Norwegian Cruise Line Announces Club Balcony Suites

Norwegian Cruise Line announces Club Balcony Suites. These re-branded mini suites on NCL ships will now come with extra perks and amenities.

NCL Club Balcony Suites

While we all wait out the COVID-19 sailing restrictions, some cruise lines are hard at work thinking through what cruising will look like in the future. This will include not just changes in the way we cruise but also updates to the onboard experience. Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) has just announced a change to the mini suites onboard their fleet. A mini-suite is an upgrade from a standard balcony stateroom. Every ship in the Norwegian fleet except for Norwegian Sky, Norwegian Spirit & Pride of America currently have mini suites which will now be known as “Club Balcony Suites”.

Norwegian Cruise Line Announces Club Balcony Suites

Mini suites are being re-branded to “Club Balcony Suites” with the first roll out on Norwegian Encore’s August 30, 2020 sailing. The remainder of the fleet will complete the roll out of Club Balcony Suites by the end of November 2020.

Norwegian Cruise Line Announces Club Balcony Suites

While the physical size of the Club Balcony Suites will naturally remain the same – the big difference comes in the experience that guests will have in this new class of cabin. Guests in a Club Balcony Suite will receive the following new amenities:

  • Pre-booking of specialty restaurants and entertainment 125 days prior to boarding. Think about getting that reservation at Cagney’s Steakhouse followed by a theater show on the exact day and time you desire.
  • Food & Beverage amenities delivered free of charge two times per sailing. Perhaps chocolate covered strawberries or a plate of canapes.
  • A free laundry bag or pressing service once per sailing.
  • One complimentary bottle of sparkling wine delivered to your Club Balcony Suite.
  • Coffee and tea setup in your suite on request.

All Club Balcony Suites are larger than standard balcony staterooms (up to 285 sq. ft) and suitable for 4 guests. As the name suggest every Club Balcony Suites has a beautiful balcony where you can sit and gaze out upon incredible ocean views. In addition, all Club Balcony Suites include a seating area.

Other advantages of a Club Balcony Suite over a standard balcony depends on which ship you are sailing but may include a larger bathroom with twin sinks or a larger shower – always appreciated by cruisers!

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Norwegian Cruise Line Announces Club Balcony Suites

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The best news of all? If you have already booked a mini suite for sailing between September and November 2020, you will receive all the amenities of a Club Balcony Suite at no additional cost.

Now that is something to look forward to!


Have you stayed in a mini-suite during a prior cruise? What do you think of the new amenities for Norwegian Cruise Line Club Balcony Suites? Would you opt to book one of these new staterooms because of the added perks?

Norwegian Cruise Line announces Club Balcony Suites
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  1. I think it is a great idea! At the moment mini suites are just a slightly larger version of a balcony cabin.
    I cant wait to start cruising again!

      Precisely the information I was after, wrapped up neat and tidy. All my questions answered. Thank you.

        Thank you for your comment Bella J. Glad we were able to answer your questions. Cruise on (soon we hope).

      Thanks you for your comment. Hopefully we can all get back to sea in the near future.

    When you read that a change is for the customer’s benefit you can be fairly sure it is NOT for the customer’s benefit.
    In this case of the name change means the added cost (Comparing a Balcony to Club Balcony Suite) results in benefits that could easily be purchased for less money.
    The one complimentary bottle of sparkling wine — almost everyone gets this inexpensive bottle for free.
    Coffee and tea setup in your suite on request. In a balcony cabin you can just request this.
    A free laundry bag or pressing service once per sailing. – Given free to Platinum and higher cruisers anyway.
    Pre-booking of specialty restaurants and entertainment 125 days prior to boarding. – You can book specialty restaurants 90 days or 60 days in advance now. Very few shows, mainly on the bigger ships, require reservations. Online booking of restaurants is usually limited as NCL retains 80% of available reservations for booking on the ship.
    Food & Beverage amenities delivered free of charge two times per sailing. Perhaps chocolate covered strawberries or a plate of canapes. How much can two portions of those strawberries cost?

      Nice concept, but they need better incentives on this category such as expedited boarding and free room service delivery or free internet or drink package upgrades. The other incentives aren’t specific to this category and every one gets them or can request them. They need something that will make the increased cabin cost “special”. So far, they’ve missed the mark on the incentives for this category. I can bring my own preferred snacks back to the cabin as needed.

        I totally agree generally it was never worth the extra money to upgrade from a balcony to a mini suite on NCL now the mini suite is renamed Club Balcony but the incentives don’t justify the extra cost.

      I’d book this for the double sinks and larger shower alone. I’ve cruised in oceanview through 4 bedroom Presidential Suites. Family of four, sometimes booking 2 staterooms or large suites isn’t in the budget so this size hits just right for those occasions where we all have to be in one balcony stateroom.

    Hi i am looking to be with you on cruise ship from Denmark in 10 oct 2021 and like to know:
    1- the different tip between the balcony cabin and club balcony suites ?
    2- if i can contact the trip from Danimark on 10 oct and continues from Southampton in 22 OCT 2021 to Rome 2 Nov 2021 ?
    3- total price in balcony cabin ? and club balcony suites ?
    i am plan to be with you with my wife and (baby girl porn in 18 Dec 2019 ).

    if u can contact me on my whats app pls.
    thanks a lot
    aziz albasha

    I am cruising on the NCL Epic this fall and have a guarantee Balcony.. no room assignment yet. Not sure if a Club Balcony is part of this pool which they will pick a balcony for me, probably not. From what I can see very few balcony cabins on the Epic have the extra drop down bed from the ceiling, that allows for 4 people to sleep.. or for the 3rd person to sleep there in lieu of the sofa.. which looks curved and small, difficult to sleep on for a 3rd person in the cabin. Room service is $10, so paying hundreds extra for this category is hardly worth it. The Epic does not seem to have two sinks in their Club Balcony; in fact the whole bathroom situation in the Epic is sad as its in the room, not a separate bathroom.

      The balcony on the Epic is just that.. an EPIC FAIL !! Worst balcony with no separate bathroom and short beds and a rediculous curved sofa that you can’t sit or sleep a third person comfortably. Only sink out in middle of the room.. nuts!

    Just got off the Escape (Dec 18) and booked the new club balcony. Just like the article said, no difference from our previously booked mini-suites, but the perks did make a difference. We didn’t pack a much since we got one bag of laundry for free. The sweets sent every other day was a nice touch. Like a previous poster mentioned, I like these bc of the bathroom size. My wife is 5’9″ and barely fit in the standard balcony shower. We are booked on Prima next year around the same time. We are going with the spa club balcony this time. See ya out there!
    Unless we have to wear masks. The cruise after us had to start wearing them.

    Are you able to have breakfast and lunch in private locations

    There is no included room service with an NCL Club Balcony Suite; the statement above that you get 2 is no longer true. Encore, Feb 10, 2023.