Norwegian Encore Restaurant Menus and Dining Guide

We are back from the inaugural cruise on NCL’s newest ship and have all the restaurant details in our Norwegian Encore Restaurant Menus and Dining Guide.

We are back from the inaugural sailing on Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship, Norwegian Encore, and have all of the most up to date information for every restaurant on the ship. Feel free to share this Norwegian Encore Restaurant Menus and Dining Guide on social media. We just ask that you credit Eat Sleep Cruise as the source when posting elsewhere.

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Norwegian Encore Restaurant Menus and Dining Guide – Specialty Restaurants

Q Texas Smokehouse (Deck 6)

What goes better with some southern style brisket or baby-back ribs? How about some live country music. At Q Texas Smokehouse, you can enjoy some southern comfort food, then join the hoedown afterwards with some country tunes and dancing.

This specialty restaurant is part of the Specialty Dining Package. Those not using the package will have to pay a la carte prices. With savory selections like smoked beef brisket, pork spareribs, mac and cheese, and banana pudding, the costs are certainly worth it though.

Drink Menu | Dinner Menu | Dessert Menu

Teppanyaki (Deck 6)

This Japanese-style hibachi steakhouse is a specialty restaurant that offers a multi-course menu with a flat fee price of $39 (+20% service charge). This is a staple Norwegian Cruise Line restaurant.

Entree selections range from chicken, steak, and shrimp. In addition, all meals include soup, salad, fried rice, grilled vegetables, and dessert. Whenever we have dined at Teppanyaki, the food is as good as the culinary show!

Dinner and Dessert Menu

Cagney’s Steakhouse (Deck 8)

Norwegian Cruise Line’s signature steakhouse is a carnivore’s go-to specialty restaurant. On Norwegian Encore, Cagney’s offers both al fresco seating on the Waterfront and indoor accommodations. Similarly, the restaurant is part of the Specialty Dining plan. Of course, you can choose to pay a la carte as well.

Menu items like the perfectly seared filet, veal chop, or jumbo shrimp cocktail are paired with a wide selection of sides and desserts. We have never left this venue hungry, and we doubt you will either.

Dinner Menu | Dessert Menu

Norwegian Encore Restaurant Menus and Dining Guide

Los Lobos (Deck 8)

The menu at Norwegian Cruise Line’s upscale Mexican restaurant, Los Lobos, highlights classic Mexican dishes with a modern twist. For instance, the venue offers guacamole prepared table-side, Grilled Mahi-Mahi Tacos, and Mesquite Smoked Chicken Quesadillas.

The specialty dining plan is accepted at the restaurant, or you can pay a la carte. Couple the exquisite menu with handcrafted margaritas, and you have one festive night out.

Dinner Menu | Dessert Menu

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Ocean Blue (Deck 8)

Fresh seafood and ocean views come together for one epic evening at Ocean Blue. There is a wide selection of appetizers and entrees on the menu. Among some of our favorites are the sauteed calamari and clam chowder, as well as the surf and turf and fisherman’s platter.

Dine with or without the Specialty Dining Package at this elegant and nautically decorated venue. However, if you choose to use the dining plan, there is an additional dining package supplement for some items on the menu.

Drink Menu | Dinner Menu  | Dessert 

Norwegian Encore Restaurant Menus and Dining Guide

Onda by Scarpetta (Deck 8)

Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest Italian restaurant, Onda by Scarpetta debuted on Norwegian Encore. The venue offers several modern Italian dishes like fresh pasta, mouthwatering seafood, and timeless desserts.

Subsequently, you will certainly want to dine at this brand new restaurant during your cruise. It’s a good thing that the Specialty Dining Package is accepted as you will want to sample selections from every course. For a more romantic evening, you should consider dining on the Waterfront.

Dinner Menu 1 | Dinner Menu 2 | Dessert 

Food Republic (Deck 8)

One of our favorite restaurants on Norwegian Cruise Line is Food Republic. This fusion restaurant combines different culinary traditions and cooking styles. The bright, funky design offers patrons ocean views while dining at the restaurant. Most importantly, guests using a Norwegian Cruise Line Specialty Dining Package at Food Republic can order up to four items each. Additional items will be charged a la carte.

The items range from sushi and handheld bites like the firecracker shrimp. In addition, the menu features shareable plates, a grill, and noodles and rice. There are plenty of delicious items to choose from on the menu, but be sure to save room for the green tea jar too.

Dinner and Dessert Menu

Le Bistro (Deck 17)

French cuisine with some of the best views of the ocean are available at Le Bistro. The restaurant is in a new location (like sister ship Norwegian Bliss) on Deck 17. Subsequently, this location provides a more open, yet intimate space for cruisers looking to celebrate a special evening. The menu includes some of the restaurant’s favorites like Coq Au Vin and profiteroles for dessert.

Of course, the Specialty Dining Package is accepted and is a great value as dinner can be quite pricey at this a la carte restaurant.

Dinner Menu | Dessert Menu

Norwegian Encore Restaurant Menus and Dining Guide

Norwegian Encore Restaurant Menus and Dining Guide – Main Dining Room

Norwegian Encore offers the cruise line’s traditional Freestyle approach to dining. There are three main dining rooms which all offer the same nightly menu. Savor and Taste are located aft on Deck 6, while the more upscale Manhattan Room is located on Deck 7.

The menu selections change each evening with a list of standard options available every night. Savor and Taste are open for breakfast and select days for lunch, as well as nightly for dinner.

Breakfast | Dinner 1 | Dinner 2 | Dinner 3 | Dinner 4 | Dinner 5 | Dinner 6 | Dinner 7

The Manhattan Room is only open for dinner. Reservations can be made in advance (for dinner) or you can choose to just walk up to a venue whenever you want to dine. Keep in mind, there might be a short wait like any restaurant on land.

Norwegian Encore Restaurant Menus and Dining Guide – Casual Eats and Snacks

Cocos (Deck 6)

Chocolate lovers have a place to indulge in all things sweet on Norwegian Encore. At Coco’s, your confectionery favorites come in all varieties including bonbons, crepes, outrageous milkshakes and sundaes, and even a chocolate fondue fountain.

You may have to show some self-restraint because you could simply lose yourself in these sweet surroundings. Coco’s a la carte menu is an up-charge, and the venue is open most days until late.

Dessert Menu (note, this is a large file)

Coco's restaurant guide

Starbucks (Deck 6)

The Starbucks menu on Norwegian Encore offers all the drink items that you would expect to find at the coffee house on land, including lattes, espressos, drip coffee, and even some pastries and snacks. Unfortunately, none of the beverages are covered in the Premium Beverage Package. All of the food is also an up-charge with advertised a la carte pricing.


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The Local Bar and Grill (Deck 7)

If you are looking for a casual spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the Local Bar and Grill is your table service destination. This complimentary venue is an updated take on the brand’s popular O’Sheehan’s Pub, with a menu that showcases similar offerings like the Fish and Chips and a Chicago Style Hot Dog, with some new additions like the Tortilla Bowl.

The venue is open 24 hours a day serving up slightly different menus depending on what time of day you choose to dine.

Breakfast Menu | Lunch and Dinner Menu | Late Night Menu 

Norwegian Encore Restaurant Guide

The Bake Shop and Dolce Gelato (Deck 8)

If you like petite pastries or perhaps a scoop of smooth Italian-style ice cream, then head to the Bake Shop. This location is a perfect place to stop during one of your afternoon strolls along the Waterfront.

This ocean-side venue on Norwegian Encore is the perfect place to take a midday break with the family and indulge in a treat. After all, you are on vacation. These items are priced a la carte.

Bake Shop Menu | Gelato Menu 

Garden Cafe (Deck 16)

The cruise ship’s casual buffet is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers a variety of food options. International selections include American, Indian, Asian, and Central American cuisines. The menu options rotate regularly with some standard offerings, so tracking an official menu is almost impossible.

The Garden Cafe is located on Deck 16, so it is a short stroll away to satisfy all your poolside munchies.

Norwegian Encore Restaurant Menus and Dining Guide

American Diner (Deck 17)

This new venue debuted on Norwegian Joy, taking the place of the Margaritaville at Sea restaurant on other ships in the fleet. The American Diner is a casual, a la carte restaurant big on nostalgia.

The menu offers a wide variety of comfort foods along with Americana decor. Hence, this partially enclosed outdoor venue is the perfect spot to grab lunch while still enjoying ocean views.

Food Menu 


Do you have a cruise planned on Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship? Which of the Norwegian Encore Restaurant Menus looks the best to you? Drop us an anchor below with any questions about this dining guide.

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  1. Do the Savor and Manhattan room have the same menu? Is Friday the seafood buffet lunch and dinner?

      Savor, Taste and Manhattan room have the same menu. Manhattan room only open for dinner. On my past NCL cruises, the seafood buffet was usually the second night.

        what is on the seafood buffet? Do they have lobster or crab legs? And this buffet is the Garden Buffet??

    Does “The Local” have a bowling alley, darts, games like O’Sheehans does on other NCL ships?

    Thank you! Great info for us to decide our specially dining package options.

    is there any way to see the menus from main dinning room for the epic we have a 15 day cruise set for April would like to now whats on for each night B4 we set up the specialty restaurants

    Loved the link and shared. Only thing missing is the Haven menus. Would have enjoyed seeing those too.

    Thank you for such an amazing site. Love all the menus in one place. I don’t know why they don’t show them on the TV. Now I have to figure out how to print them but our cruise isn’t for almost a year so I have a lot of time and ink cartridges to do it.

    What time do the restaurants typically open and close?

    Can you tell me what time each bar opens? I know the pool bars, atrium, and local open early, but, I was wondering about the venues on the waterfront (like can you get a mojito in the afternoon?). Thanks

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