Why We Love the Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise Line

The Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) ships is one of the line’s newest innovations. Going inside out, quite literally, the Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise Line gets cruisers closer to the ocean. This mid-level

Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise Line

The Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) ships is one of the line’s newest innovations. Introduced on the Norwegian Breakaway, the Waterfront replaces the traditional Promenade deck. Going inside out, quite literally, the Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise Line gets cruisers closer to the ocean.  This mid-level deck offers outdoor accommodations that wrap around the entire ship.

What isn’t there to love about this new way to connect with the sea while cruising?

Norweigan Escape Cruise ReviewNorwegian Escape Docked in British Virgin Islands

We certainly enjoyed plenty of time on the Waterfront on our Eastern Caribbean cruise onboard Norwegian Escape. Why should you consider sailing on an NCL ship that features a Waterfront? Continue reading to find out what makes the Waterfront such a great spot.

The 6 Things to Love about the Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise Line

Morning Strolls

Instead of heading up to the pool deck, you can take your morning walk to the Waterfront. We found it to be less crowded and more invigorating walking around this deck in contrast to the small and usually busy jogging track on the sports deck.  It is not recommended that you jog around the Waterfront as there are barriers to protect from the wind, but this area is perfect for some power walking. While on the Waterfront, you can grab a coffee or tea and a breakfast treat at the stations found on both sides of the ship.

Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise LineSkip the Busy Jogging Track and Enjoy the Waterfront for a Morning Walk

Port Pictures

When pulling into or out of a port of call, some cruisers rush to get deck space for photo ops on the top decks. We suggest you try the Waterfront.  During our sail into Nassau, Bahamas, being on the Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise Line gave us the perfect vantage point for some beautiful pictures of the Lighthouse, Atlantis, and other ships docked at the pier.  Depending on the time of day and where your ship is docking, the Waterfront might provide you better photo ops than the top decks.

Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise LinePhoto of Nassau Lighthouse from the Waterfront on Norwegian Escape

Quiet Outdoor Reprieve

Sometimes you need to get away from it all, even on a cruise ship. If you do not want to be bothered with the crowds on the pool decks and sun decks but still want to enjoy the fresh breeze, the Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise Line might be your go to spot. With a variety of comfy chairs and loungers, which are usually not occupied during the mid day, you can unwind with less noise and crowds than other decks. This is the perfect location for daytime reading, playing cards, or just spending some time outdoors.

Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise Line

Ice Cream

What is better on vacation than indulging in some sweet treats or ice cream? Eating them on the Waterfront on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship of course! The Waterfront on Norwegian Escape offered both a bake shop and a gelato shop, letting you pick from a selection of mini-pastries and Italian ice cream. There is no better way to spend an afternoon than enjoying a few scoops of your favorite flavor as you stroll around the open air deck admiring the ocean views. Most ships with a Waterfront have similar offerings, but the items are an additional charge.

Norwegian Escape Photo Tour

Al Fresco Dinners

Perhaps one of the things we loved most about the Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise Line was enjoying a romantic dinner on this outdoor deck. Dinners here are truly a memorable experience, not only for the delicious food but also for the amazing weather and atmosphere. The restaurants on the Waterfront are specialty dining, so there is an upcharge, but the costs are well worth it. We dined on the Waterfront the night we ate at the Italian eatery, La Cucina, but you can choose from other restaurants including an American Steakhouse, a Brazilian style Churrascaria, or Seafood. After dining al fresco at one of these restaurants on the Waterfront, you will see why we loved the experience.

La Cucina on Norwegian EscapeOne of Several Restaurants on the Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise Line

Moonlight Cocktails

Enjoying your favorite nighttime libation under the stars doesn’t have to occur only on the pool deck. On the Waterfront, there are a number of watering holes that are open during the day and evening to accommodate your thirst. We were quite fond of the 5 O’clock Somewhere Bar and their margaritas (although this location can only be found on Norwegian Escape for now).  From the stiff drinks of the Whiskey Bar to classic cocktails at Shaker’s, you can find the perfect spot to enjoy your preferred adult beverage on any Norwegian Cruise Line ship offering a Waterfront. These bars can get busy, so be sure to get there early and take advantage of your drink package while enjoying pleasant company and tropical breezes.

Norwegian Escape Photo TourThe Bars Can Get Busy at Night on the Waterfront

If you love the sound of all the Waterfront has to offer, but the weather doesn’t cooperate during your cruise or you simply don’t feel like venturing outdoors, don’t worry; many of the establishments on the Waterfront do offer indoor accommodations as well. So, you can have the best of both worlds as you cruise on a Breakaway or Breakaway-Plus ship.


Do you agree with our list of why we love the Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise Line? What are your reasons to love the Waterfront? Drop us an anchor below to tell us about your experiences cruising on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship offering this premier outdoor promenade deck. We would love to hear from you!

Waterfront on Norwegian Cruise Line

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  1. Just got back from the escape and your review helped a lot. I loved spending time on the water front especially at the cellars. The escape was wonderful everyone in my group enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to share.

      Thanks Dana for the comment. Appreciate you sharing your experiences on the Waterfront. Cellars was always packed, so it was tough to sit there, but it surely was a great spot. When is the next cruise?