the Bahamas were uneventful.

We then spent Friday evening at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Resort in Nassau enjoying the onsite offerings. Given our new flights arrived later in the day, we didn’t get to spend as much time at the resort as we had hoped.

Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

During our pre-cruise check-in, we secured a 12 pm embarkation time slot. So, on Saturday morning, we grabbed a taxi from our hotel around 11:20 am. The approximately 20-minute cab ride took us past the Fish Fry and Junkanoo Beach which seemed eerily quiet.

Our taxi arrived at the British Colonial Hilton by a little after 11:40 am. At the drop off, we could already see the signage for our Adventure of the Seas trip. It was now sinking in that we would be boarding a cruise ship for the first time in 452 days!

Leaving our luggage with a porter, the staff confirmed our embarkation check-in time. Then, we were allowed to venture upstairs to begin the new, multi-step check-in process.

A Safe and Healthy Check-In

At the top of the stairs, staff again confirmed our embarkation time. We appreciated the attention to detail and efficiency of the process.

Prior to the cruise, we were able to successfully register for the newly required COVID-19 antigen test. Since we were already registered with our QR codes in hand, we were allowed to go directly to the testing site.

Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

After reviewing our information, the health staff separated us for our nasal swab. This added measure was over quickly, and it was on to the conference center to do the usual check-in.

This process was very similar to the check-in normally completed at the cruise terminal. The only changes were the verification of the enhanced health questionnaire. In addition, the staff did also scan our vaccination cards. These Adventure of the Seas cruises require all eligible guests to be vaccinated.

Of course, we forgot to load photos to the app for our SeaPass cards. So, we had to have our photos taken with the lovely conference room backdrop!

Once checked in, it was time for the waiting game. Like the anxious cruisers all around us, we were told to check our email for test results. The staff advised that this could take up to 45 minutes. Slowly, those around us began receiving the “green” email that their tests were negative.

Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

It took about 20 minutes for my test results to arrive. Thankfully, it was “all green”. For some reason, Heidi never received her email. So, after 10 additional minutes of frantically checking her email, I checked with the staff. They were able to verify her test was negative as well and forward the results to my email.

We Are on a Cruise Ship

With two negative COVID-19 tests in hand, it was finally time to board the ship. Exiting the hotel, we were directed to a shuttle for the short bus ride to the pier.

Again, the cruise port was eerily quiet. With no other ships in port, and the construction at the pier, this area was empty.  Given the staggered embarkation times, we were able to walk right on the ship once dropped off.

Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

Upon embarking, we were able to go directly to our stateroom to drop off our carry on items.

Then, we started our usual adventure by going to the top deck and exploring every inch of the ship taking pictures and video along the way. It felt so surreal to be back on a cruise ship!

While many of the elements of cruising are exactly the same, there are some noticeable differences. For instance, you can’t sit at the bars. Also, there are markers for social distancing near bars and other areas where queues form.

There is signage throughout the ship reminding individuals to socially distance themselves. There is reduced capacity in the elevators, and there are seats blocked off in the theater.

Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

However, our cruise on Adventure of the Seas had only 1068 guests. So, it felt relatively quiet all week.

In terms of dining, there were some changes as well. For example, at the Windjammer buffet, reservations are strongly recommended. Also, for our cruise, this buffet was only open for breakfast and lunch, not dinner. This is because of staffing issues at present.

Appointments are also needed at other venues, such as the gym. Reservations are needed for entertainment as well. While it did take time for the app to work, we were able to schedule reservations for all the entertainment offerings by the the evening on embarkation day.

A Typical Embarkation Day

After exploring the ship for about two hours, we needed some caffeine.

In addition, we needed to complete the muster 2.0 safety drill. This is really a simple process. All you need to do is watch a couple videos in the app and then head to your muster station to complete a brief in-person portion.

Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

After checking in at our muster station, which was the Imperial Lounge, the station leader reviewed safety procedures and gave us a green sticker to place on our SeaPass cards. This is one aspect of cruising that has certainly improved since the shutdown.

Later in the day, staff made an announcement that they still needed about 24% of the ship to complete the safety drill.

Around 4:30 pm, it was now time for our first official drink of the cruise. Heidi tried the new pineapple guava sangria and I got a Goombay Smash. Both get two thumbs up!

Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

The First Night on a Cruise in Over a Year

Luckily, our luggage was back at our cabin waiting for us when we returned around 5 pm. So, we were able to unpack, shower, and get ready for dinner without any disruptions.

Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

For this cruise, we opted for My Time Dining. While we are traditionalists, the early seating time was a bit too early even for us.

Being over planners, we made all of our dining reservations ahead of time on the Royal Caribbean cruise planner.  

They do have two separate lines at the main dining room. One for those with reservations, and one for those without reservations.

For once, we arrived on time for dinner at 6:45 pm on Deck 3. There was no line, and we were quickly escorted to a table for 4 on the port side of the ship, #317. Our waitress was Ruby, and she was a very attentive server.

She reviewed the menu as well as took our drink order. Given the recent changes to the Crown and Anchor drink benefits, we were able to use our Diamond drink vouchers for a cocktail at the MDR. Another positive change since the cruise shutdown.

On night 1 of any cruise, the main dining room is usually pretty slow, and this cruise was no exception. The dinner menu was the standard 7-day menu as well.

We did our usual orders. The Princess got the Waldorf salad and the classic chicken, and I went with the crab cake and prime rib. For dessert, she got the crème brulee, and I got the key lime pie. The food was average at best, but the service was prompt.

No Welcome Aboard Show?

Following dinner, it was time to use more Diamond vouchers. So, off to the Schooner Bar for our usual Lavender Daiquiri and Sidecar drinks.

Sail Away was 9 pm this evening. Thus, as the ship began to pull out from the port, we went up to deck 12 to grab a few photos and videos to mark the occasion. Yes, we were setting sail on the first Royal Caribbean cruise in North America in 15 months.

Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

Since it was a nighttime sail away, and the need to maintain social distancing measures, there were no sail away activities. So, it was a bit anti-climatic.

After pulling out of Nassau, we chatted with other bloggers before heading to the show around 10 pm. Not surprisingly, the theater was dead. In fact, it was even more empty than the typical first night main theater production.

Tonight’s act was a headliner called Impact. It was an ensemble show featuring singing, dancing, and various musical performances. It was a bit different than other headliner acts we have seen on Royal Caribbean, but entertaining nonetheless.

Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

The show ended by 11:30 PM, and we headed back to our room to do a bit of work before catching some shut eye.

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Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review – Day 2

Perfect Day at CocoCay

Our Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas cruise itinerary included two days at Perfect Day at CocoCay. This meant a 6 am alarm, so we could be ready to get off onto the island as soon as we could. Coffee and a few light breakfast items from Café Promenade were all we needed to fuel our morning. We were running on pure excitement.

Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise

Royal Caribbean’s PR team was nice enough to give us complimentary passes to the Coco Beach Club. So, we knew that we would be checking out this exclusive area of the island at some point during the day.

There was a short welcome back parade and celebration on the pier, and some morning rain, which delayed getting clearance to go ashore. Still, by about 9 am, we were off the ship and ready to explore Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Is There Anybody Here?

This was our third cruise visiting the island since its extensive renovation. Regardless of the cruise, being among the first people off the ship usually means that things are quiet.

Still, the island felt eerily empty. We walked around Chill Island and Breezy Bay for about 45 minutes taking some photos and videos before heading over to the Coco Beach Club. Our plan was to spend some time here, then explore the rest of the island later in the day.

Upon arrival, we learned that the team was giving us access to an overwater cabana. WOW!

Being among a few of the individuals at the cabana area around 10 am, we spent some time touring and admiring these luxurious accommodations.

Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise

Leaving the Coco Beach Club for a bit around 11 am, we continued walking around the island. Heading past the helium balloon towards the Welcome Plaza, we got caught in a downpour. Luckily, Captain Jack’s bar was right there to the rescue. So, we made our way to shelter and stayed dry while listening to some acoustic guitar music.

This detour lasted about an hour as the rain was pretty steady for a while. During this intermission, we stumbled onto the Pirate show with Captain Jack and Jill. This humorous musical duo was actually very entertaining. During our cruise, show times at the bar were at 11:30 am and 2:00 pm.

The other musician at the bar, Jimmy Blakemore, was equally entertaining. So, this is a great spot to take a break from the sun. While the food is a la carte, your Royal Caribbean Deluxe Drink Package does work here.

Once the rain subsided, we continued our walk around the island. Then, we headed back to the Coco Beach Club to relax, grab some lunch, and do some work in the cabana.

We ordered lunch which was delivered promptly by the very accommodating staff maintaining our cabana.

Needing a break from the sun, we decided to head back to the ship around 2:30 pm. Even though we were spending two back to back days at the island, the ship did need to leave port and return again the next morning.

Back Onboard

A quick stop to see our friends at Café Promenade, we were back in our room with coffee in hand before 3 pm. While we attempted to work, the internet had other plans. The slow speeds made it difficult to load photos, blog, and get some additional updates and emails completed.

Another sticking point was the realization that tonight was not formal night. Pre-cruise, the app had indicated that Day 2 was going to be the typical dress-up occasion.

So, this threw a wrench into our plans. Expecting it to be formal night, we made dinner reservations at Chops Grille, as the Princess does not like the first formal night menu in the MDR.

Top Things to Do on Adventure of the Seas

Oh well, there was nothing we could do at this point. Getting what little work we could done, we showered and changed up for dinner. We were down to the restaurant for our 6:45 pm reservation. There was a bit of a back up, so we ended up waiting about 10-15 minutes for our table.

Dinner took over 90 minutes at Chops Grille tonight. The food was some of the hottest we have ever had at the restaurant. My steak was well prepared, but the sides were a bit bland. The Princess won the battle of the desserts here. Her red velvet cake was certainly better than my warm chocolate cake.

Tonight, we had entertainment reservations for 10:30 pm for the production show Invitation to Dance. With about an hour to kill, we grabbed a cocktail from Boleros.

With no live music at Boleros, we didn’t stay very long. After finishing our drinks, we headed forward a little early to check out the band playing in the Imperial Lounge.

With the band wrapping up its session by 10 pm, we headed down to the theater to get seats. Similar to night 1, the theater was empty. So, we didn’t need to get there a half-hour early. But, there was really nothing else happening on the ship.

Honestly, the rest of the passengers didn’t miss much. Let’s just say that this production show was a bit dated.

After the show, we headed back to our room. We gave up battling the internet and decided to call it an early night. We had plans for another long day ahead tomorrow back on Perfect Day at CocoCay.

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Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review – Day 3

A Double Dip at Perfect Day

The third day on our Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas cruise was more of the same at Perfect Day at CocoCay. I know, it is a tough life!

Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

Off the ship at 8:30 am, we toured the island, again, enjoying the beautiful weather.

The weather was slightly windy, which meant the helium balloon probably wasn’t going to fly. Unfortunately, it actually got breezier as the day went on. So, we are now 0 for 4 on getting on this attraction.

After walking around a bit, we headed to the Thrill Waterpark for a couple hours. Again, thanks to Royal Caribbean for providing us with free passes for the day.

We visited the Thrill Waterpark on our first visit to the island in 2019. I loved the park, so the opportunity to go again with no lines was an obvious choice.

What's Different at Perfect Day at CocoCay

In roughly an hour, we were able to ride EVERY slide. In comparison to 2019, we waited close to an hour just to ride Devil’s Peak, the tallest waterslide in North America. We could really get used to this no crowds thing!

Good thing I didn’t hit the gym today, as multiple trips up and down the stairs were certainly a workout. 

The Perfect Workstation

Finishing up at the waterpark, we headed to our home base at the Coco Beach Club around noon. Again, the PR team had reserved an overwater cabana for media. This was the ideal spot to do some work.

Luckily, the internet on the island was much better than the speeds on the ship. Getting our blog articles and newsletter for the week finalized, it was time for lunch.

This time around, we opted for the Snack Shack at Perfect Day at CocoCay. There was no way we were going to miss the chance to grab one of the island’s signature chicken sandwiches. 

Finishing up our meal, we decided to head back to the ship around 2:30 pm.

With formal night on the horizon, the Princess wanted to make sure we had ample time to get ready. Plus, we committed to doing work on this trip everyday from 3 pm to 5 pm. Even though we did some stuff on the island, today was no exception. We needed to get ahead of our content given our upcoming travel schedule.

With our iced lattes in hand, it was back to the room for some work and relaxation.

Not Your Typical Formal Night

Unfortunately, with My Time Dining, we did miss getting photos at the portrait studios. They were all closed when we headed down at 6:15 pm. So instead, we grabbed a drink before for our 6:45 pm dinner reservation.

Top Things to Do on Adventure of the Seas

Prior to our Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas cruise, we were able to make a dining reservation with one of our friends. While we heard others were having issues linking members of different parties, we had no issues with this reservation. We checked in and were seated at the same table we requested, 317, with our waitress Ruby.

Dinner was better this evening than the first night. The recommended beef tenderloin was cooked to an ideal medium rare. My cheesecake was also flavorful with a buttery, crisp graham cracker crust.

Chatting it up with our colleague, we spent close to two hours at dinner tonight. Out of dinner close to 9 pm, we headed back to the Schooner Bar.

Running into some of the “celebrities” onboard, we secured a table for four to catch up.

A couple of rounds later, we said our goodbyes to head to our show. Arriving to Studio B at 10:15 pm, we were told the venue was at capacity. Good thing we had reservations.

Like the main theater, every other row is blocked off. Then, there are alternating two open seats and two reserved seats within the available rows. This reduces the capacity to only 25%. Thus, those prime middle seats in Studio B are even harder to secure now.

We have definitely seen this ice show before on a Royal Caribbean ship. While not as technologically advanced as the newer shows, it was still entertaining.

The show was over by 11:30 pm, and we made the climb back up to our room on Deck 7.

During our travels, we encountered the longest line of the cruise. It was the queue at Sorrento’s! As the only place open for food at this hour, the line wrapped halfway down the promenade. Luckily, neither of us were hungry.

Day 4 would be the first sea day on our Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas cruise. We had no idea what to expect, so we were prepared to be up early.

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Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review – Day 4

A Lazy Sea Day

We were up early like the previous mornings. For this first sea day, we had no official plans.

Wanting to further test out the reservation system, we scheduled breakfast in the main dining room for 8:30 am using the app to make this reservation.

Before breakfast, I grabbed some videos and photos, as well as our mandatory iced lattes from Café Promenade.

Breakfast was a tad slow, but we were in no rush. The food was pretty typical for breakfast. The Princess’ omelet was well made and not overly greasy. The breakfast burrito was filling and flavorful as well.

Done breakfast, we were outside on Deck 11 a little after 10 am. To our surprise, the pool deck was still quite empty. No chair hogs on this cruise!

One difference with the new health and safety protocols is the lack of group activities. Yes, there is trivia and other games like “Name That Tune”, but there are few other organized activities during the day.

So, this meant no Belly Flop contest or World’s Sexiest Man competition. Too bad, as I really thought I had a chance this cruise!

Of course, the waterslides, mini-golf, and pools were all open.

Didn’t We Just Eat

We spent most of the morning outside, relaxing and doing a little work. This took us up to about 2 pm and time for lunch. Again, we made reservations for this meal. Today, we wanted to test out the Windjammer.

Typically, we avoid this buffet style restaurant. Instead, we opt for other casual venues on the larger Royal Caribbean ships. Unfortunately, Adventure of the Seas does have limited casual dining options though.

The food at the Windjammer was fine. For us, there are too many heavy options at lunch time. The Windjammer experience has remained relatively unchanged, with the exception that staff are now there to serve you the food items.

Service in the Windjammer was excellent. All of the staff were cheerful and eager to help out.

We exited the restaurant into a down pour. So, we would have to wait to test out some of the other outdoor amenities until the next sea day.

With not much happening on the ship, we returned to our room. Thankfully, the internet was more cooperative today.

More of the Same on Adventure of the Seas

This took us to dinner time. Using the reservation line, we checked-in and were escorted to our regular table.

Tonight’s menu included some of our favorites on land. For the wife, it was the chicken parmesan, and for me, braised short rib. Overall, we would say the food was pretty average the entire trip. Nothing really wowed us, and some of the recipes seemed a bit off.

Done with dinner in the typical 90 minutes, we had plenty of time to kill. Our reservation for the main theater show was for 10:30 pm once again. 

We didn’t have to go far until we ran into some friends at Boleros. So, we parked ourselves at the starboard seating area and grabbed a drink with them. During this time, we might have made a guest appearance on an Instagram live!

Tonight’s headliner performance in the main theater was Bryan Cheatham. He was a musical act and a semi-finalist of America’s Got Talent. He certainly has a great voice, and his show did have a powerful story of his life. Of course, ending the show with a Justin Timberlake song made him the best show of the cruise for the Princess!

The show was over by around 11:30 pm. As usual, we called it a night. Even though it was a rather lazy sea day, we were both still quite tired.

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Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review – Day 5

A Rainy Day Onboard

All along we decided to make our 5th day of this Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas cruise a work day. I had some meetings and prior engagements for my primary job that I really couldn’t miss. Plus, we have been to Cozumel multiple times, with plans to return soon on Celebrity Edge.

As luck would have it, we woke up to a rather overcast and grey day. Some iced coffees and room service breakfast were just what we needed to start the day.  Our breakfast did arrive a half hour earlier than expected.

For the rest of the morning, it was a mix of work and some breaks in between. The internet was cooperating with moderate speed today. I was able to use video conferencing with minimal disruptions. My email was also loading and allowing me to get caught up on my projects.

The Princess took advantage of this down time to edit and upload photos from this trip to the cloud.

Our only option for lunch was the Windjammer. I joined a work training session while munching on my midday meal. Similar to the day before, it felt like a rather lazy day.

Around 2:30 pm while enjoying some time on our balcony, it began to pour! Part of us felt bad for those who booked tours in Cozumel today. It certainly was not a good day to be on a beach. The other part of us felt lucky that we didn’t really miss anything by staying onboard the ship.

Top Things to Do on Adventure of the Seas

Starting the Night Early

Finishing up my meetings by 4 pm, it was time for our midday coffee break. We might have also grabbed a cookie or two!

Ready for dinner early, we decided to grab a pre-dinner cocktail at the Schooner Bar around 6 pm.

This evening’s menu was perhaps our least favorite of the entire cruise. The Princess opted for the classic chicken again, and I went with the tuna. The bright spot was the Royal cheesecake. It is my favorite of the classic desserts.

Bar Hopping

Out of dinner a little after 8 pm, we grabbed some cocktails from the Champagne Bar. Here, we sampled a few drinks from the brand new Royal Caribbean bar menu, including the Cool as a Cucumber and the Strawberry Blonde. Both received two thumbs up from us!

We ran into a few of our friends and chatted for a while before moving on to our next stop, the Imperial Lounge.

Here, the acoustic guitar player was performing. He was perhaps the most popular musical act on the ship. Typically, he performed in the pub. Although, each night the venue was very crowded, not really adhering to social distancing guidelines. So, it was great to see him in a larger venue with more seating this evening.

We listened to him belt out a range of songs from Tim McGraw to Ed Sheeran and Bon Jovi, among others, before heading down to our show around 10:15 pm. It also meant another round of cocktails.

Like the other main theater shows, this one was relatively empty. So, we easily secured our preferred seats on the portside.

Tonight’s performer was a comedian juggler, Billy Prudhomme. Once he came on stage, our suspicions were confirmed. We have definitely seen his act on another Royal ship.

I found his dry wit and one liners amusing. The show was on the shorter side, so we were back in our room by 11:15 pm tonight.

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Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review – Day 6

Day Drinking is Acceptable on a Cruise

Like every other day, we were up at 6 am. Today, we had a series of items the Princess needed to check off her to-do list. Sadly, it was another cloudy and overcast day.

First on the agenda was to get breakfast in the Windjammer. Up and ready, we made reservations for 8:45 am. Breakfast was pretty standard. The selections were comparable to breakfast buffets on other Royal Caribbean ships, including a custom egg station.

Finishing up breakfast by 9:30 am, we were scanned out of the restaurant. This was a new addition to the health and safety protocols on the ship. It made sense, as scanning cruisers in and out of the venue helped keep an accurate head count.

Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

At 11 am, we would be joining some other media contacts for an exclusive taste testing of the new Royal Caribbean bar menu. Of course, I was very excited to be getting some complimentary booze, even if it was morning drinking.

Meeting up with everyone, we spent a little over an hour learning about the new cocktail program. This meant sampling 5 of the new options.

For me, it was a toss up between the new Rum Punch and Passion Spirtz as my new favorite cocktails.

New Royal Caribbean Bar Menu Feature

The good news is that all of the new drinks are covered in the Royal Caribbean drink package. Crown and Anchor Society members can also redeem vouchers for any of these new drinks on the ship.

Is It Time to Eat Already?

The tasting ended around 12:15 pm. This gave us some time to get the additional photos and video we needed for the site.

Next on the wife’s list was getting lunch at the main dining room. It is always her goal to test out each available venue that is open for breakfast and lunch. On this ship, that didn’t give us too many choices. We snagged the last reservation time slot of 1 pm and made it down to deck 3 with two minutes to spare.

The restaurant was very empty, and our lunch was perhaps the quickest meal we have ever had in the dining room. The food was just okay. Honestly, the food overall on this cruise was a bit of a let down.  

Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

Tonight was the second formal night of this Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas cruise. Learning from our mistakes on Day 3, we needed to be ready extra early to get some photos in before our My Time dinner.

We scheduled a live audio chat on Clubhouse with some other folks onboard the ship for 4 pm.

All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go

Completing this chat and changing up quickly, we were ready for the photo studios by 5:40 pm. To our surprise, there were only two stations open. Even with reduced capacity, the second formal night usually brings out a decent crowd.

Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

So, having pictures taken at both stations by 6 pm, it was time for a pre-dinner drink. Using our Crown and Anchor vouchers, we grabbed full versions of some of the new cocktails we sampled earlier in the day. The Princess went for an adult version of the zero proof Blueberry Nojito, and I ordered the Passion Spritz.

Chatting with a few individuals we have met through social media, we wandered over to dinner a few minutes early.

Like many at the restaurant, I was there for the lobster. We both started with the vidalia onion tart. This staple Royal Caribbean starter did not disappoint this evening. Knowing I have several other cruises booked, I did go easy with only a double order of the lobster tonight.

Finally, the molten chocolate cake and the baked Alaska were the perfect ending to this formal feast.

Out of dinner by 8 pm, we had the entire night to ourselves. With no main theater show booked for this evening, our options were wide open.

Again, given social distancing measures, some of the staple Royal Caribbean activities were not available this trip. We did miss events like the Midnight Balloon Drop, the Promenade Parties, and the Love and Marriage show.

Instead, we settled on grabbing seats outside of the pub to listen to the acoustic guitarist. As luck would have it, we ended up running into a bunch of fellow writers and discussing the latest news about the just announced Freedom of the Seas protocols.

Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

Sharing thoughts and a round of drinks, we moved on to the Imperial Lounge for 9:30 pm to listen to the Switched On Band. The lead singer of the group had a phenomenal voice belting out songs from Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston during the hour or so we were at the venue.

Even though it was a relatively slow day onboard, we decided to call it a night around 10:30 pm. We had our COVID-19 tests scheduled for early the next morning and our shore excursion set to depart shortly after.

It was hard to believe that tomorrow was going to be our last day of the cruise already. All of the planning and excitement over this first cruise was already coming to an end.

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Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review – Day 7

Staying Safe and Healthy

The last day of the cruise was a stop in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Neither of us had been to this port before, so we decided to book a tour. Luckily, we learned a week before the cruise that we were allowed to go ashore on non-Royal Caribbean shore excursions.

Our arrival time was 8 am, and our tour meeting time was 8:30 am. This gave us plenty of time to complete our required COVID-19 tests on the cruise ship.

Given we were late registering for the test earlier in the week, we had to do the test this morning. We were to the testing location, the deck 5 main dining room, for our reserved time of 7:45 am.

Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

The entire testing process was simple and efficient. From check in, to swab, and back to the Royal Promenade was about 15 minutes. There were four testing stations, and the crew did a good job of keeping the queue moving.

An email with the results arrived in our inboxes about an hour later. There was also a letter sent to the room later in the day confirming a negative test result. In fact, no one on the ship tested positive for COVID-19 during the entire cruise.

This is just more proof that cruising can resume safely with the right procedures in place, including vaccinations and testing.

A Grand Last Day on Adventure of the Seas

With testing completed, we went back to our room to pack up our bag before going ashore. We headed down to the gangway slightly before 8:30 am.

The whole port area felt very quiet. After taking a few pictures of the area, we located our tour guide. The tour ended up consisting of just us and one other couple from the ship. These cruisers ended up being very seasoned travelers. So, it was great spending the day together and hearing about their adventures around the world.

Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

As for the tour, it did complete all of the advertised stops, but it was a pretty average island tour and beach break at best. Perhaps, we had unrealistic expectations about the Grand Lucayan National Park and other tour stops along the way.

Also, given there was only one ship in port, lots of the amenities throughout the island were still closed.

Back Onboard for the Final Afternoon

The tour lasted exactly 4 hours, and we were back to the ship before 1 pm. Back onboard, we grabbed a bite to eat from Café Promenade. Here, we ran into some fellow traveler vloggers who were scheduled for ice skating in Studio B. So, it was good to confirm that this activity was actually occurring with a reservation system.

The weather was overcast and humid yet again, so not an ideal pool deck afternoon. Although, we did still grab some soft serve ice cream.

Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

Tonight was our last dinner in the main dining room. We made plans to meet our friend for a pre-dinner drink at 6:15 pm. So, the rest of the afternoon was pretty uneventful. We contemplated packing but opted to wait until later.

Some lavender daiquiris and cruise stories at the Schooner Bar were followed by one of the best main dining room experiences of this cruise.

The Princess ordered the turkey dinner; I went with the lamb shank. Our friend opted for a custom curry dish. We all raved about the entrees. Dessert was good as well, with the Princess getting the new rendition of the chocolate brownie. I went with the apple tart.

Finishing up around 8:15 pm, we had to finally start packing. Or, first, we could look at our pictures. With the limited number of photographers on the ship, there were not many options. We each selected our free diamond photo, plus the $5 upgrade to get a digital copy.

After going back and forth, we decided not to do self checkout like we usually do. Our luggage tag 37 was estimated to depart the ship at 8:15 am. With a 2 pm flight, this gave us plenty of time. It also meant we wouldn’t have to lug our 3 suitcases down the long pier in Nassau.

Tonight, we had the 10:30 pm show which was the last show of the cruise. With a packed Pub, we got our final drinks of the cruise at the Schooner Bar instead.

We were not surprised when we entered the theater at 10:15 pm to find plenty of unoccupied seats. This evening’s show was a comedian, Al Romas. He was actually one of the performers on our last Royal Caribbean cruise on Freedom of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Cruise Review

With a small crowd, and a not so engaging audience, he did the best he could with his material.

His show lasted until 11:15 pm. So, we headed back to the pub for a quick goodbye and called it a night.

Our long awaited cruise restart on Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas was now officially over.

All we had to do was get home safely the next day. Then, it would be back onboard another cruise ship in less than a week. This time, we will be boarding Celebrity Edge from Fort Lauderdale, the first U.S. cruise.


For this Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas cruise, disembarkation was a bit different. Guests were allowed to stay in their staterooms until their luggage numbers were called.

The ship arrived into Nassau on time, and our number 37 was called just after 8:15 am.

Then, we swiftly grabbed an elevator, scanned off the ship, and walked down the long pier to the luggage pick up location in under 10 minutes. We were able to get a taxi to the airport without issue.

The disembarkation process is another vastly improved measure since the cruise shutdown.

Luckily, the United check-in counter at the airport was a bit quieter than the American Airlines and Jet Blue counters, so we beat the rush through security and United States customs.

Then, we spent the next few hours in the airport working until it was time for our flight home.

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Do you have plans to take a Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas cruise this summer? What do you enjoy about this ship? Drop us an anchor below to share your Royal Caribbean cruise reviews.

Don Bucolo, or “DB”, loves everything about cruising- the ocean, the food, and the atmosphere. While he may be obsessed with doing extensive amounts of research on ships and all elements of a cruise, Don enjoys sharing his new found knowledge with fellow cruisers. When he is not sailing the high seas, he does whatever his wife tells him to do-it only took 10 years to realize this.
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  1. Thanks for the a very concise review. Kind of of nostalgic, and coincidental, for us, because the Adventure was the last ship we’ve been on. Our last last cruise on her ended on March 14th of last year, when cruising shut down. Glad you two had a good time.

    Quicknquestion about the covid testing. Is this something that Royal handles or do I set it up on own? And if so how do I go about it?

    Thanks for the excellent, helpful review. I will be on the Septrmber 11 sailing.
    On Day 3 you mentioned that there was a line for Sorrentos. I wasn’t aware that Adventure had a Sorrentos. I hope so. I like the improved pizza.

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