Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Cabin Review

How do the staterooms on Scarlet Lady compare to other brands? We share all the details in our Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Cabin Review.

Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace

On our recent Scarlet Lady Mayan Sol cruise, we stayed in a balcony cabin on Deck 10. How did this room compare to similar cabins on other cruise lines? Well, we share all of the details from our latest trip in this Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Cabin Review.

Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Cabin Review

When booking a cruise with Virgin Voyages, you will not be able to choose your exact room location. Much like a hotel, the cruise line auto assigns a room from the selected cabin category at the time of booking.

While Virgin Voyages uses different lingo, the types of cabins are generally the same as other cruise lines. You can choose between an Insider, Sea View, Sea Terrace, and RockStar Quarters (suites). Again, like most cruise lines, there are subcategories mostly based on size and location of the cabin.

Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace

Ninety-three percent of all cabins on Scarlet Lady have an ocean view. While 86% of the cabins have a balcony. These staterooms are designed to optimize space and ocean views. 

Given we were hosted by Virgin Voyages on this sailing, we were assigned to room 10070A. This is considered a standard Sea Terrace located towards the aft of the ship. The A designation means it is located on the portside of the ship, while a Z designation is starboard.

The square footage of a Sea Terrace is 225 square feet, with the XL Sea Terrace being slightly larger at 265 square feet. The Central Sea Terrace is also 225 square feet but is located midship.

All rooms include rainfall showers, mood lighting, a 43+ inch TV, bathroom toiletries, several power and USB outlets, and a safe big enough for your laptop.

Further, most of the Sea Terrace cabins feature a terrace hammock as well as a transformational Seabed. This Seabed can serve as a sofa for lounging during the day and a bed for rest and relaxation at night. Your stateroom attendant will make these changes. Or, you can opt to leave it in the bed configuration like we did.

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Layout of the Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Cabin

The cabins on Virgin Voyages certainly have a unique style, including technological enhancements and trendy décor. While the rooms got a bad rep early on, we kind of liked our Sea Terrace.

Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace

Immediately entering our Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace, the closet was to our right and the bathroom to the left.

Beyond the bathroom, our bed was on the left wall. Our bed faced forward towards the HD television.

On one side of the bed was an arm rest of sorts for the would-be sofa, along with two USB outlets and a power outlet. On the other side of the bed, there was a low table that doubles as the framework for the sofa configuration. There was also a small moveable bedside table.

Immediately following the bed, there was a small sitting area with an arm chair and more outlets. 

Across from the seating area was the desk. It was relatively small, with minimal storage space. Though, you will find plenty more outlets and a tablet that is used to control room features. Here, you will also find the mini-fridge and your water supply.

Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace

Finally, there was the balcony, or the Sea Terrace in Virgin lingo. Surprisingly, it was roomier than we expected. It indeed did have enough room for two upright chairs, a small table, and the hammock. The hammock is a great addition! It was the perfect spot to lounge and admire the scenery.

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Inside Our Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Cabin

At first, we were concerned that the Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace cabins would not offer enough storage. Surprisingly, we did not find that to be the case.

The closet in our cabin provided ample storage for our 5-day cruise. It consisted of a clothes bar with hangers, a shoe rack (or at least that’s what we used it for), and plenty of shelves off to one side. The shelves also housed the safe.

Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace

Now, there wasn’t a closet door, just a curtain, but that didn’t bother us. Also, the light switches and the “do not disturb” light are awkwardly positioned on the wall inside the closet.

We do admit that the bathroom felt even smaller than the traditional cruise cabin bathroom. Further, there was little to no storage space. Thankfully, we always bring an over-the-door shoe organizer to store all our toiletries. On a side note, the sink seemed really shallow too.

Though, the rainshower and bath products get two thumbs up.

Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace

In terms of the Seabed, we chose to leave it in the bed configuration at all times. The transformational component did not impact the level of comfort, to us anyway. With long days and nights aboard Scarlet Lady, we had no issues falling sleep. Leaving the bed in this setup, we were even able to fit our two suitcases under the bed. A definite space saving hack!

Immediately across from the bed was the television. This is where sailors will watch the one-of-a-king Virgin muster drill video. Honestly, that is about the only time we used the TV.

When it came to the desk, storage was lacking. Luckily, we were able to use the low table near the bed to store our laptops and other electronics.

The highlights of the desk were the outlets and tablet. Other than it, it became my getting ready station like it usually does on cruises. It did include 2 small shelves, one with glassware. It was also home to the mini-fridge, as well as water and a small ice bucket.

The tablet was a nice technological enhancement. From the device, you can control the “mood lights”, curtains, and the temperature. It also controls the television and can be used to request room services like fresh towels or water. While probably not necessary, we did enjoy these features.

Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace

Though, perhaps one of the best features of the Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace cabin was the terrace hammock. While not the biggest balcony we have ever had on a cruise, it provided ample space for two chairs and a table as well as the hammock. The hammock quickly became my favorite spot for lounging.

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Recap of the Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Cabin Review

For our 5-day sailing on Scarlet Lady, our Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace cabin provided the ideal accommodations. The cabin offered an adequate amount of space and comfort, along with some bonuses that you don’t normally find in cruise ship cabins.

Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace

As previously mentioned, we enjoyed the 21st century technology, the rainfall shower, and the terrace hammock.

The location of the room was situated in the middle of the public areas on decks 5, 6, and 7 and the outdoor decks 15 and 16. Further, we never had any issues getting an elevator even on disembarkation morning.

If you are looking to sail on Scarlet Lady, we would certainly recommend booking a Sea Terrace cabin. Unless of course, you want to upgrade to a RockStar suite!


Have you sailed in a Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace? What is your preferred cabin category when you cruise? Drop us an anchor below with your stateroom reviews. 

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Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Cabin Review

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