Celebrity Edge Rooftop Garden Grill Review

Before you book your next specialty restaurant on Celebrity Edge, you will want to dive into our Rooftop Garden Grill review new for 2021!

Celebrity Edge Rooftop Garden Grill Review

Celebrity Edge features several specialty restaurants not found on other cruise ships in the fleet. One of these unique venues is the Rooftop Garden Grill. Located on Deck 15, this al fresco dining venue pairs amazing views with delicious apps, entrees, and desserts. Find out all of the decadent details in our latest Celebrity Edge Rooftop Garden Grill Review.

Our first visit to this restaurant back in 2019 was a bit underwhelming. Though, with a refreshed menu, we opted for a second taste test on the first cruise back in the U.S. on Celebrity Edge. Certainly, this visit to the Rooftop Garden Grill was a vast improvement.

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Celebrity Edge Rooftop Garden Grill Review

Like we always do, we booked a reservation at the Rooftop Garden Grill prior to our cruise using the online cruise planner.

We opted to dine here on night 4 of our cruise, given we were traveling between ports this evening. Since the restaurant is an open air venue, it can get quite windy depending on the cruise ship’s speed and route.

Celebrity Edge Rooftop Garden Grill Review

Nestled toward the back of the Rooftop Garden, the restaurant offers a tranquil space with wood tones and sleek curves amongst live plants and flora inspired art installations.

With a thoughtful design, the restaurant does provide some separation from the rest of the Rooftop Garden. The main focus is on the open kitchen where you can watch chefs grill up your favorite dishes.

Arriving right on time for our reservation, the restaurant was not very busy. The skies were still overcast, but luckily the rain had subsided. While the temperature was ideal for eating outside, the wind would become a bit of an issue during the meal.

We were escorted to a table with a full view of the kitchen. Our waiter for the evening was Manny, who we knew from our time in the beach cabanas on the pool deck. He was friendly and provided attentive service throughout our meal at the Rooftop Garden Grill.

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Getting Ready for Dinner

Reviewing the Celebrity Edge restaurant menus before the cruise, we realized the cruise line had made some changes to the menu. This was one reason we decided to try the restaurant again.

Celebrity Edge Rooftop Garden Grill Review

Given we had the Celebrity Always Included package, with a premium beverage package, we started our dinner with some cocktails. The Princess went with something on the sweeter side, the Por Mi Amante Margarita. I went for something smoother, the Cucumber Southside. We both enjoyed these drinks so much that we opted for a second round half way through the meal.

By the time our drinks arrived, the wind was becoming an issue. Napkins were flying off tables and glasses and place settings at empty tables were getting jostled.

Still, we were not going to let the weather conditions hinder our dining experience.

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Digging Into Dinner

For starters, I ordered with the smoked chicken wings. As the name implies, these massive chicken wings had a deep, woodsy flavor to them. Now, this app might not be the easiest to eat, but they were certainly worth the sticky fingers.

The Princess ordered the train wreck fries. This “loaded” app came topped with four types of cheese and bacon for a very hearty beginning to the meal. They were almost as messy to eat as the chicken wings.

When it came to dinner, my Filet Mignon was cooked as ordered to a medium temperature. With little seasoning, the true flavor of the wood-fired grill shined. Honestly, the steak was on par with Celebrity Edge’s Fine Cut Steakhouse. Though, the side dishes of potatoes and asparagus did not compare to the accompaniments at the steakhouse.

Celebrity Edge Rooftop Garden Grill Review

I also really wanted to try the seafood kabob. While ordering, I indicated that I had a scallop allergy and was assured that the dish would be custom-made with extra shrimp and salmon instead. I must admit, I was impressed. The seafood was perfectly seared with just the right amount of flavor.

As you may have guessed, the Princess opted for the BBQ Grilled Half Chicken with mac n cheese. It was a hearty portion with just enough sauce to enhance but not over power the meat. The side dish did not disappoint either. It was hot, cheesy, and akin to what you would find at a family barbecue back home.

Even though we had our fill of food and drinks already, we couldn’t skip dessert. The aptly named “The Cookie” earns its title as the signature dessert. A warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

The mason jar smores was a lighter alternative. Mixing flavors of marshmallow, chocolate mousse, and graham cracker crumbles, it was good but couldn’t compete with the warm cookie.

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Celebrity Edge Rooftop Garden Grill Review Recap

With a unique atmosphere and gourmet grilled selections, the Rooftop Garden Grill is a delicious dining option on Celebrity Edge.

Our second trip to this cruise ship specialty restaurant delivered. It offered a scrumptious mix of meat and seafood, alongside flavorful side dishes and desserts. For anyone who loves freshly grilled food and BBQ favorites, this restaurant is a must.

We felt the selections and preparation of everything, as well as the service, was leaps and bounds better than our 2019 dining experience at the same restaurant.

Celebrity Edge Rooftop Garden Grill Review

While it is a bit pricey at $45, it did offer a steak that was just as good as the cruise ship’s steakhouse. Not to mention, the Rooftop Garden Grill featured hearty portions of other BBQ classics and the most satisfying dessert found on the entire ship. 

With the refinement to the menu and food, we would certainly dine at the Rooftop Garden Grill again on another Edge-Class ship.


Do you agree with our Celebrity Edge Rooftop Garden Grill review? Have you dined at this specialty restaurant on Celebrity Cruises’ ships? Drop us an anchor below to share your favorite Celebrity Cruises dining experiences.

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Celebrity Edge Rooftop Garden Grill Review

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