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Most Romantic Restaurants at Sea

Most Romantic Cruise Ship Restaurants

Spend some quality time with your significant other on your next cruise by booking a specialty dinner for two. You don't need to be celebrating a special oc     read more...

Top Things YOu Can Only Find on Norwegian Cruise Line

Things You Can Only Find on Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line has seen some rapid growth in the last couple of years, now ranking among the top cruise lines for families and couples.The Princess a     read more...

Cruise News January 21, 2018

Cruise News January 21, 2018

This week, we are looking into the future. No, we do not have a crystal ball. Instead, many cruise lines have announced (or updated) cruise schedules as far     read more...

10 Things You Need to Try on Norwegian Getaway

10 Things You Need to Try on Norwegian Getaway

With over a dozen dining options and close to two dozen bars and lounges, let’s just say you will never go hungry or thirsty when cruising on Norwegian Ge     read more...

Teppanyaki on Norwegian Getaway

Why We Love Teppanyaki on Norwegian Getaway

One of our favorite restaurants on Norwegian Cruise Line is the Japanese Hibachi steakhouse, Teppanyaki. We always seem to find our way here one night of ou     read more...

Insider’s Guide to Norwegian Getaway Entertainment

One of Norwegian Cruise Line’s biggest ships, Norwegian Getaway delivers plenty of nightly entertainment to please the entire family. With so much enterta     read more...

Moderno on Norwegian Getaway

Carving into Moderno on Norwegian Getaway

For those with a carnivorous appetite, be sure to dine at Moderno on Norwegian Getaway. Also known as a Churrascaria, this Brazilian steakhouse serves up an     read more...

Norwegian Getaway Dining Package

Why Should You Get a Norwegian Getaway Dining Package

Since Norwegian Cruise Line made most of the specialty restaurants on their ships a la carte, more readers have been asking about the specialty dining packa     read more...

La Cucina on Norwegian Getaway

Five Reasons You Should Dine at La Cucina on Norwegian Getaway

Norwegian Cruise Line is all about the specialty dining. One of the many options available is the Italian restaurant, La Cucina. On our recent Norwegian Get     read more...

7 Best Cruise Ship Parties at Sea

The 7 Best Cruise Ship Parties at Sea

Happy Fourth of July! Here in the U.S., July 4th is a day to celebrate with parades, cookouts, and fireworks. Sounds a little bit like a cruise, doesn't it?     read more...

Norwegian Getaway Balcony Cabin Review

Norwegian Getaway Balcony Cabin Review

There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect cruise ship cabin. Not only do you have to decide on the deck number and whether you want to be     read more...

Cagney's Steakhouse on Norwegian Getaway

Why You Need to Book Cagney’s Steakhouse on Norwegian Getaway

If you are finding it difficult to make specialty dining reservations at Cagney's Steakhouse on Norwegian Getaway, you are not alone. Dining reservations op     read more...

5 Mouthwatering Reasons to Visit Ocean Blue on Norwegian Getaway

If you are a seafood lover, then Ocean Blue on Norwegian Getaway is your specialty restaurant. Located on Deck 8 on the Waterfront, there is no better locat     read more...

Norwegian Getaway Freestyle Daily 2017

Norwegian Getaway Freestyle Daily 2017 – Western Caribbean

Schedule oriented cruisers need an itinerary. That is why we are always searching for cruise ship daily planners. Before you set sail, know what is happenin     read more...

15 Norwegian Getaway Secrets You Need to Know for Your Next Cruise

Make the most of your vacation with a little planning and some of our "insider tips". After just returning from a cruise on Norwegian Getaway, we have some     read more...

Norwegian Getaway Western Caribbean Cruise Review

Norwegian Getaway Western Caribbean Cruise Review

It is here- our signature day-by-day Norwegian Getaway Western Caribbean Cruise Review. Relive our experiences in this detailed account of each of the seven     read more...

Complete Guide to Norwegian Getaway Bars

The Norwegian Getaway Bars provide plenty of drink options for all types of travelers. From an Irish pub, to a mojito bar, to an exclusive ice bar, there ar     read more...

6 Reasons You Need to Visit Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway

Being one of our favorite venues at sea, we were excited when Norwegian Cruise Line decided to add a Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway last fall. For thos     read more...

Norwegian Getaway Restaurant Menus

Guide to Norwegian Getaway Restaurant Menus

We are just back from an exciting 7-day Western Caribbean cruise on Norwegian Getaway. If you are a planner, then these Norwegian Getaway restaurant menus a     read more...

Norwegian Getaway Ship Scorecard

Norwegian Getaway Ship Scorecard

Just back from our Spring Break cruise onboard Norwegian Getaway, we give you all of the details on one of Norwegian Cruise Line's largest and most innovati     read more...

Top Things to Do on Norwegian Getaway

Top Things to Do on Norwegian Getaway

If you have plans to sail on Norwegian Getaway, then you will want to check out our list of the Top 25 Things to Do on Norwegian Getaway. From specialty din     read more...

Top Reasons We’re Excited to Take a Cruise on Norwegian Getaway

As our second cruise of 2017, we are looking forward to our next voyage on Norwegian Cruise Line. After sailing on Norwegian Escape in 2016, we can't wait t     read more...

Cruise News February 26, 2017

Cruise News February 26, 2017

For those who had this past week off as "February break", we hope you spent some quality family time together, preferably on a cruise. If you were unable to     read more...

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