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Celebrity Solstice Hawaii Cruise Review

Celebrity Solstice Hawaii Cruise Review

We are back with our latest cruise ship review. This time, we explore the Hawaiian islands in our Celebrity Solstice Hawaii Cruise Review.     read more...

Celebrity Solstice

Top Things to Do on Celebrity Solstice

You can enjoy unique destinations and modern luxury on a Celebrity Solstice cruise. See all the great options in our Top Things to Do on Celebrity Solstice.     read more...

Celebrity Solstice Scorecard Ship Review

Celebrity Solstice Cruise Ship Scorecard Review

New for 2019! Our Celebrity Solstice Ship Scorecard review rates this classic ship on 12 different categories including dining, entertainment, and more.     read more...

Excited to Sail on Celebrity Solstice

Why We Are Excited to Sail on Celebrity Solstice

See why we are excited for our upcoming trip on Celebrity Solstice to Hawaii for one of our most thrilling and exotic cruise vacations to date!     read more...

Most Romantic Restaurants at Sea

Most Romantic Cruise Ship Restaurants

Spend some quality time with your significant other on your next cruise by booking a specialty dinner for two. You don't need to be celebrating a special oc     read more...

Top Cruises to Alaska in 2020

Top Alaska Cruises in 2020

2020 is a great year to cruise to Alaska! If you are considering a trip up north, take a look at our updated picks for the Top Alaska Cruises in 2020.     read more...

Our Favorite Coffee Shops on a Cruise

Our Five Favorite Coffee Shops on a Cruise

Late nights and early mornings mean that the Princess and I need our regular doses of coffee while on vacation. After more than a dozen sailings, we have sa     read more...

Cruise News September 25 2016

Cruise News September 25, 2016

We want to keep you informed with all of the juicy tidbits from the world of cruise travel. In this edition of cruise news September 25, 2016, we have all t     read more...

Celebrity Solstice Cruise to Alaska

Top 10 Reasons to Take a Celebrity Solstice Cruise to Alaska

Are you considering a cruise to Alaska onboard Celebrity Cruise Line’s Solstice ship? Perhaps, you already have this trip booked? Great choice! After our     read more...

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