Two MSC Cruise Ships Depart on World Voyages

Two MSC cruise ships, MSC Magnifica and MSC Poesia, depart from Genoa on simultaneous 100+ day World Voyages.

Two MSC Cruise Ships Depart on World Voyages


  • Two MSC Cruises’ ships depart on world cruise itineraries today – an industry first
  • Cruise Line welcomes over 5,000 guests for a journey around the world on board MSC Magnifica and MSC Poesia
  • Cruise Line also reveals culinary highlight with line-up of award-winning chefs who have created menus to showcase the very best of their respective cuisines

Geneva, Switzerland – January 5, 2023 – MSC Cruises, the world’s third largest and fastest growing cruise brand wished bon voyage to guests aboard MSC Poesia and MSC Magnifica today as the two ships departed from Genoa, Italy for simultaneous world cruises – an industry first.

Sailing together for the start of the cruises, the two ships will part ways at the edge of the Mediterranean for different routes around the globe. Guests will discover the world without having to repack their suitcase during an unforgettable 119-day voyage on board MSC Magnifica and 117-day trip on board MSC Poesia.

Two MSC Cruise Ships Depart on World Voyages

Guests will visit some of the world’s most spectacular destinations during their cruise while discovering international culinary delights. On top of the high-quality, international dining options that MSC Cruises’ guests have come to expect, those sailing the 2023 world cruises can experience something extra special with menus crafted by a lineup of award-winning chefs.

These chefs will join the cruises at various times to prepare a complete multi-course menu, each showcasing the very best of their respective cuisines from around the world.

  • On board both ships: Veteran Brazilian Chef and Restauranteur Allan Vila Espejo will serve a menu including authentic Manioc soup and Bahia-style fish stew with sweet peppers and coconut milk
  • On board MSC MagnificaRenowned Peruvian Chef James Berckemeyer will serve a spectacular menu including Peruvian veal cheek and local caramel pudding ‘Suspiro de Lucuma’
  • On board MSC PoesiaInternationally renowned Japanese-American Chef Roy Yamaguchi will serve a standout menu including grilled teriyaki pork chop with Hawaiian chimichurri
  • On board MSC PoesiaMichelin-starred Swedish chef, TV personality and author Niklas Ekstedt will serve dishes inspired by natural ingredients and his farm-to-ocean ethos

To add to the unique culinary experience, the chefs will also be on hand to greet guests in person as they taste their delicacies in the ship’s main restaurants.

MSC Cruises has also carefully crafted a special enrichment program featuring ice carving, champagne tasting, a wide range of guest lectures on specialist topics, more than 30 full-scale production shows, guest entertainers, dance classes, language schools and more.

Guests wishing to explore far and wide in 2023 can book the last remaining cabins for shorter segments of the MSC World Cruises 2023.

Cabins are still available for the 2024 MSC World Cruise as well, with a stunning new itinerary that includes 52 amazing destinations in 31 different countries spanning the Mediterranean, Red Sea, South Africa, South America, Caribbean, USA & Canada, before returning to Europe via Greenland and Iceland.

One of the standout features of the 2024 world cruise is a segment that explores the Brazilian Amazon via the mighty Amazon river.



Are you excited to hear that two MSC cruise ships depart on World Voyages? Would you consider sailing these 100+ day itineraries? Drop us an anchor below to share your experiences sailing with MSC Cruises.

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Two MSC Cruise Ships Depart on World Voyages

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