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During most cruises, regardless of destination or duration, you will encounter “sea days”.  These are the times between ports of call when your ship is navigating the waterways heading to your next destination. It is just you, the ship, and your fellow cruisers. Many novice cruisers often fear these sea days thinking they will be bored or that they will feel “stuck on the ship”. Luckily, after sailing the seas for over a decade, we know firsthand that sea days are anything but boring. Wondering what you will do on your next sea day? Here is our look at the Perfect Sea Day on Allure of the Seas.

Perfect Seas Day on Allure of the SeasThe Perfect Sea Day on Allure of the Seas

The Perfect Sea Day on Allure of the Seas

A Morning Spent Outdoors

No matter how early you like to wake-up, mornings on Allure of the Seas are the perfect time to get outdoors and experience some of the thrilling attractions found on this megaship.

Start your day off right. Johnny Rockets, located on the Boardwalk- an open area in the back of the ship that has a Coney Island vibe with ocean views, offers a complimentary breakfast on most sea days. This made to order venue serves up plenty of breakfast favorites and offers outdoor seating. It is worth getting up a little early to enjoy this hidden gem.

Nourished and ready to embark on your perfect sea day on Allure of the Seas, there are plenty of ways you can burn off some calories while still having fun. While many other cruisers are still navigating the buffet lines, you will be the first in line to try all of the thrilling experiences. You can choose from the largest rock climbing wall at sea located just above the boardwalk, the 80 foot zip line located on the sports deck, or the two FlowRider surf simulators. These attractions generally have less lines and waiting earlier in the day.

Perfect Seas Day on Allure of the SeasThe Perfect Sea Day on Allure of the Seas

If you are traveling with kids or are not the adventurous type, spend this time taking a few spins on the Boardwalk Carousel or playing a round of mini-golf. Again, you should have no problem enjoying these activities in the mid to late mornings of a typical sea day.

A Sunny Afternoon

As the afternoon approaches, you will start to see more of your fellow cruisers emerge, but no need to fret because you are already one step ahead of them. It’s your time to take a little break- you’ve earned the rest and relaxation. Secure some lounge chairs on the upper deck. While it might be a little windy, you will find more available seating and will not have to worry about people crowding around the pool areas.

You are on vacation, so why not grab a cocktail or two while you relax in the sun- just don’t forget the sunscreen as there is plenty more outdoor fun in store during this ideal Sea Day on Allure of the Seas. If you are like us, a couple hours of sun and sipping drinks is plenty to recharge the batteries.

Perfect Sea Day on Allure of the SeasThe Perfect Sea Day on Allure of the Seas

Now, fight the urge to go to the buffet as it will be busy. Instead, enjoy some of the afternoon entertainment. Catch the belly flop contest or the world’s sexiest man contest. Both a bit cheeky, but you are on a cruise and will never see these people again. If those shows are not your style, you could watch a 3-D movie, attend a mixology class, or participate in a casino tournament (both of which will cost extra money).

Before too long, you won’t be able to resist the urge to grab a bite to eat. We suggest you head to the Park Café located in the Central Park neighborhood of the ship on Deck 8. This quiet refuge has amazing freshly carved kummelweck sandwiches, custom salads, and some al fresco seating that will almost make you forget you are on a cruise ship.  If you are looking for something different, have a dog or two at the Boardwalk Doghouse. These are addictive, so just be warned.

Perfect Sea Day on Allure of the SeasThe Perfect Sea Day on Allure of the Seas

Once you have refueled, you may be looking for some late afternoon activity while the significant other ventures off to shop or participate in a dance class. This is your chance to sneak down to the casino and play a few hands of $6 blackjack or enter a poker tournament. Just make sure to bring your watch, as you are going to need to give yourself time to get ready for the evening ahead of you.

A Night on the Town

Two of your sea days will likely be formal nights (when sailing the Caribbean), and we highly recommend you make them distinctive by dressing up. Even if you are not in full suit and evening gown, dress in your evening best as there will be plenty of special nighttime activities.

Before dinner, pose for a few photos at the numerous portrait studios located throughout the ship then grab a pre-dinner cocktail. Indulge in a specialty cocktail at the Champagne Bar or take a ride in the Rising Tide Bar, which takes periodic trips up and down three decks from the Promenade to Central Park.

Perfect Sea Day on Allure of the SeasThe Perfect Sea Day on Allure of the Seas

Once you are done with dinner and drinks, it is time to paint this ship red. Enjoy a show in the main theater (currently starring Broadway hit Mamma Mia), the Ice Show in Studio B, or a comedian in the comedy club for a night full of laughs. The entertainment doesn’t stop there. There is sure to be additional night time fun including the 70’s Disco Party on the Promenade or the late night shenanigans of the adult game show, the Quest. If that doesn’t interest you, you can always catch live music at multiple venues including Latin dance music in Boleros, the guitarist at the Bow and Stern pub, or the live band in Dazzles. Regardless of your preferences, there are always options (or excuses) for continuing the fun all night long. Just don’t forget that you will have another fun-filled day in store for you tomorrow.

Perfect Sea Day on Allure of the SeasThe Perfect Sea Day on Allure of the Seas

Sound Boring?

I take it that by now you are no longer worried about being bored during a sea day on Allure of the Seas. If anything, now you may be wondering how you are going to fit all of these activities into one day. Luckily, you will have at least two sea days on your typical 7-day Caribbean cruise, so you can plan each day accordingly and space things out a bit. No matter what you do, one thing is for sure- you won’t be bored. In fact, the typical sea day on Allure of the Seas is anything but ordinary.


Have you sailed on Allure of the Seas? What are your favorite things to do on this massive ship? Drop us an anchor below to share how you love to spend the perfect sea day.

The Perfect Sea Day on Allure of the Seas

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