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If you like to cruise, then you probably like to eat. Food is one of the big parts of cruising, and we know our fellow cruisers are always eager to see what is available at the different restaurants onboard. So, we are just back from a great three day escape to the Bahamas on Majesty of the Seas and have put together this guide to the Majesty of the Seas restaurants. Yes, we have pictures, menus, and all the tantalizing details for each venue.

Guide to Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas Restaurants

Windjammer Cafe

If you have cruised on Royal Caribbean before, then you are very familiar with the Windjammer restaurant. This casual, complimentary buffet is open most of the day. On both sea and port days, the Windjammer serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For breakfast, you can find your typical selections, including fruits, breakfast pastries, cereals, and a host of hot meals such as scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage. Breakfast tends to be crowded, especially about 45 minutes to an hour before your port of call. Breakfast starts at 7:00am and goes until 11:00am. If you need your morning coffee before that, Sorrento’s on Majesty of the Seas starts brewing at 6am.

Majesty of the Seas BreakfastBreakfast at the Windjammer

For lunch and snacks, you will find a selection of salad, cold cuts and sandwiches, a grill with hamburgers and hot dogs, and other hot dishes which vary slightly during the cruise. We tend to avoid the buffet, but I was actually quite surprised with the selection on Majesty of the Seas, including several different types of chicken wings. I was in heaven! Lunch typically runs from 11:30am to 2:30pm. When returning from our tours on land, we almost always get caught in the “snack” zone. This includes a more limited selection of lunch items that are available from 3:00pm to 5:00pm on most days.

Restaurants on Majesty of the SeasMain Area of Windjammer

Starting at 6:30pm, dinner in the Windjammer offers a variety of dishes from around the world, including a pasta station, Indian and Asian inspired dishes, and some American fare as well. The grill from lunch is also still available for the kids (or us big kids). A full salad bar as well as plenty of desserts are also free for the taking.

Compass Deli

This venue was new to us, as no other ship in the fleet has a Compass Deli. This casual spot is open for snacks from 11:30am to 6:00pm. It is located above the Windjammer on Deck 12. While it has a different name, we would consider this restaurant to be a hybrid of the Cafe Promenade and Park Cafe, offering a selection of pre-made sandwiches and wraps, along with a few paninis. We have a copy of the panini menu and sandwich menu which was basically the same each day.

Majesty of the Seas RestaurantsThe Case at Compass Deli

During one afternoon of our cruise, we did notice a carved roast beef sandwich area for a “make your own” Royal Kummelweck sandwich, the featured item at the Park Cafe on Oasis-class ships. So, how could I resist? Compass Deli is a complimentary restaurant and a much less crowded option for a quick bite to eat.

Royal Kummelweck Sandwich on Majesty of the SeasRoyal Kummelweck on Majesty of the Seas

Cafe Latte-tudes

Open most days from 7:00am to 11:30pm, this coffee shop offers a few complimentary snacks. You can also purchase specialty coffees here, like lattes and cappuccinos. I guess the name of the place may have given that away! These drinks are not part of your cruise fare; however, they are covered in the Royal Caribbean Deluxe Beverage package. Another reason why we never leave home without one!  Here is a look at the menu to give you an idea of price and selection.

Cafe Latte-Tudes Lunch on Majesty of the SeasCafe Latte-Tudes Lunch Selections

In terms of snacks, you will see croissants, donuts, and cupcakes for breakfast. During the afternoon and evening, you can expect to find sweet treats, which included my favorite Peanut Butter Chocolate Blondie and eclairs. This location is also home to the onboard gelateria. These freshly made desserts are an additional cost. Yes, we do have the gelato menu as well.

Gelato on Majesty of the SeasGelato Options on Majesty of the Seas

Sorrento’s Pizza

Also found on Deck 12, Sorrento’s serves up hot and fresh slices of pizza starting right around noon and running through the early morning, like 3am! In addition to pizza, we also noticed some additions not usually offered on other ships, like toasted meatball subs and garlic cheese bread. On both visits to Sorrento’s, the venue was busy actually requiring a short wait for fresh pizzas to be made.

Sorrento's Pizza on Majesty of the SeasSorrento’s on Majesty of the Seas

Main Dining Rooms

If you are looking for a complete dining experience, then you will want to visit the main dining room. On a short cruise such as this, the dining room was only open for breakfast and dinner.

The Starlight Dining Room serves breakfast from 8:00am to 9:30am. Here, you can have a made to order breakfast. Options are very similar to a breakfast menu on land. Main dining room breakfast can be crowded at times, so don’t be surprised if there is a line of guests waiting to be seated.

Main Dining Room on Majesty of the SeasMain Dining Room on Majesty of the Seas

For dinner, the two main dining rooms offer a dinner menu each night (same at both locations). Cruisers with traditional (or set) dining at either 6:00pm or 8:30pm have dinner in the Moonlight dining room on Deck 3. My Time Dining will check in on Deck 4 in the Starlight dining room. You can make reservations for set times or just walk up. Either way, the menu options are the same. These options do rotate each evening, with a set list of Classics options.

Main Dining Room Night 1 Dinner | Dessert
Main Dining Room Night 2 Dinner | Dessert
Main Dining Room Night 3 Dinner | Dessert

Prime Rib on Majesty of the SeasMain Dining Room Prime Rib Night 1

Chef’s Table

You can purchase this unique dining experience pre-cruise in the Royal Caribbean cruise planner. For our sailing, it was priced at $85. We did not dine here as the Princess is a picky eater, but we did manage to get a copy of the menu. For those looking for an upscale evening or a place to celebrate a special occasion, Chef’s Table might be a good choice since Majesty of the Seas does not currently have any other specialty dining options.

Johnny Rockets

Another staple found on many Royal Caribbean ships is Johnny Rockets. Those back on land will recognize this 1950’s inspired hamburger shop. Yes, this restaurant on Majesty of the Seas is exactly the same, complete with the singing and dancing. Priced at $6.95 for all you can eat, this venue is an up-charge. This does NOT include milkshakes, which are about $6 in addition. The venue is open most days from about 1pm to 12:30am.

Bar Top at Johnny Rockets on Majesty of the SeasCounter Service at Johnny Rockets on Majesty of the Seas

Event though we have been on many Royal Caribbean cruises, we have never eaten lunch or dinner at Johnny Rockets. On this trip, we decided that streak had to come to an end. Of note, the venue offers a 20% discount on port days, which was essentially every day of this cruise. How could we refuse freshly made hamburgers and french fries? Oh, and we can’t forget the apple pie a la mode. Here is the menu.


Have you sailed on Majesty of the Seas? What is your favorite restaurant onboard the ship? Drop us an anchor below to share your dining memories from this ship or any other in the Royal Caribbean fleet.

Majesty ogf the Seas Restaurant Guide

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