Are You Addicted to Norwegian Cruise Line?

Let's face it, you might have a problem. It sneaks up on most of us without warning. It's a cruise addiction. Luckily, there is a simple cure…another cruise. Are you addicted to Norwegian Cruise Line?

Addicted to Norwegian Cruise Line

Let’s face it, you might have a problem. It sneaks up on most of us without warning. It’s a cruise addiction. Luckily, there is a simple cure…another cruise. Are you addicted to Norwegian Cruise Line? We couldn’t blame you! With some of the most innovative ships, amazing onboard amenities, and exquisite dining venues, almost anyone can be afflicted.

Not sure if you are suffering from this disorder? We have a simple test. If you answer yes to more than half of the “symptoms” below, we are happy to tell you that you are an official Norwegian Cruise Line cruise addict! Continue reading to see if you are in need of some Norwegian Cruise Line therapy.

12 Signs You Are Addicted to Norwegian Cruise Line

You Know The Exact Number of Days Until Your Next NCL Cruise

Your coworkers might joke about your “next cruise”. Or perhaps, your family sarcastically asks “Where are you going this time?”. But, you take it all very seriously. Your upcoming cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line is what keeps you going while you are stuck on land. That is why you know exactly how many days, hours, and minutes you have left until you embark on your next cruise. You are not afraid to let people know it either; hence, you share your cruise countdown from Shipmate for all the world to see.

You Know All the Latitudes Rewards Loyalty Benefits By Heart

You are happy to help fellow cruisers understand the rewards program; therefore, you inform them that they do not get two free dining vouchers until they are Platinum Latitudes Rewards members. While it may seem like years away, you are slowly chipping away at that dream of becoming Ambassador. Consequently, you plan your cruises to earn the most points possible to advance to that next level. If you know all the reward tiers and benefits, you are just a bit fixated on your NCL cruising obsession.

Addicted to Norwegian Cruise LineAddicted to Norwegian Cruise Line (Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line)

You Know the Deck Plans and Names of Every Ship

Sure, anyone can remember the names of the current 16 NCL ships, which now include Norwegian Joy and Bliss, but you take it a step further. Along with the names, you have each ship’s layout ingrained in your brain, including the unique venues on Norwegian Getaway, Breakaway, and Escape. You can remember when Norwegian Gem didn’t have an O’Sheehan’s Pub. You have the newest updates to Norwegian Jade memorized. Most of all, this dedication to factual accuracy is honorable…though a bit of a compulsion.

You Expect All Your Meals and Drinks to Be Included Wherever You Go

While at sea, you don’t have to worry about the bill because you already have the UBP and a SDP. As a result, you order that extra appetizer and that second round of drinks. It is all taken care of already. You can just relax and savor the dining experience. However, restaurants back on land have these things called prices. So then, you start asking yourself, “Do I really want to splurge on that steak?”. Maybe I don’t really need an appetizer and dessert tonight. Oh, life is so much easier when on an NCL ship.

Addicted to Norwegian Cruise LineAddicted to Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian iConcierge App is on the Homepage of Your Smartphone

Smartphone real estate is at a premium. All of our smartphones are inundated with dozens of apps. Most of them you probably don’t even use anymore but just never delete them. Not your Norwegian iConcierge app though. There is a special spot for this important app on the main page of your phone. It is your cruise reservation system in the palm of your hand. You need it to be accessible for your next trip so you can make reservations, check out what’s happening on the ship, and even review your onboard account.

You Look for the Fish to Point You in the Right Direction When Lost

On many of late nights, these friendly fish have guided you home. They are also there to settle the argument when you and the spouse are debating the location of your cabin. Those fish on the carpet of the stateroom hallways are a constant reminder of which way is forward on the ship, as they are always swimming toward the front of the vessel. Relying on their guidance at sea, it is second nature to look down at the ground when you are lost hoping these sea creatures are there to assist you.

Addicted to Norwegian Cruise LineAddicted to Norwegian Cruise Line

You Constantly Refer to Floors in a Building as “Decks”

You try to use the correct terminology, but sometimes the subconscious just takes over. Whether you are navigating an office building or a hotel, your gut reaction is to refer to each level as decks. Do you ever get the blank stares when you are in an elevator and ask “What deck are you going to?”? Somehow, it just slips out, even though you have been corrected many times already. I guess it’s just second nature to think you are on an NCL cruise ship…or wishful thinking.

You Have Multiple Norwegian Cruise Line Cruises Already Booked

It used to be that when you were on your current cruise, you took advantage of the onboard promotions to book your next trip. That way, you would have something to look forward to after coming home. One trip slowly turned into two trips. Then somewhere along the way, you took advantage of a great travel agent deal and booked another cruise. Now, when you log into your online account, you have a handful (or more) of cruises scheduled out for the next couple of years. How did it spiral out of control so quickly?

You Try to Use Your Room Key to Pay or to Access Your Bedroom

At first, it is a silly mistake when you grab for that piece of plastic in your wallet. Of course, it has to be your credit card, but when the sales associate or waiter gives you a second look, you apologize. It’s just so automatic to whip out your NCL card. Or, when the door to your bedroom is shut, there is that quick second where you reach for the lanyard you aren’t wearing to gain access. If you have tried to use your room key card for any transaction on land, then I think we need to have an intervention for your addiction.

You Expect a Nightly Freestyle Daily and Towel Animal on Your Bed

Wondering what’s in store for tomorrow? Are you perplexed when those towels you left in a pile on your bathroom floor are not picked up and replaced by a friendly elephant or penguin sitting on top of your bed? When there is the expectation that you will have a freshly made bed with a Freestyle Daily and towel animal ready to greet you as you retire for the evening, it is time to admit that perhaps you do cruise just a tad more than you let on to your “land-based” friends. Yes my friend, you might be addicted to NCL.

Norwegian Getaway Western Caribbean Cruise ReviewAddicted to Norwegian Cruise Line

You Are in Several Norwegian Cruise Line Facebook Groups

By now, you have probably come to the conclusion that you are indeed addicted to Norwegian Cruise Line. Don’t worry, there is a support community out there for people like you. If you are like other avid cruisers, you are probably a member of some of the larger online communities, like Facebook groups, Cruise Critic forums, or communities. Besides meeting other great people who share the same passion, you can always find that one cruiser who is even worse than you, and he/she is your inspiration.

Pitbull’s Song “Freedom” is Your Favorite Jam

You are always “free to do what [you] want and have a good time”. The sounds of this hit Pitbull song are never far from your smart phone; it may even be your current ringtone. After all, this musician is the godfather of Norwegian Escape. Even when you are not on the high seas, you are humming along to this catchy tune. Norwegian Cruise Line’s Freestyle approach is your life motto. “Feel free, do whatever you want whenever you want with whoever you want…Feel free, get on the ship and cruise the world.”

Addicted to Norwegian Cruise LineAddicted to Norwegian Cruise Line (Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line)

Are we addicted to Norwegian Cruise Line? You bet!  And proud of it. With so many great destinations and a variety of ships, who wouldn’t develop an addiction to this cruise line?


So, do you suffer from a Norwegian Cruise Line addiction? Are there any signs that we are missing? Drop us an anchor below to share your affinity for cruising with NCL.

Addicted to Norwegian Cruise Line

Don Bucolo, or “DB”, loves everything about cruising- the ocean, the food, and the atmosphere. While he may be obsessed with doing extensive amounts of research on ships and all elements of a cruise, Don enjoys sharing his new found knowledge with fellow cruisers. When he is not sailing the high seas, he does whatever his wife tells him to do-it only took 10 years to realize this.
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Are You Addicted to Norwegian Cruise Line?

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