Cruise News August 14, 2016

Our newest edition of cruise news is out! While not exactly a busy week in travel news, we have the latest developments from Carnival Cruise Line and updates on cruise traffic in popular regions including

Cruise News August 14

This week was a rather uneventful week in the cruise world. Still, the Princess and I did not want to let you down. We dug deep to find the latest for this edition of cruise news August 14, 2016. Did we overlook any major happenings? Let us know in the comments section below.

Cruise News August 14, 2016

New Election Inspired Dr. Seuss Programs on Carnival Ships

Given the circus that has become the U.S. Presidential election, it is no surprise that there is a new third party candidate. Starting last week, the one and only Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat began his bid for the presidency onboard Carnival cruise ships. The new campaign will inspire young cruisers to learn more about elections and voting with additional themed activities like face painting and arts and crafts in the kids area. This promotion dovetails the release of a new Dr. Seuss book about the same issues. The Cat in the Hat will also be joined by his running mates on the ships, Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Cruise News August 14, 2016Cruise News August 14, 2016 – Image Courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line

Cruise Traffic Up in Asia and Alaska

A couple new reports painted an interesting picture for the cruising world. In a report by Cruise Lines International Association, it was revealed that there has been a steady and solid growth in the Asian cruise market. In 2016, 60 cruise ships will sail in the region, which includes ships sailing for the season as well as those based in an Asian homeport year round. This is an increase of 15% compared to last year. Projections continue to show even greater growth for next year as new ships are entering the region specifically targeting consumers in countries like China. In other news, reports from Alaska Cruise Association indicated that for the first time since 2009, Alaska is expected to exceed one million cruise passengers this season. This makes us reminisce about our Alaskan cruise on the lovely Celebrity Solstice. Analysts are unsure if this pattern will continue in 2017.

Celebrity SolsticeCruise News August 14, 2016 – Celebrity Solstice in her Seattle, WA Homeport

Crystal Cruises Abandons Attempts to Restore SS United States

Many called the move a publicity stunt when earlier this year, Crystal Cruises announced a feasibility study to examine if the SS United States could serve passengers again one day. Well the results are as many expected- Crystal Cruises announced recently that it was going to abandon any attempts to bring the ship back to life. Citing “the technical and commercial challenges associated with returning the historic liner to service as a modern cruise ship”, the company indicated the costs to meet today’s standards were “insurmountable”. The future of the ship, which is currently docked in Philadelphia, PA, is to attempt to utilize it as a museum.


Did we cover all of the cruise news in our August 14, 2016 edition? Drop us an anchor below to share your latest travel insights with other fellow cruisers.

 Cruise News August 14

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Cruise News August 14, 2016

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