Royal Caribbean Changing Diamond Crown and Anchor Society Benefits

Royal Caribbean is changing its loyalty program. Check out the newest Crown and Anchor Society changes coming to Adventure of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society

Cruisers booked on Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas cruises this summer received a very welcoming letter earlier today.

In this note, Royal Caribbean reported it was “enhancing” some of the Crown and Anchor Society benefits for Diamond (and above) guests. Will the cruise line make similar changes to its Crown and Anchor society program for cruises from the U.S. as well?

Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society Changes

For those individuals who don’t know, the Crown and Anchor Society is Royal Caribbean’s loyalty program. With this loyalty program, you are rewarded for cruising with Royal Caribbean. The more you cruise, the more benefits you receive.

Currently, you earn one point towards your Crown and Anchor status for every day you cruise with Royal Caribbean. Now, there are ways to earn more points. For instance, travelers earn two points for every day booked in a suite.

Also, Royal Caribbean sometimes runs promotions that offer bonus Crown and Anchor points for certain bookings or sailings. As you earn more points, you will work your way up the different tiers of the Society.

crown and anchor benefits

The most coveted Crown and Anchor status is Pinnacle. Cruisers with at least 700 points earn the title of Pinnacle cruiser.

A much more attainable, but still noteworthy, status in the Society is Diamond. Cruisers with at least 80 points earn the title of a Diamond cruiser with Royal Caribbean.

Once you achieve Diamond status, travelers get a number of additional benefits. Perhaps the most popular benefit is the Diamond Happy Hour.

On most cruise ships, there is a Diamond Lounge exclusively for guests with Diamond status or higher. Every evening from 5 pm to 8 pm, there is a “Happy Hour” in this lounge.

During Happy Hour in the Diamond Lounge, cruisers can enjoy unlimited drinks from a lounge menu. Or, cruisers can opt to use three vouchers during Happy Hour to get eligible drinks at other bars on the ship.

Today, Royal Caribbean announced that it’s changing this program, and for once, they’re making it better (for the Bahamas sailings on Adventure of the Seas for now).

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Diamond Cruisers Get Additional Benefits

First, Royal Caribbean is now allowing guests to use the vouchers for any drink up to $13. Yes, cruisers are no longer limited to the Happy Hour menu.

Instead, cruisers can pick from almost any cocktail, beer, and many wines. The $13 allotment coves almost any drink, including martinis at the Schooner Bar.

Second, Royal Caribbean is now allowing individuals to redeem vouchers throughout the whole day. Yes, instead of waiting until 5 pm to use these vouchers, cruisers can use them at any time during the day.

So, why not use your Diamond voucher for a pina colada on the pool deck? Or, for an after-dinner drink in Boleros?

Crown and Anchor Society Changes

This Adventure of the Seas cruise has two days at Perfect Day at CocoCay. Of course, it would be great if this benefit extends to the bars on the island as well.

And we now know that it does. We have received confirmation from Royal Caribbean that C&A members will be able to use their drink vouchers on the island.

The final change, and perhaps the best, is that Royal Caribbean is increasing the number of drink vouchers. Diamond cruisers will now receive 4 drink vouchers to be used throughout the day.

Diamond Plus cruisers will receive five drink vouchers; while seasoned Pinnacle cruisers will receive six drink vouchers per day.

It is still unclear whether Royal Caribbean will be making this change fleetwide. Though, it would make sense. With health and safety protocols like physical distancing and reduced capacity in place, this would help to alleviate the crowds in the Diamond Lounge during Happy Hour.

We are still waiting for Royal Caribbean to confirm whether these changes to the Crown and Anchor Society will apply to all sailings. When we reached out for clarification, we were told that they only apply to Adventure of the Seas for now.

Additional Crown and Anchor Society Changes for Pinnacle Cruisers

In this letter, Royal Caribbean also announced some other changes due to new health and safety protocols.

These changes affect mostly Pinnacle cruisers.

Due to reduced capacity, Royal Caribbean is limiting access to the Suite and Concierge lounges only to individuals staying in suites. Previously, Pinnacle members did have access to these lounges and perks even if they were not staying in a suite.

Navigator of the Seas Cruise Tips

Lastly, to ease the flow of traffic, the cruise line is requiring all guests to adhere to their designated embarkation times. Crown and Anchor Society members will no longer get priority boarding in the terminal.

The only exception is for Pinnacle members. Pinnacle members have more flexible embarkation rules. Now, Pinnacle members can embark an hour before their assigned time up to an hour after their assigned time.

We will make sure to keep you updated if Royal Caribbean makes any further changes to the Crown and Anchor Society benefits for its cruise restart in the U.S. as the details emerge.


What do you think of Royal Caribbean’s changes to the Crown and Anchor Society? Are you a member of this loyalty program? Drop us an anchor below with your thoughts on this new Diamond cruiser benefit.

Don Bucolo, or “DB”, loves everything about cruising- the ocean, the food, and the atmosphere. While he may be obsessed with doing extensive amounts of research on ships and all elements of a cruise, Don enjoys sharing his new found knowledge with fellow cruisers. When he is not sailing the high seas, he does whatever his wife tells him to do-it only took 10 years to realize this.
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  1. I think it is a great idea to have the drinks available anytime of the day. It is a nice perk to be able to enjoy a complimentary drink poolside and not have to wait until 5:00. I really hope this will become the new policy on all ships.

      Ok For Adventure,But it would be a big mistake if Royal continued this on Oasis class ships not allowing Pinnacle members in Suite lounge and Coastal Kitchen.Hopefully it will not come to that point.

        I agree. After paying an enormous amount of money and time to become a Pinnacle member it would be disgusting and disappointing to take that wonderful privilege away from us! Shame on you for even considering that option. Make the Diamond lounge the new Pinnacle lounge on the ships with a suite area. It takes an abundant amount of loyalty and years to achieve Pinnacle status and for that we deserve recognition .

    It’s awesome that loyalty members receive perks like this considering we are loyal Royal cruisers .I personally have only used Royal,Celebrity and will continue to stay loyal turning Diamond plus soon ?
    Have three cruises booked so far for 2022

      Yes, staying “loyal to Royal” certainly has benefits. Happy cruising.

    I think it would be great perk to have on all Ships. Cant wait for my December cruise.

      Yes, we are big fans of this new Diamond benefit. Have a fantastic cruise!