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Enchantment of the Seas Menu 2015

This Enchantment of the Seas Menu 2015 is from our 3 Day Bahamas sailing in February 2015. If you are not familiar with Royal Caribbean menus, there is a standard 7 day menu that is usually served in the main dining room. Each night’s menu has a theme-a signature spice or ingredient that is featured in many of the dishes.  Over the three days, we had the MOJO, SAFFRON, and PIMENTO menus, in that order.

Below you can download those three day menus to see what was offered during our trip. Note, Royal Caribbean may alter these menus at anytime, and if you do a sailing of a different length, it is possible that the sequence of your Enchantment of the Seas Menu 2015 may differ from the one below.

Download the Enchantment of the Seas Menu 2015

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