MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin Review

For cruisers comparing the different cabin options on MSC Cruises, we have our MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin review.

MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin Review

For cruisers comparing the different stateroom options on MSC Cruises’ new cruise ship, MSC Seascape, we have put together our MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin review from a recent sailing.

We stayed in a Deluxe Balcony Cabin on Deck 13, stateroom 13265, during our inaugural Caribbean cruise on this ship. Reviewing the deck plans, this portside, aft cabin is a short walk aft from the midship elevators, making it easy to access the public spaces.

According to MSC Cruises’ website, this MSC Seascape balcony cabin is 172 square feet with a 54 square foot balcony. This is relatively on par with other contemporary cruise lines.

MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin Review

Given we were hosted by the cruise line on this trip, we were provided with a Bella Balcony, which ended up being a connecting stateroom. Unfortunately, this meant that it wasn’t as sound-proofed as other cabins, and we could often hear our neighbors talking.

What is a Bella Balcony?

When attempting to book a cruise on MSC Seascape, you might notice that there are three different experiences from which to choose. The Bella Balcony will give you the cheapest rate; however, you will not be able to choose your own stateroom. This is much like booking a guarantee stateroom on other cruise lines.

Among other differences, a Bella Balcony will be assigned to you by the cruise line closer to your sail date. With the Fantastica and Aurea experiences, you can choose your specific MSC Seascape balcony cabin location.

What is the best cabin on a cruise ship?

If you are trying to decide which experience to book, it really comes down to a personal preference. Do you want to save money? Do you want to pick your exact room location?

If you are having a hard time deciding what is the best cabin for you on the MSC Seascape cruise ship, we have a general overview of what cabins to avoid based on the type of traveler you are.

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What’s an MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin Really Like?

Layout of an MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin

At first glance, the layout of this stateroom on MSC Seascape was petty typical. While the square footage is relatively on par with other contemporary cruise lines, the cabin did feel a bit tighter than those we’ve stayed in on other recent sailings.

Much like the rest of the ship, the décor and color palette is rather plain. With very neutral tones, the only real pop of color comes from the artwork displayed above the sofa.

MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin Review

Immediately upon entering our MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin, the bathroom was to the left.

Proceeding beyond the bathroom, there was a rather small passage between the fairly large sofa on the right and the closet on the left. The desk was across the way from the sofa, with the television positioned above it.

Continuing into the room, the king bed was on the forward wall facing aft. On each side of the bed are small night stands. Although, only one side has a USB outlet. There are no power outlets near the bed either. Oddly, there is also a full-sized mirror across from the bed.

Finally, there is the balcony. The balcony is average-sized and includes two upright chairs and a table allowing enough room for the two of us to enjoy the ocean breezes.

Inside the MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin


The bathroom in this MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin is your pretty typical cruise ship bathroom featuring a stand-up shower with a glass door. Again, there is not much in terms of style or décor here.

This bathroom features a small vanity area with little counter space; though, there are two shelves off to one side for storage. It also helps that we always bring an over-the-door shoe organizer to store toiletries and other small items.

MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin Review

The toilet is closely positioned to the cabinetry below the sink, meaning if you are tall enough, your knees might hit when sitting.

The shower is average-sized but did feature a glass door, along with a shampoo and shower gel dispenser.


The closet in this MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin is a good size.

One half of the closet contains a clothes bar with a shelf above and a shelf below presumably for shoes. The other side has four shelves, the safe, and additional drawers.

There are also three hooks across from the bathroom door for hanging things like bags and coats.

The closet certainly had enough storage space for the week for the two of us with its combination of shelves, drawers, and clothes bar.

Main Cabin Area

While rather bland, this MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin served its purpose during our 7-day cruise.

The sofa is fairly large, almost too big for the room. So, it provided plenty of space to spread out, relax, or get some work done. There is also a portable table stored under the desk if needed for drinks, a laptop, etc.

Across from the sofa is the desk area, which is fairly good-sized as well. With storage off to one side, there is the mini-fridge, three drawers, and plenty of counter space. Unlike most cruise lines, the television is above this section. The actual vanity area is wedged, offering less counter space. It features a mirror and a stool.

Still, there was enough room to store our electronics and serve as my area to get ready. While there was plenty of counter space, we would have liked more shelves in the cabin to free up some of this desk space.

Further, most of the power outlets in the cabin are located at the desk. Here, you will find two European outlets, two U.S. outlets, and two USB outlets.

The bed in this MSC Seascape balcony cabin is closer to the balcony with small nightstands on each side. However, only one side of the bed has a USB outlet, making it difficult to charge phones at night.

MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin Review

The bed provided adequate comfort during our trip. We had no issues falling asleep after our long days and nights on the ship.


Lastly, our balcony was a standard size with enough space for two upright chairs and a table.

There was certainly enough space for the two of us to enjoy the sail in and out of ports. It was also a great spot to relax or get some work done in the afternoons.

MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin Review

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Recap of Our MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin Review

This deluxe balcony cabin on MSC Seascape met our needs for this 7-day Caribbean cruise.

This stateroom category provides the perfect mix of size and value. It provides all the necessary amenities, adequate space, and access to a balcony without breaking the budget. This cabin also had easy access to the stairs and elevators.

If you are not picky with room location, opting for the Bella experience is a great way to save some money. However, if you prefer to choose your stateroom, you should opt for the Fantastica or Aurea experience when booking your MSC Seascape cruise.

While we would have appreciated a bit more in terms of style and décor, as well as additional outlets near the bed and shelves near the desk, it did not detract from the overall cruise experience.

If you are looking to cruise on this ship, we would certainly recommend booking an MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin. Unless of course, you want to upgrade to the Yacht Club!

Of course, other traditional stateroom categories and subcategories including interior, ocean view, and suites are also available to book.


Have you sailed in a MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin? What is your preferred cabin category when you cruise? Drop us an anchor below with your reviews of MSC Cruises staterooms. 

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MSC Seascape Balcony Cabin Review

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