Celebrity Eclipse Balcony Stateroom Review

Deciding which stateroom category to pick for your next cruise can be quite a challenge. With the different options, promotions, and individual preferences, it will take a bit of reviewing to find the right cabin.

Celebrity Eclipse Balcony Cabin Review

Deciding which stateroom category to pick for your next cruise can be quite a challenge. With the different options, promotions, and individual preferences, it will take a bit of reviewing to find the right cabin. Once you pick the type of stateroom, there are even more choices, like the deck and location on the ship. For our last cruise on Celebrity Eclipse, we booked a mid-ship veranda stateroom on Deck 8. To help you plan your cruise on this ship, we put together this Celebrity Eclipse Balcony Stateroom Review.

Celebrity Eclipse Balcony Stateroom Review

When reviewing cabin choices, we opted for Category 1B, which is labeled as a Deluxe Ocean View Veranda Stateroom. This is a fancy way of saying the cabin had a balcony.

Booking 14 months in advance, we secured a Cabin on Deck 8, #8245, which was only a few cabins forward of the mid-ship elevators. This ended up being the perfect location. It was easy to get down to the main entertainment decks and not too far away from the pool decks which were only a few flights of stairs above us.

Celebrity Eclipse Balcony Room Review

Entering the room for the first time, we were pleasantly surprised with the size of the main bedroom and seating area. According to the Celebrity Cruises website, the room was 248 square feet. We will have to take the cruise line’s word as we did not measure the dimensions. While it had a similar layout to most cruise cabins, this balcony stateroom felt more roomy than other cruise lines.

While the room size was adequate, and the layout easy to manage, the room did feel a bit dated when compared to some of the newer ships out there, offering no USB outlets or other modern amenities.

There was a pretty standard desk area which the Princess used to get ready and also an average sized closet. For a 10-night cruise, it did take some maneuvering to get everything stowed away between the closet, the few drawers located near the desk, and the over-head storage above the bed. With some creative unpacking, we were able to make it all work. The cabin had plenty of wall space, which we used to hang bags and hats thanks to the heavy-duty magnets that have become some of our packing essentials.

There was also a generous seating area that quickly became a spot for more storage. One thing that the room lacked were power outlets as there were only two located near the desk.

While the weather did not agree with us much on the sea days, the balcony allowed us to enjoy the views. Whether it was the Scottish countryside or the impressive fjords of Iceland, our balcony afforded some great pictures during sail in and sail out of port. This balcony was definitely more roomy than some of the new ships from other cruise lines.

Balcony on Celebrity Eclipse

As for the bathroom and shower, they were your pretty typical cruise ship versions. Upon entering the room, the bathroom was off to the left and included a shower and small vanity with limited storage. Thankfully, we always bring an over the door shoe organizer to store all our toiletries.

Celebrity Eclipse Balcony Cabin Review Recap

For our 10-night cruise, the Veranda stateroom was a comfortable option. Its decor was rather bland and basic, but it did offer more breathing room than modern ships, which we greatly appreciated. The location was ideal, and we never heard any noise from the elevator lobby.

Taking advantage of the Celebrity Cruises Go Best promotion, the veranda room entitled us to a Premium Beverage package, unlimited WiFi, free gratuities, and $300 of onboard credit which made the complete package a great deal for this one-of-a-kind cruise.


Have you sailed on Celebrity Eclipse? What type of stateroom do you normally book on a cruise? Drop us an anchor below to share your top cabin picks on Celebrity Cruises.

Celebrity Eclipse Balcony Cabin Review

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