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Get off the beaten path and try something a bit different on your next cruise. When you visit Gumbalimba Park Roatan, Honduras, you are able to get up close and personal with some of the island’s more “wild” inhabitants. During our recent visit to the Park on a Norwegian Getaway cruise, we couldn’t help but grab our camera and start snapping photos. We highly recommend you check out this secluded retreat during your next stop at the island. If you are daring enough, here are the 6 essential photos you need to take when visiting Gumbalimba Park Roatan, Honduras.

6 Photos You Need to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan, Honduras

The 3D Island Map Inside Coxen’s Cave

One of your first adventures when you visit the park is sure to be Coxen’s Cave. While actually a man-made cave, you are greeted with several museum quality exhibits inside that provide you an overview of the history of the island.

6 Top Photos to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan Honduras6 Photos to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan

In the center of the artistic depictions is a large, 3D model of the long, skinny island and surrounding land masses. Be sure to snap a pic of this map so you can put the landmarks of the island into perspective. On the walls, be sure to note the murals and various artifacts dating back to different periods in the evolution of the island. In an adjacent “cave”,  you will come up-close and personal with John Coxen, a famous pirate who was known to plunder the area back in the golden age of piracy.

5 Photos to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan6 Photos to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan

The Free Roaming Iguanas

During your visit to Gumbalimba, be on the lookout for many island creatures that call the park home. They are free to roam many parts of the 20 acre resort, so you never know who will cross your path. If you are lucky, you will get to see the Black Iguana, an endangered species that can only be found on the island of Roatan. More abundant, and massive, are the Green Iguanas. Both of these species are protected on the island. While they were once a special delicacy, the consumption of iguana is now illegal. So, don’t even think about asking for some when you are back on your cruise ship!

Gumbalimba Park Roatan6 Photos to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan

Some Pretty Strong Insects

Near the end of your tour of the grounds is a stop at the Park’s Insectarium. I know what you are thinking, pretty gross. Well, it is actually quite informative. Several species of bugs, moths, and butterflies are preserved here for educational purposes.

6 Photos to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan6 Photos to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan

The displays are kept in an air conditioned room, so if nothing else, you can get a little reprieve from the sun and heat. Of the more impressive species on displace are some of the world’s shiniest butterflies and some of the strongest beetles, which can carry over 850 times their own body weight. This will make you want to start hitting the gym a bit more. While only a short part of your day, you will want to snap a shot of some of these creatures to creep out your friends and family back home.

5 Photos to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan6 Photos to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan

Crossing the Bamboo Bridge

You can’t help but notice the long suspension bridge when you drive into the park. It looks like something you would come across as you trek through the Amazon. During your tour of the park, you too can dare to take the shaky walk across the Bamboo Bridge. At a length of 238 feet, with the highest point about 33 feet above the river, it is certainly a thrill. So, if you are daring enough to make it to the other side (which is not mandatory as there is a short walk around if you chicken out), then capture your feat with a selfie.

5 Photos to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan6 Photos to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan

You, the Mrs, and a Macaw

Certainly, you have come to the Park to get some one of a kind pictures with some amazing creatures. Among the first friends you will meet are of the feathered variety. Accompanied by a trainer, you can have your own picture with a parrot on your shoulder. The macaws, which can also be found up in the trees and throughout the grounds, are colorful large parrots that are found in many parts of the Caribbean. Let us see your best Jack Sparrow impression, or just smile when you pose for this extraordinary vacation portrait. Say cheese!

5 Photos to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan6 Photos to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan

Chillin’ with the White Face Capuchin Monkeys

The main attraction at Gumbalimba Park is the White Face Capuchin Monkeys. Before you ask, yes, this is the same species of monkey that Ross from Friends had as a pet! These friendly and rambunctious guys are ready for their close-up. Guided again by park staff, you will enter the Monkey Refuge. Here, you will be greeted by several of these social monkeys, which are actually native to Central America. Listen carefully to the trainers and don’t make sudden moves, as the monkeys will jump on you unexpectedly. Once you enter the area, get that camera and cellphone ready. You will be able to grab several photos with these cuddly creatures.

5 Top Pictures to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan6 Photos to Take at Gumbalimba Park Roatan

Other Things to Do While at Gumbalimba Park

Your park admission includes more than access to just these attractions. During your stay, you can make use of the small pool for swimming or the small beach area, which (for an additional fee) offers some snorkeling and other rentals you can take on the water. In addition, you will find a gift shop and concession stand serving up pretty basic items. Most shore excursion tours offer open ended trips back to your cruise ship; therefore, you can explore at your leisure or leave right after the tour. Taxis are usually available for those touring the park on their own. Of note, large bags are not allowed into the monkey refuge, so lockers are available for rental.


Have you visited Gumbalimba Park in Roatan, Honduras? What are some of your most unique shore excursions? Drop us an anchor below to share your stories with fellow cruisers.

6 Photos to take Gumbalimba Park Roatan Honduras

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