7 Reasons Why Antarctica Should Be On Your Bucket List

A remote location, a fairy tale destination, Antarctica offers such a unique cruise experience. From abundant wildlife to beautiful landscapes and so much more, see Why Antarctica Should Be on Your Bucket List with our

7 Reasons to take an Antarctica Cruise

7 Reasons Why Antarctica Should Be On Your Bucket List

One of the most remote landscapes on earth, Antarctica is a fairytale world of giant icebergs and charismatic wildlife. To define the feeling of visiting such a wilderness is extremely difficult. Antarctica needs to be visited to be fully understood. The wind, dryness, and freezing temperatures of the land lie in stark contrast to the friendly wildlife and beauty of the bays and inlets that surround the peninsula.

For tourists with a spirit for adventure, there can be no better place. Forget pools, cinemas, and nightly dancing, an Antarctica cruise is an expedition to the edge of the world, an expedition you’ll never forget.

Reasons to Take an Antarctica Cruise

To help inspire the non-believers out there, we have listed our top 7 Reasons Why Antarctica Should Be on Your Bucket List.

Unique Wildlife

Likened to the Galapagos for its friendly wildlife, Antarctica is home to a vast array of animals that make each cruise so special. The penguins and seals that call Antarctica home are generally unconcerned by the presence of humans, and penguins can often be seen waddling across the ground right in front of observing tourists. If you have the time, you should also visit South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. On both islands, seals and penguins can be seen literally in the millions!

7 Reasons Why Antarctica Should Be On Your Bucket List

No Tourists

Anyone who has travelled, or taken a cruise, will know the feeling of finally reaching an amazing destination only to find it swarming with other tourists. Sadly, this phenomenon seems to be increasing with each passing year as our global population heads skyward. Antarctica is different though. Strict protocols are in place that allow only a certain number of ships to operate in the waters at any one point, and no ship shall come in remote contact with another. Pristine and quiet are two words that are often caught on the cool breeze.

Beautiful Icebergs

Although rarely seen, icebergs are one of the most stunning natural phenomena on our planet. Your cruise ship will be dwarfed as you sail right past the most enormous icebergs you can imagine. Many give off a lovely blue hue in the water which makes for a gorgeous photo. Also look out for the smaller ones that appear as if a master sculptor has lovingly carved them.

7 Reasons Why Antarctica Should Be On Your Bucket List

The Sunsets and Weather

Yes, Antarctica can get very cold, but this really only adds to the experience. Your cruise ship is temperature regulated while on board, and you’ll generally be given a warm expedition parka to keep you nice and toasty on your shore landings. The snow and blizzards create the surreal atmosphere! Travelling in summer, you’ll be in Antarctica during the continent’s longest days. This means long sunsets that give off fantastic colours ranging from bright red to green. Ideal for the landscape photographers out there!

7 Reasons Why Antarctica Should Be On Your Bucket List

Awesome Zodiac Trips

All Antarctic cruises offer daily zodiac trips once on the peninsula. These fantastic experiences allow you to explore some of the smaller and shallower areas that your larger cruise ship can’t reach. Using the smaller motor boats, you’ll be able to sail past lounging seals, foraging penguins, and smaller icebergs. The zodiacs are also used each day for shore landings.

7 Reasons Why Antarctica Should Be On Your Bucket List

Crossing The Drake Passage

Affectionately known as the ‘Drake Shake’, the Drake Passage is one of the roughest crossings on earth. Many Antarctica cruise goers see the crossing as a ‘rite-of-passage’. However, although rough, the Drake Crossing is actually one of the most memorable moments of the entire trip. After the two day crossing, you’ll be totally psyched to reach the peninsula and make your first journey ashore!  

Optional Activities

Most Antarctica cruise itineraries will offer some optional activities as well. These make the cruise so much more memorable and fun! Operators will often offer kayaking, camping, snowshoeing, polar plunges, and photography workshops. If you choose an adventure itinerary, then you may have the option to ski, scuba dive, and paddleboard! Sea kayaking and camping are both popular options and allow passengers to really experience Antarctica in a new way.



Is a cruise to Antarctica on your Bucket List? It’s on ours! What are your reasons for wanting to visit this magical destination? Drop us an anchor below to share what cruises top your bucket list.

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7 Reasons Why Antarctica Should Be On Your Bucket List

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