Teppanyaki on Odyssey of the Seas Review

Find out if Teppanyaki on Odyssey of the Seas is worth the up-charge with our exclusive review of this Royal Caribbean specialty restaurant.

Teppanyaki Odyssey of the Seas

Odyssey of the Seas is Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship. This Quantum Ultra Class ship features a variety of dining options. One of the newer offerings is the Japanese-style steakhouse, Teppanyaki. Is this dinner and a show worth the up-charge? Find out as we share all the delicious details with our Teppanyaki on Odyssey of the Seas restaurant review.

Teppanyaki on Odyssey of the Seas Review

One reason we love to cruise is the dining. So, on our Odyssey of the Seas cruise, we were very excited to try out two of the line’s newer specialty restaurants.

Like most of our cruises, we pre-booked all our dining reservations before our trip. Given we were on the vessel for 5 nights, we opted to dine at Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen on night 2 and at Teppanyaki on Odyssey of the Seas on night 4 to break up our dinners in the main dining room.

Royal Caribbean's Odyssey of the Seas Cruise Review


Inside the Restaurant

Teppanyaki is located on deck 14, next to the Windjammer on the portside of the ship.

For a ship of this size, the venue offers just the right amount of space. Unlike some other cruise ships in the fleet, Teppanyaki is separate from Izumi, the sushi restaurant which is located on Deck 5.

Teppanyaki’s décor is very minimalistic, with a bamboo wood backdrop offset by dark red accents and some tastefully appointed art.

The large hibachi stove tops and the cooking demonstration are the real draws of this restaurant.

Inside Teppanyaki on Odyssey of the Seas

With a 6:30 pm reservation, we checked in and were escorted to the very last table in the restaurant. Within a few minutes, the 12-top table filled in for a total of 9 of us.

This ended up working to our benefit, as there was plenty of extra food to sample during the meal.

Dining at Teppanyaki on Odyssey of the Seas

Once everyone was settled in, our waitress came by to take our drink order. With a small specialty cocktail list, I went with the Spicy Okinawa, which had just the right mixture of heat and sweet for me. Heidi opted for the She’s a Geisha, which is a sweeter drink choice.

I may have also sampled some sake during the meal.

Like hibachi restaurants on land, there is a set menu. The meal includes a starter, the entrée with fried rice and vegetables, and a dessert.

There is also a small menu of a la carte appetizers, mostly sushi. If you are looking for sushi to be the highlight of your meal, you will want to dine at Izumi during your cruise.

During our dinner, the waitress offered the option of either miso soup or mix salad. Typically, you get both of these as a starter, but I was not overly concerned. I was saving room for the main course anyway.

Our drinks and appetizers arrived promptly, and the table began talking amongst ourselves in preparation for the main event.

Digging into Dinner

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably guessed that Heidi opted for the chicken as her entrée. I decided to go with the steak and shrimp combo. Even though I am a fan of lobster, I am an even bigger fan of grilled shrimp.

About half way through the first course, our hibachi chef arrived at the table. From here, it was a dining feast and culinary show.

While the food is great, the best part of dining at Teppanyaki on Odyssey of the Seas might be the entertaining preparation.

Our chef did not disappoint. With his skillful knife work, comedic songs, and artful cooking, the meal was just as much fun as it was tasty.

With the fried rice and vegetables seared to perfection, next came the meat. Now, even though everyone ordered their own dishes, there were plenty of extras to go around.

So, I had more than my fill of not only the NY steak and shrimp, but also the lobster and beef tenderloin.

All of the selections were fabulous. The shrimp had just the right amount of garlic and crisp. The lobster, prepared in butter, was savory. Finally, the steak was a tender medium rare that melted in my mouth.

Of course, there is also dessert. With the option of either sesame balls or mochi ice cream, we both opted for the latter.

Teppanyaki on Odyssey of the Seas

While I had more than enough to eat already, a few bites of this sweet treat was the perfect ending to this fabulous meal.


Recap of Our Teppanyaki on Odyssey of the Seas Restaurant Review

For us, Teppanyaki was the perfect alternative to the typical main dining room. The restaurant offered a casual, entertaining, and authentic hibachi experience that was well worth the cost.  

This visit on Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas delivered a delicious meal that was well prepared and full of flavor. By the looks of everyone’s plate, I would have to say there was not a dissatisfied diner in our group.  

Teppanyaki on Odyssey of the Seas is an up-charge of $49 per person when reserving pre-cruise.

Although, once onboard, there are two different prices. The Classic option includes only one protein, like chicken or shrimp, for $39. The Premier Combo includes 2 choices, like lobster and scallops or NY steak and chicken, for $49.

In addition, Teppanyaki is included in the Royal Caribbean Unlimited Dining Package with an additional $10 surcharge.

Do expect dinner at Teppanyaki to take up to two hours and to leave quite stuffed.

Following this dining experience, we look forward to eating at Teppanyaki again on another Royal Caribbean cruise in the near future.


Do you agree with our Teppanyaki Odyssey of the Seas restaurant review? Have you dined at this cruise specialty restaurant? Drop us an anchor below with your latest Royal Caribbean dining reviews.

Don Bucolo, or “DB”, loves everything about cruising- the ocean, the food, and the atmosphere. While he may be obsessed with doing extensive amounts of research on ships and all elements of a cruise, Don enjoys sharing his new found knowledge with fellow cruisers. When he is not sailing the high seas, he does whatever his wife tells him to do-it only took 10 years to realize this.
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  1. I booked this for 8 of us on an upcoming cruise. I am a bit confused; we paid the pre-cruise price of $45.99 per person. Does this mean once we get to the restaurant it’s an additional $39 or $49 per person or is the food included in the price already paid pre-cruise? Thank you for your great review and insight, we are excited.

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