Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

In our signature day-by-day cruise review, we detail everything we did, saw, and ate during our Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Ship Overview

The 110K gross ton ship, Scarlet Lady, debuted in Fall 2021. Even though the ship is brand new, Virgin Voyages has already made some refinements based on customer feedback to enhance the overall onboard experience.

Many avid cruisers will appreciate the small tweaks, adding a bit more “traditional” cruise features. Still, there are plenty of things that make Scarlet Lady unique in the crowded mega ship space.

Among the differentiators is the cruise line’s inclusions. The base fare covers all dining on the ship, basic WiFi, all service charges and gratuities, and all group fitness classes. 

In our opinion, the dining is where Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady shines. The unique dining rooms offer an intimate atmosphere with some of the best food at sea. Among the top choices include The Wake steakhouse, Italian selections at Extra Virgin, and the tapas at Pink Agave. Each of these complimentary venues are more akin to specialty restaurants on other cruise lines.

There are also several unique spaces throughout the ship. Hands down, our favorite area is the Deck 7 Dock and Dock House. This quiet, upscale yacht club vibe is a perfect fit for the brand. It doesn’t hurt that this aft area has some amazing grilled snacks, some of our favorite bar drinks, and great wake views.

The centrally located On the Rocks bar is the main music venue. During the evenings, the lineup rotates between a house band, a solo guitarist, and other featured performers. We really enjoyed the addition of more live music. Yet, perhaps the musicians could be spread around the ship giving sailors some options other than the On the Rocks bar.

The Red Room is also another unique space on Virgin Voyages. This multi-purpose theater transforms to different configurations for each of the shows. Yes, entertainment on Virgin Voyages is different and might not be for everyone. Of the three main shows, we definitely recommend checking out Duel Reality.

Finally, we also appreciated that the cruise line has added more activities than just fitness offerings during the day, like trivia, games, and even karaoke.

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Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review – Day 1

A Pre-Cruise Drive

This trip was our second time sailing on Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady. Our first sailing was about nine months prior. There were a number of things we really liked about this new cruise line. Yet, there were also a few things we thought needed some work. So, we were eager to see if anything had changed since then in response to customer feedback.

Originally, we had plans to complete this sailing earlier in the year. However, with schedule changes, we ended up moving the sailing to coincide with a family cruise on Mariner of the Seas.

Thus, we spent the pre-cruise day driving down to Miami from Port Canaveral and catching up on some work at our hotel. It didn’t hurt that we had a great view of PortMiami from our room at the Intercontinental.

Mariner of the Seas Cruise Review

One thing that separates Virgin Voyages from traditional cruise lines is late disembarkation. Subsequently, this also means later than typical embarkation times. Even though we secured the earliest boarding time, it was still not until 1:30 PM.

A Late Start to the Day

With a hotel check-out time of noon, we arrived to Terminal V before 12:30 PM.

This was our first time sailing out of the new terminal. Hands down, the entire embarkation process was much smoother this time around.

The new terminal is strategically designed with loading areas for embarking and disembarking guests. Further, the inside of the terminal is designed more like the lobby of an upscale resort, complete with charging stations and oversized couches. With this trendy space, we are surprised that they do not let cruisers into the building earlier.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

In fact, we were not even allowed to formally line up until after 1 PM.

Now that the cruise line allows sailors to arrive with a negative COVID test result, the health check-in upon arrival was a breeze. We we issued a red band and proceeded to wait outside for the next 45 minutes or so.

For those with later check-in times, the cruise line does offer a courtesy shuttle to the Bayside Expo. Obviously, they are trying to keep the crowds at the terminal to a minimum.

Once check-in began, we were among the first individuals into the terminal. Our documents were scanned, and we were given our bands (as we did not receive any in the mail) in under 5 minutes time. We were also issued a Boarding Group 1 card. This surprised us, as we kind of expected to just walk on the ship given the time.

The RockStar suites have a separate waiting area with refreshments. Around 1:45 PM, these suite guests were allowed to begin boarding the cruise ship. Shortly after, they began calling boarding groups. With Boarding Group 1, we were among the first onboard Scarlet Lady around 2 PM.

Getting Reacquainted with Scarlet Lady

Like always, we started this embarkation day exploring the ship. First, we made a quick pit stop at our cabin to drop off our carry-on bags. The rest of our luggage would be in our Sea Terrace stateroom when we returned that evening.

The 17 deck Scarlet Lady offers some unique outdoor spaces. So, we spent about 75 minutes strolling the ship. The wife is awful with directions, so some of this seemed “new” to her. Trust me, besides some changes to the shops, all the venues were the same since we lasted visited.

As the venues starting getting busier, this was the perfect time for a pizza break! We had dinner at 6:45 PM tonight but needed something to hold us over.

The Pizza Place on Deck 7 might just be on par with Princess Cruises as the best pizza at sea. Serving individual-sized pies, it’s just the right amount for a meal or a shareable snack.

Of course, we each went with our own personal pizza!

Not Planning Accordingly

Finishing up our snack, we checked out a couple of the indoor venues, like the restaurants and Redemption Spa. We ended up booking a pass to the thermal suite while we were here as well.

Given the late embarkation, the ship also departs later than most cruise lines.

Thus, we returned to our cabin around 5 PM. We needed some photos and videos of these newly spruced up rooms, to unpack, and to prepare for dinner.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

Pre-cruise, we made dinner reservations on the Virgin Voyages app. Each cabin is allowed one reservation per restaurant; though, you are not guaranteed a spot at all six of the restaurants.

Luckily, our sailing was only at about 30% capacity. So, we had no issues booking the restaurants for our preferred nights and times. We started off night one by booking Pink Agave at 6:45 PM. However, we did forget about the late sail away!

The venue was relatively empty when we arrived. In fact, the hostess even gave us a large booth near the window so we could watch the sail out during dinner.

Miami Views at Dinner

Our waiter at Pink Agave, Gourish, was very attentive. The timing of dinner was fast as well, with our four courses taking only about 75 minutes.

The restaurant’s menu offers small, medium, and large plates. Plus, there is dessert. Of course, we made it a point to sample items from each of the sections.

While everything we sampled was good, some of our favorites included the grilled corn, seared shrimp, chorizo and potatoes, and the bread pudding.

On the agenda for tonight was the first “show” in the theater, Untitled DanceShowPartyThing, at 9 PM. This main theater show does “require” a reservation, and you cannot make entertainment reservations pre-cruise.

Again, given the reduced capacity, we had no issues securing reservations at any of the shows.

TIP: Log into the WiFi once in the terminal to begin booking entertainment before you even step foot on the ship.

With the setup of the theater for Untitled DanceShowPartyThing, it is not necessary to arrive too early. So, we stopped off at the On the Rocks bar for a drink and to listen to the house band. 

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

We are happy to report that in response to customer feedback, the cruise line has added additional live music throughout the cruise. Unfortunately though, the house band was rather uninspiring.

Easing into the First Night on Scarlet Lady

After our introduction to this group, we grabbed our drinks and headed to the Red Room around 8:45 PM.

This main theater show is an energetic and interactive take on the typical dance revue show. It features a troupe of dancers and one featured singer at the very end.

Untitled DanceShowPartyThing intelligently intertwines social commentary, audience participation, and mockery for a solid hour performance. I think it is a great show for the brand that does things differently. The wife thinks otherwise.

With the show over around 10 PM, we made our way to Sip for some signature cocktails. This champagne bar was relatively quiet, with just one group of rather rowdy sailors.

As there was no live music or much atmosphere at the bar, we headed back down to the roundabout to checkout the solo musician, Selkii.

Selkii ended up being our favorite entertainer on the entire ship. Her renditions of popular songs were great. She had more of a coffee shop acoustic guitarist vibe, rather than a pub guitarist. Still, she was very talented, and we often found ourselves popping into part of her sets each evening.

With a productive first day on this Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review, we decided to skip the pajama party and head to bed when this set ended around midnight.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review – Day 2

Brunch Onboard Scarlet Lady

Unfortunately, I had to work my full-time job several days during this Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review. Although, this Monday I had off as a federal holiday. So, we were going to take full advantage of being on “vacation” for the day.

This morning, we booked brunch at the upscale restaurant, The Wake. Our 9:30 am reservation allowed us to sleep in a bit.

As part of my typical morning routine, I grabbed a few photos and videos along with our morning lattes from the Grounds Coffee Club.

What would seemingly be the trend all week, the Wake was rather empty when we arrived. Randy, our waiter, was friendly and eager to bring us food; service was also super fast.

The wife’s French toast was decadent and sweet. My eggs benedict was perfectly prepared with crispy pork belly. Even the crullers and continental breakfast pastries were better than anything you would normally get on a cruise.

While the main dining room breakfast is usually better than the buffet, Virgin Voyages takes all its dining, including brunch, to the next level.

Having Scarlet Lady All to Ourselves

We didn’t go far following breakfast. In fact, we headed straight for The Dock, our favorite location on Scarlet Lady. To our surprise, there was no one there! That’s right, this outdoor, aft deck space was completely empty at 10:30 AM. In fact, it stayed relatively quiet for the next 60-90 minutes.

It was a warm and sunny day, so we snagged a beach bed with umbrella. From there, it was a relaxing day with wake views, cocktails, and some light bites later in the afternoon.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

We spent close to four hours in what felt like our own private yacht club at sea.

The shrimp skewers and octopus skewers are the perfect midday snack. Another great feature is the grab and go options, like fruit salad and trail mix.

Not to mention, the sangria and grapevine cocktail are some of our favorite drinks on the ship.

While there were some daytime activities throughout the ship, we were content just enjoying the lowkey outdoor space.  

Around 2:30 PM, we finally decided to head back inside for some air conditioning.

Unlike most cruise lines, Virgin Voyages offers alternative daytime programming. The activities have a heavy focus on fitness and well-being. Still, we noticed that the cruise line did add more traditional events. These included some trivia sessions, group karaoke, and more organized events in the Social Club on Deck 7.

A Second Dose of the Wake

Before heading back to the room, we grabbed some afternoon lattes. The rest of the afternoon we spent catching up on some work before dinner.  

One thing I like about Virgin Voyages is there are no formal nights (though the Princess might disagree). In fact, the entire ship’s dress code is resort casual. Even better, there are no photographers.

Still, I did change up into a more respectable outfit for our dinner at the Wake this evening.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

We arrived right on time for our 6:30 PM reservation. The restaurant was busier than earlier in the day, but still not full. Our waiter, Dragan, promptly came by to introduce himself and take our drink order.

This restaurant’s menu features steak and seafood. Although, most of the seafood selections are an up-charge. Still, included in the cruise fare is one of the best filet mignons at sea. The sides are exceptional too.

If you are a seafood lover like me, I suggest ordering the shrimp and grits as well. The preparation is more like a gumbo. It is full of crisp and flavorful shrimp in a tomato-based sauce.

The non-traditionally prepared wedge salad is a great option for a starter as well. And as you might suspect, the wife ordered the only chicken dish on the menu for her entrée.

The desserts were just okay though. The lemon cheesecake was fruity with a whipped consistency, and the baked Alaska was also non-traditional with a pistachio ice cream.

Dinner was done around 8:30 PM. Next on our agenda was the “new” show in the Red Room, Ships in the Night, at 9 PM. This gave us just enough time to catch the end of the hostess singing the American Songbook at On the Rocks.

Virgin Voyages Entertainment Take 2

With On the Rocks in the middle of the ship, it makes sense that there are a lot of activities occurring here. Though, we feel like other venues are still underutilized, especially the Dock House and Loose Cannon.

After the hostess’ set, we headed to the Red Room for the show. For this performance, the Red Room was setup more like a typical theater.

As for the show, it was the closest thing Virgin Voyages offers to a typical “cruise show”. Ships in the Night featured one lead male singer and the same dance troupe from Untitled DanceShowPartyThing.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

Honestly, we didn’t really know what to make of the show. It was like the cruise line had a good idea but didn’t really know what to do with it.

Following this theater production, we were back to On the Rocks to catch the solo guitarist’s second set. Actually, she would have been a great musician to have in the Dock House to make use of this space in the evenings.

She finished her set around 11 PM. Given we skipped the first night’s party, we made it a point to catch this evening’s Heartbeat Dance Party in the Manor. As expected, it was pretty much just a club experience. Grabbing a drink, we survived for about 30 minutes.

Without anything else on the agenda piquing our interest, we called it an early night.


Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review – Day 3

A Spa Day

Today was the ship’s first port of call in Cozumel, Mexico. While we do like this port, we opted to stay onboard the entire day. I had some meetings and work that had to get done. Plus, we like having the ship to ourselves while everyone else is ashore.

During our embarkation day tour, we booked the Thermal Suite for first thing this morning (7:30 am to 10:30 am). For $39 a person, guests can reserve one of the designated 3-hour time blocks.

This was just the right amount of time for us to use the facilities. For most of the morning, we had the entire place all to ourselves. Alternating between the sauna, salt room, mud room, and stone loungers, it was quite the relaxing morning.

We were out of the spa and back to our cabin just in time for my morning meetings. With a break from required meetings, we decided it was time to get some fresh air and some lunch around 1 PM.

A Cloudy Day in Cozumel

The ship’s buffet, the Galley on Deck 15, is setup more like a food court. Similar to our cruise in 2021, this casual restaurant offers table service. A waiter comes by to take your order, and food runners from the various stations deliver your selections. In our opinion, the food is much better than a traditional cruise ship buffet.

For this taste test, I tried the pork tacos and some sushi, and the wife ordered a panini. The plates are rather small but perfect for lunch. Again, service was quick, as the venue was rather quiet.

The weather today was rather grey and overcast. Still, we walked around the Athletic Club and outdoor decks until my next call at 2:30 PM.

After my meeting, we headed to the balcony. While I worked on my laptop, the Princess was able to hop back in one of her favorite features of Virgin Voyages, the balcony hammocks!

Tonight, we had reservations at the American comfort food restaurant, Razzle Dazzle.

A Third Go at Razzle Dazzle

We arrived at Razzle Dazzle for our 6:30 PM reservation to find only one other couple in the restaurant.

Our waitress Natalie came over right away to take our drink order and review the menu. This vegetarian-friendly restaurant has an odd menu and ranks as one of our least favorite dining venues on the ship.  

We did learn that there was a second “secret” menu item, a chicken curry dish. This is in addition to the “secret steak”.

Of course, you can’t visit this restaurant without trying the old fashioned cocktail, which comes served in a popcorn container.

For starters, we both did the crazy cobb salad. I tried the fried chicken as an entrée, which was just okay. For some reason, cruise ships can’t get this southern staple done quite right. The Princess tried the secret chicken for her entrée, which did enjoy even if it was a tad spicy for her.

For me, the best part of this meal were the sides, including the bacon and tater tots. The tots seemed different than the ones we had last year. They were not as greasy or crispy and more potato-like.

Our third course consisted of the two most popular dessert options, milk and cookies and rainbow churros. Much like the last time, neither of these desserts wowed us; though, the milk and cookies was the better of the two choices.

While the service at Razzle Dazzle was spectacular, the food did not gain any ground in our rankings.  

2 Statements, One Question

Tonight was a busy entertainment lineup. First up was the cirque-style show, Duel Reality. This show offers high energy acrobatics and was our favorite performance during our last cruise. It is a unique and modern circus performance, with impressive athletes and a love story to center the action.

While I hinted to the wife that I wanted to get on the “blue side” this time, yet again, we were part of the “red team”.

This cast of performers was completely different than the group we saw back in October. I think the tumblers at the end were more impressive this time around.

Overall, the show still ranks as one of our favorites. So, we highly recommend checking out this show during your cruise.

Exiting the Red Room, we entered the queue outside the Manor for our next show, Never Sleep Alone. This (very) adult cabaret show is not for the bashful. While the Princess is not a fan of this show, she decided to give it another go.

Of course, we sat in the balcony, away from any potential invitations to join the production.

While it was essentially the same as last time, the show did feel a tad tamer. Still, it is a sex-themed show that includes a good amount of audience participation.

The entire production, with the lead up from Dr. A’s assistants, was close to 90 minutes. So, we were out just in time to catch the last few songs from the solo guitarist.

Without much else happening afterwards, we returned to the Manor for the “after party” and one more drink. Around 12:30 AM, we decided to call it a night.

With another sea day (and work day) ahead of us on this Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review, we needed some sleep.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review – Day 4

Working at Sea

Like the day before, I had several meetings and work obligations. Thankfully, the internet on Virgin Voyages is some of the fastest at sea. Before work, I grabbed our usual coffees and some continental breakfast items.

With a break in meetings, we headed to the Dock around 11 am to trade in our stateroom views for some wake views and mild weather. Here, we secured a day bed with an umbrella for the next couple hours.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

Wanting to try a few different options for lunch today, I headed to the Social Club for a pretzel and chicken wings. While the snacks at the Social Club were okay, I would say it was my least favorite daytime food.

With another meeting at 2 PM, we were back in the room in time for me to do the calls. Luckily, I was able to get everything done within the next two hours. Being able to put the laptop away, we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the hammock and our balcony.

Tonight was Scarlet Night. With a variety of activities, shows, and a pool party, we knew it would be a busy evening.

The Calm Before the Storm

Tonight, we had dinner reservations at Extra Virgin. Of all the restaurants on the cruise ship, this one features the most “traditional” menu with many classic Italian American dishes.

Surprisingly, this restaurant seemed busier. Still, it took only a few minutes for our waiter, Pande, to stop by the table. Like other servers, he was friendly and accommodating.

Given it was day four of the cruise already, neither of us were even hungry. Yet, we had to test out the menu in the name of cruise dining research!

For starters, we ordered the meat and cheese board and calamari. Both were excellent. The portions were smaller than we remembered, but that was fine with us.

For entrees, we both went with pasta dishes. I tried the pappardelle with Bolognese sauce. It was rich and satisfying with thick, al dente pasta. The Princess did the spaghetti carbonara. This entrée was not as heavy as she remembered it being the last time which was a good thing.

When affogato is on the menu, you have to order it. So, that is what the wife did for her dessert. This dessert can be customized with the choice of ice cream and toppings. I did the same sweet treat as last time, the bomboloni. These fried doughnuts came with a light ricotta topping and a raspberry sauce.

We were out of dinner a little after 8 PM, but the evening’s festivities did not begin until 9 PM. Literally, there was nothing to do in the meantime. Thus, we grabbed some drinks and center seats in the roundabout.

The Best Show of the Cruise

As 9 PM approached, the Happenings Cast began to flood the roundabout. Soon, the fun began. It launched with a dance number featuring the performers in the center of the ship. During this performance, the Happenings Cast “selected” people to engage in more activities throughout the ship.

This faux exclusivity is a turn off for me.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

Instead, we headed to the Manor for one of the best shows of the trip. It was hosted by the Diva, the cruise ship’s resident drag queen. This two-part, one “woman” show was entertaining.

Dive Into Scarlet Night

Staying for both parts of the show took us until after 10:45 PM. Exiting the Manor, we made our way up to Deck 16 just in time for the Scarlet Night Pool Party. We caught the last two performances by the dance troupe.

Then, it was time for the rest of the sailors to join in the revelry by dancing in the pool while a giant inflatable octopus watched from the midship. 

We stayed for about an hour, grabbing a cocktail in the meantime. As the party began to unwind, we decided to head back inside. Not ready for bed just yet, we stepped into the casino. There, Heidi decided to quickly lose the little money I had on me at the slot machines.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

So, we moseyed over to the On the Rocks bar for Cocktails with the Unicorn.

Honestly, we had no idea what this entailed. Essentially, it was just a musical performance with the house band and the “Unicorn” from the Happenings Cast as the lead singer.

With great vocals and the house band playing more traditional arrangements of popular songs from Radio Head, Cyndi Lauper, Alanis Morrisette, and more, this show was an entertaining way to end the evening.  

The Scarlet Night party was continuing with a night club in the Manor. By now, we had our fill of the themed evening, so we called it a night around 1 AM.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review – Day 5

Making it a Pool Day

The final day of this Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review was a stop at the cruise line’s private resort in the Bahamas. The Beach Club at Bimini is a small beach resort exclusive for Virgin Voyages’ sailors. Well, at least it is reserved for them when the ship is docked in port.

Normally, we would try to be among the first off the ship; however, I had a few morning meetings.

Before hopping on my calls, we were able to get breakfast at the Galley. My chorizo burrito was full of egg, chorizo, and rice. The wife’s custom-made omelet and hash browns were equally satisfying.

The Beach Club at Bimini is a short tram ride away from the ship. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long for a tram to take us over to this secluded spot of Resorts World Bimini.

Even though we didn’t arrive until around 11 AM, we still had our pick of loungers near the pool or the beach. Like our previous visit, we grabbed some chairs at the South pool near the swim-up bar.

Enjoying the Final Day of the Cruise

With some loungers and an umbrella secured, this was our time to soak up the sun. I did have some emails and things I needed to check throughout the day, but for the most part, we were able to relax.

Along with some lunch around 2 PM, we enjoyed a few poolside drinks. While the food is well-prepared, the menu is not your typical beach barbecue. It consists of plates like chicken curry, rice and beans, and pork. The menu could certainly use some snacks and other small bites

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

The Happening’s Cast did have a few activities planned on the island in the afternoon, but we decided to call it a day around 3:30PM.

So, we packed up our things and headed back to the ship. As luck would have it, there was a tram pulling up just as we arrived at the Beach Club entrance.

Even though it was a rather lazy day, it was really the perfect end to our second 5-day cruise.

Back Onboard Scarlet Lady

Back on the ship, we grabbed some iced lattes for the caffeine needed to make it through one more long night on Scarlet Lady.

After we cooled off for a few, we began the dreaded task of packing. Even though our plan was to do self-assist disembarkation the following morning, we didn’t want to leave it all until the last minute.

Tonight, we had originally booked dinner at the Korean BBQ, Gunbae. At this point, neither of us was feeling this large, communal meal though.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

So, we decided that we would try to go standby at Pink Agave. The small tapas menu felt like the perfect option given that we were quite full from close to two weeks of travel.

Luckily, when we arrived at the restaurant around 6:15 PM, the host was able to seat us without any problems.

We appreciate that the cruise line limits cruisers to one reservation at each restaurant to give everyone a chance to dine. However, later on in the cruise, available spots should be opened up for reservations allowing sailors to get back to their favorite restaurants.

Dinner was fabulous again tonight. This time around, we ordered many of the same items but decided to try the vegetarian stuffed pepper as an entrée. It was basically a pepper stuffed with mashed potatoes and corn, which the wife loved.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

As always, dinner was well paced, taking about 75 minutes or so. Now, we had the whole night ahead of us!

You’re Not Going to Make It

We headed to On the Rocks for the Hostess Carmen’s set. After a while, it became apparent that it was the same lineup of songs she sang earlier in the week. Since we only caught the end of that set, we stayed for the entire production this time.

Finishing up her set, we had just under two hours before the first set by the solo guitarist, Selkii.

Though, we were already starting to feel the fatigue. So, we opted to hop to a few different bars. The Princess grabbed her favorite drink at the Dock House, and I decided to pop into the Loose Cannon. In fact, this was the only time we settled into the venue the entire cruise.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

Even with this mini bar crawl, there was still an hour or so before anything interesting was happening. Besides Bingo and hallway karaoke, the ship felt eerily quiet.

Alas, we just decided to call it a night around 10 PM as we were both exhausted. Unfortunately, our Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review had come to an end.

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Virgin Voyages Rivera Maya Cruise Review – Disembarkation


On the day prior to disembarkation, sailors must select a disembarkation time slot in the app. Although, it is unclear how the cruise line can enforce this, especially if you carry your bags off the ship.

By the time we selected our slot, the latest left was 10 AM. Still, as the wife is an early bird, I knew we wouldn’t be on the ship that long.

Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review

The alarm was set for 7 am. As Heidi got ready, I grabbed our typical coffees. Switching places, we were ahead of schedule. Of course, we still had some last-minute packing to finish up.

With plenty of time to spare, we ascended a deck to get something to eat before leaving the ship. Like our other visits to the Galley, the food was freshly made and much better than a typical buffet. We both enjoyed our selections, the French toast and French toast burger.

And with one final check of the stateroom, we were out the door around 9:35 AM. Exiting at the roundabout, there were virtually no other sailors in front of us.

The only time we encountered a small line was at Security. Still, it was smooth sailing the whole way to curbside for our Uber ride.

On Our Way Home

Before we knew it, we were at the airport over 4 hours before our flight. Thankfully, we were able to check our bags and go through security.

It took a little maneuvering, but we were able to find seats with power outlets near our gate. So, we spent the rest of the day catching up on email and work before our mid-afternoon flight back up to the Northeast.

Thankfully, we did not experience any delays or issues with the flight.

Now, we would be home for the next four weeks until setting out on the brand new Disney Wish. In the meantime, we had some yard work and house cleaning to do!


Did you enjoy our Virgin Voyages Riviera Maya Cruise Review? Have you sailed on Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady yet? Drop us an anchor below to share your cruise reviews.

Don Bucolo, or “DB”, loves everything about cruising- the ocean, the food, and the atmosphere. While he may be obsessed with doing extensive amounts of research on ships and all elements of a cruise, Don enjoys sharing his new found knowledge with fellow cruisers. When he is not sailing the high seas, he does whatever his wife tells him to do-it only took 10 years to realize this.
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  1. We were onboard Valiant Lady in March and much of the entertainment is similar, although no pool party as March in the UK isn’t the weather for it so our Scarlet night finale was in the Red Room.

    However my highlight of the whole trip was the Heartbeat dance party. Yes its a late start as the party begins after midnight. But it featured a giant parachute in the middle of the dancefloor, a dance-off between the dancers and the happenings crew, giant silks draped from the balcony and then being strung over the dancerfloor to the stage and a great moment with the Unicorn singing live in the middle of the dancefloor with all the dancers around her.

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