Celebrity Edge Fine Cut Steakhouse Review (2021)

Dive into our Celebrity Edge Fine Cut Steakhouse review to help you decide whether you should dine at this specialty restaurant.

Celebrity Edge Fine Cut Steakhouse Review

Celebrity Edge ushered in a number of firsts for Celebrity Cruises when the ship debuted in 2018. Among some of the brand new additions to the cruise line was the introduction of a steakhouse specialty restaurant. Before you reserve a table at this upscale restaurant, you will want to read our exclusive Celebrity Edge Fine Cut Steakhouse review.

Celebrity Edge Fine Cut Steakhouse Review

We were onboard Celebrity Edge’s first sailing back in the U.S. this summer. Before that cruise, we booked several specialty restaurants. For the first formal night of the cruise, we reserved the Fine Cut Steakhouse.

Now, this specialty restaurant is an up-charge. It is not one of the restaurants that is included on a Celebrity Cruises cruise. In fact, it will cost you $55 per person to dine here.

Actually, we dined at this restaurant on our previous Celebrity Edge cruise back in 2019. We loved it so much that we couldn’t wait to dine here again two years later.

This intimate restaurant located on Deck 5 is above the central atrium. While somewhat private, you are still in the center of the action. Thus, you can still hear some of the happenings from the atrium and martini bar below.

Celebrity Edge Fine Cut Steakhouse Review

Yet, the restaurant is quiet enough, allowing you to enjoy an upscale dining experience.

The décor of the Fine Cut Steakhouse is modern and sophisticated. With metallic accents and dark wood tones, it is reminiscent of an upscale steakhouse on land. The color palette compliments the rich, bold flavors of your dining experience.

The venue is on the smaller side, but it did not seem congested. Strategically placed dividers separate certain sections of the restaurant to offer parties some personal space and privacy.

We arrived about 10 minutes early for our 6:30 pm reservation. Checking-in with the host, we were quickly escorted to a table for two on the far side of the restaurant. Here, we settled in for quite the extended dining experience.


Dining at Celebrity Edge Fine Cut Steakhouse

Meeting our waiter, we could tell from the start that he was a bit overwhelmed. It appeared that the restaurant was a little understaffed.

Though, we weren’t overly concerned, as we had plenty of time to get to the 9 pm production show in the main theater.

First, our waiter flagged someone down to take our drink order. Once he came back to our table, we decided to put in our dinner order even though we were still waiting on our drinks.

Menu: Fine Cut Steakhouse Dinner and Dessert

I started with one of my go-to options, the crab cake. This dish contained plenty of succulent crab, with just the right amount of breading. It was a pretty hearty portion as well.

While I enjoyed the crab cake, I loved the tuna tartare. The tuna was rare and paired perfectly with the spicy wasabi mayo. With the cool avocado, it was a smooth and refreshing dish.

Perhaps though, the best appetizer was the wife’s tomato salad. With a large serving of creamy, rich burrata, it was certainly better than her typical go-to wedge salad.

While we waited quite a while to get our drinks, it took even longer to get our food selections. The restaurant appeared full by now, and our waitstaff seemed stretched to the max.

Steak at Celebrity Edge Fine Cut Steakhouse

Luckily, once our entrees and sides did arrive, they were well worth the wait! Based on the waiter’s recommendation, I went with the boneless ribeye.

This medium-cooked steak was bursting with flavor. While the waiter brought steak sauce on the side, this perfectly seasoned cut of beef needed no embellishments. My knife effortlessly sliced through each cut, delivering one of the best steaks I have ever had.

The steak was paired with three amazing side dishes. While most steakhouses know how to prepare a steak, many fall short when it comes to the accompaniments. Not the Celebrity Edge Fine Cut Steakhouse.

The truffle fries, sautéed mushrooms, and bacon mac & cheese were all equally well-prepared.

Side Dishes at Celebrity Edge Steak House

The hands-down favorite though was the bacon mac & cheese. With a crispy breadcrumb crust and just the right cheesy consistency, it could have been a meal itself.

The mushrooms too had just the right amount of seasoning to enhance the natural flavors of the steak. Likewise, the truffle fries paired nicely with both the steak and the wife’s chicken entrée.

Celebrity Edge Fine Cut Steakhouse Review

Now, the prolonged wait times between courses was putting us already close to the 9 pm showtime. So, it meant that we had to rush through our desserts.

While we were able to savor the first two courses, we were only able to sample a few bites of this final course.

The Princess went with the ice cream sundae, and I ordered the chocolate brownie to top off this indulgent meal.


Recap of Celebrity Edge Fine Cut Steakhouse Review

When it comes to specialty dining, Celebrity Edge Fine Cut Steakhouse ranks among the top restaurants at sea.

While the service this time around was slower than normal, the restaurant still delivered a delicious upscale dining experience. It was an ideal dinner for the cruise ship’s first Evening Chic night.

Further, we were impressed by the quality of the food and execution of the dishes.

The Fine Cut Steakhouse delivered exquisite selections across all courses. Unlike some up-charge venues on contemporary cruise ships, Fine Cut is certainly worth the additional cost.

Given this was the first cruise back in the U.S., we gave our servers the benefit of the doubt when it came to the pacing. With a packed restaurant, and being only the second day onboard with guests, the cruise line was still working out the kinks.


Do you agree with our Celebrity Edge Fine Cut Steakhouse Review? Have you dined at this cruise ship specialty restaurant? Drop us an anchor below with your latest dining reviews from Celebrity Cruises!

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Celebrity Edge Fine Cut Steakhouse Review (2021)

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