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Wonderland on Harmony of the Seas brings together experimental cuisine, decor, and fantasy. It truly delivers one of the most whimsical and unique dinner experiences of any cruise ship.   Wonderland on Harmony of the Seas amps it up for an even bigger and better, two-story dining experience than the Quantum-class. Venture down the rabbit hole with our latest restaurant review from the world’s largest cruise ship.

Wonderland on Harmony of the Seas Review

We first experienced Wonderland during the inaugural season on Quantum of the Seas back in 2015. Since then the Princess and I were eager to return to this unique specialty restaurant. One of the first things we did after securing our reservation on this new mega-ship was book a dinner reservation at this extraordinary venue. Months before our cruise we secured prime formal night dinner reservations.

Wonderland on Harmony of the Seas ReviewWonderland on Harmony of the Seas Review

The entrance of Wonderland is located on Deck 12, mid-ship. Overlooking the Boardwalk, the facade of the restaurant is one large picture window. The window offers clear views of the bright lights from this outdoor area. The main restaurant is located on Deck 11, with a small bar located on the upper level upon entrance. We would return to the bar later in the cruise to test out the restaurant’s signature drinks. Thus, we were able to sample all five of these exclusive libations. Of note, you can enjoy drinks at the bar without a reservation at the restaurant.

Wonderland Harmony of the Seas ReviewWonderland Harmony of the Seas Review

There was a small crowd gathered at the bar when we arrived a few minutes late for our reservation. However, we were quickly escorted down the stairs to a small table for two toward the back of the restaurant. Not the best view, but the experience was more about the food anyway.

Wonderland Harmony of the Seas ReviewWonderland Harmony of the Seas Review

Within a few moments of being seated, our culinary guide, Victor, arrived to introduce himself and deliver our menus and brushes. Yes, here at Wonderland, the menu comes alive as you “paint” a blank canvas to reveal the menu selections.

Wonderland Harmony of the Seas ReviewWonderland Harmony of the Seas Review

The menu is arranged around different worldly elements: Sun, Ice, Fire, Sea, and Earth. Essentially, it is a tasting menu, with small plates and appetizers in most of the categories and three entree-sized items in the Earth category. Of course, you can certainly give input as to what you would like to sample, but it is best to let your waiter or waitress begin experimenting. After answering some general questions in the beginning, your waiter will begin delivering perfectly paired selections for you to sample.

Before we could dive in to this imaginative feast, we needed some drinks. This drink menu has five signature cocktails that are all covered in the beverage package. I went with the Stowaway and the Princess tried the Helios in the Sand. Now, the stage was set, and our journey could begin.

Wonderland Harmony of the Seas ReviewWonderland Harmony of the Seas Review

Our guide started off by bringing us an order of the signature Buffalo Chicken Eggs. This is one of the must have dishes. Even though I am not a big egg fan, the smoky flavor and smooth filling makes this an easy choice for your first round at this restaurant.

Wonderland Harmony of the Seas ReviewWonderland Harmony of the Seas Review

Next up was the first split of the evening. Knowing that the Princess had rather restrictive dining preferences, he brought her the Wonton Soup, a newer addition to the menu. Little did she know the wontons were filled with foie gras. Still, she enjoyed the soup, and of course, I later had to ask for one myself!

Wonderland Harmony of the Seas ReviewWonderland Harmony of the Seas Review

While she was expanding her horizon, I was enjoying two of my own small bites. First was the Liquid Lobster, a succulent piece of lobster tail topped with caviar. Next was also a new offering, the Shrimp Kataifi, a fried shrimp with a crispy shredded breading that gave this traditional offering a unique texture and added crunch.

Wonderland Harmony of the Seas ReviewWonderland Harmony of the Seas Review

By now, you can tell that this restaurant is just a non-stop sampling party. Next up were two more small bites, the Tomato Water for the Princess and the Crispy Crab Cone for me. While the crab was just as I remembered it, with a hint of spicy from the avocado, the Tomato Water was a unique option. Sometimes, the extra work and preparation that goes into creating these items is lost on us.

DSC00800 (Copy)Wonderland Harmony of the Seas Review

Rounding out our selections, the waiter brought us the only vegetables of the evening. This Reconstructed Caprese included a tomato with all of the water removed and liquid olive, which we had on Quantum of the Seas, paired with cheese.

Wonderland Harmony of the Seas ReviewWonderland Harmony of the Seas Review

I let the Princess work on the Caprese, while I enjoyed my last mini-plate of the evening, the Oceanic Citrus. This tuna dish was served in a lime and had a fresh but light citrus flavor that was the perfect palate cleanser for our main courses.

Wonderland Harmony of the Seas ReviewWonderland Harmony of the Seas Review

With our entrees set to arrive any minute, we took it upon ourselves to order a second round of drinks. I opted for the Wondering Ice for my next cocktail and the Princess tested the Rolling Stone, an adventurous departure from her drink repertoire. While I found my drink to be on par with my first cocktail, the same can not be said about the Princess’ choice.

Wonderland Harmony of the Seas ReviewWonderland on Harmony of the Seas Review

It should come as no surprise that the Princess ordered the Slow Roasted Chicken for her entree. This might be one of the only items that is cooked and presented similar to a restaurant back on land. Still, there were no complaints from the Princess as she cut into this generously-sized meal accompanied with mashed potatoes.

Wonderland Harmony of the Seas ReviewWonderland Harmony of the Seas Review

For me, it was an easy choice to try the Terroir Beef. Tender and accompanied with a light sauce, there was no need for a knife with this dish. Melt in your mouth flavorful, this is one of the best beef dishes I have ever had on a cruise, and certainly tops all of the meals during our seven nights on Harmony of the Seas.

Wonderland Harmony of the Seas ReviewWonderland Harmony of the Seas Review

So, what do you do when a restaurant has three dessert choices and the two of you have already sampled more than half of the menu? Well, you order all three of them of course.

Wonderland on Harmony of the Seas Review

Not to let the magic of Wonderland allude desserts, the signature dessert, The World, disintegrates right before your eyes, as warm caramel is drizzled over a peanut butter ganache that melts to reveal ice cream and more chocolate. It was by far the best dessert. The Dream Sundae had a wonderfully light marshmallow topping, with sorbet and gelatto layered underneath. Finally, the Forbidden Apple had a frozen apple-like texture but was rather bland. It probably didn’t help that it was the last dessert we tried so our tastebuds were already in overdrive.

Final Thoughts

Our second trip to Wonderland was as equally as delicious, entertaining, and memorable as the first time we dined at the restaurant a few years ago. The new menu items are a nice addition, and the more tailored plate sizes allow you to sample just the right amount of these flavorful dishes. Of course, if you want more, your culinary guide will be happy to bring a second helping or additional selections from one of the elements. The signature cocktail menu is worth a stop at the second floor bar even if you do not feel like a full two hour culinary journey at the restaurant. While it is a bit pricey, we feel it is worthy of the investment as this is truly a dining experience that will make your next cruise on Harmony of the Seas memorable.

Wonderland Menus

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Have you dined at Wonderland on Harmony of the Seas? Would you be willing to give this unique restaurant a try? Drop us an anchor below to share your most memorable and daring cruise ship dinner experiences.

Wonderland on Harmony of the Seas

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