Celebrity Edge Sunset Veranda Stateroom Review

Discover why it is worth upgrading your accommodations on your next Celebrity cruise with our Celebrity Edge Sunset Veranda Stateroom review.

DCelebrity Edge Sunset Veranda Stateroom review.

Celebrity Edge offers a number of different stateroom categories. For our first Celebrity Edge cruise, we booked an infinite veranda cabin. This time, we upgraded to a sunset veranda stateroom on deck 12. Was it worth the additional costs? We detail everything you want to know about this stateroom category in our Celebrity Edge Sunset Veranda stateroom review.

Celebrity Edge Sunset Veranda Stateroom Review

When Celebrity Edge launched, the cruise ship debuted a new style of cabin. The infinite veranda stateroom re-conceptualized a typical stateroom balcony.

Essentially, the cruise line created a way to add the additional space of the balcony to the entire cabin. Now, guests could have the extra 40 square feet of living space without necessarily being outside on the balcony.

With a click of a button, the “balcony” opens to let in the fresh air.

Celebrity Edge Cruise Review 2021

For us, we missed the more traditional balcony setup found on cruise ships though. So, when it was revealed that Celebrity Edge would be the first cruise ship sailing from the U.S., we knew we would book but with a different cabin option.

Luckily, we were able to score one of only 36 sunset veranda cabins. Many other cruise lines refer to these cabins as aft balconies. On Celebrity Edge, these are some of the only true balconies, with a full sliding glass door and unrestricted outdoor space.

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The Stateroom Layout

For our cruise, we booked cabin 12263 which is located on the portside of the ship.

This deck 12 stateroom is only one deck away from the Resort Pool area and Solarium. So, it was never an issue getting to the outdoor spaces. It was also an easy walk down to the indoor dining and entertainment venues on decks 3, 4, and 5. Of course, we did take the mid-ship elevators back up each evening, as there was no way the Princess was trekking up 8 decks after a few drinks at the Martini Bar.

Upon entering this sunset veranda cabin, the bathroom was to our right (portside) with the rest of the room directly in front of us. The sculpted design of the stateroom allows for a direct view from the cabin door out through the aft balcony.

Celebrity Edge stateroom couch view

The closet and storage are also intelligently crafted behind the bathroom.

This design not only tucks this storage area out of sight, but it also provides additional space near the entrance and desk area. In some cabins, this entryway can feel a little cramped when the closet and bathroom are across from each other.

Walking further into the room, there is the typical love seat to right and the desk with plenty of storage drawers to the left. Beyond this furniture is the king-sized bed.

Then, in all its glory, our massive sunset veranda.

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Inside the Celebrity Edge Sunset Veranda Stateroom

The standard balcony cabins on Celebrity Edge are some of the largest balcony cabins in the fleet. The sunset veranda staterooms are actually even bigger than the infinite veranda staterooms, with more than 10% extra living space.

Certainly, you can notice this additional space in the depth of the room.

Celebrity Edge Sunset Veranda Stateroom Review

One thing we love about the staterooms on Celebrity is the décor and styling. All of the furnishings in the room are sleek and modern.

Likewise, these rooms offer plenty of storage and space. Although, you might not expect it at first glance. With smaller, somewhat hidden compartments spread around the room, you will need to remember where you put everything.

Of course, we still used our cabin space-saving hacks to maximize the additional space.

The desk area provides just enough space for doing work or for the wife to get ready. The set of drawers offer storage space, while also camouflaging the room’s mini-fridge.

The stateroom desk area

Another perk is the technology hub (the small white box pictured above). With multiple electronic devices, we love having these additional outlets and USB ports in a convenient location.

There are also two USB ports on each side of the bed and an additional electrical outlet located on the forward side of the bed.

Further, all of the staterooms on Celebrity Edge are fitted with a king bed featuring Celebrity eXhale bedding and cashmere mattresses. Needless to say, we never had an issue falling asleep on this upgraded bedding.

The Bathroom

A close to full-sized bathroom on a cruise ship is just another one of the improvements in all Celebrity Edge cabins.

So, our sunset veranda bathroom was no different. With first class amenities, a larger shower, and extra storage space, this bathroom is a welcomed addition on a cruise ship.

Our stateroom bathroom

Along with the additional space, the finishes, like marble flooring and contemporary décor as well as the premium bath products, make you feel like you’re in a luxury hotel.

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The Veranda

The 89 square foot veranda is more than twice the size of the infinite veranda. Again, the extra space comes from the depth of the balcony.

All of the additional outdoor space offers uninhibited views of the ship’s wake and the sunrise (or as its name implies, the sunset).

Sunrise From Celebrity Edge Sunset Veranda

With the cascading design, you have a clear 180-degree view from the balcony. Not to mention, the extra space for the two chairs and table means that you can really stretch out.

We used our veranda to relax midday, do some work, enjoy a morning coffee, and take plenty of pictures and videos.

Given the ideal space, this is probably the most we have used a balcony on a cruise.

Recap of Celebrity Edge Sunset Veranda Stateroom Review

There was so much to love about our upgraded cabin on Celebrity Edge.

The Celebrity Edge Sunset Veranda Stateroom offers additional interior living space along with the same functions and finishes found in the infinite veranda cabins. It also offers plenty of storage, a comfy king-sized bed, and plush space for working or unwinding in the cabin.

The sofa became our towel animal sanctuary, while the dresser/desk doubled as a charging station, work hub, and a place for the Princess to get ready. Not to mention, the luxurious bathroom is a huge upgrade.

Celebrity Edge docked in Fort Lauderdale

The cabin boasts 21st century upgrades, with plenty of outlets and USBs throughout the room. A touchscreen near the entrance even controls the stateroom’s lights and temperature (as well as the balcony in an infinite veranda).

Of course, the shining feature of this cabin category is the oversized balcony. The amazing vistas, extra space, and tranquil vibes were unforgettable. The balcony alone makes this stateroom worth every additional penny.

If you get the opportunity to book one of these highly sought after staterooms on Celebrity Edge, or her sisters Celebrity Apex or Celebrity Beyond, we highly recommend you do so. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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Have you stayed in this stateroom category on a Celebrity cruise? Do you have a Celebrity Edge Sunset Veranda Stateroom Review to share? Drop us an anchor below with your favorite category of cruise ship staterooms.

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