Carnival Celebration Inaugural Cruise Review

In our signature day-by-day Carnival Celebration cruise review, we detail our time onboard this brand new Carnival cruise ship.

Carnival Celebration Inaugural Cruise Review

Ship Overview

Carnival Celebration is the second ship in Carnival Cruise Line’s innovative Excel Class. This 183K gross ton vessel accommodates over 5,300 passengers at double occupancy. While she is similar to her sister ship, Carnival Mardi Gras, Celebration does boast some new features of her own.

Paying homage to the original MS Celebration which debuted in 1987, this new ship is the perfect culmination of Carnival Cruise Line’s 50 years of fun celebration. You will find nods to the brand’s history around the ship including the Golden Jubilee Bar and the new 820 Biscayne zone.


Carnival Celebration boasts 6 exciting zones with a number of restaurants, bars and lounges, and onboard activities. Celebration Central is at the heart of the ship hosting a variety of activities and entertainment. This new and improved atrium is a transformational space with floor to ceiling windows by day and 14 foot LED screens by night.

In the new Gateway zone, cruisers will find the train station-themed Latitudes Bar serving up cocktails inspired by travel and Emeril’s Bistro 1937 dishing out delicious beignets. There’s also the Golden Jubilee Bar with great cocktails, live music, and memorabilia from ships past.

The 820 Biscayne pays tribute to where it all got started, Carnival’s original Miami address. This zone features the popular 820 Bar serving Miami and Cuban-inspired cocktails, the Deco Deli, Miami Slice, and more. With its art deco design and neon lights, this zone definitely gives off Miami vibes.

Carnival Celebration Inaugural Cruise Review

Carnival cruisers will find many familiar favorites onboard when it comes to dining. In our opinion, the casual food is where this cruise line shines. On the Lido deck, you can indulge in Mexican at BlueIguana Cantina and snacks at Street Eats. One deck above, you can dive in to Guy’s delicious burgers. Carnival Celebration also features Guy’s Pig & Anchor and Shaq’s Big Chicken which are equally tasty.

Of course, there’s also the main dining room and several specialty restaurants like Bonsai Teppanyaki, Rudi’s Seagrill, and Fahrenheit 555. Cruisers will be happy to know that Cucina del Capitano and Chibang are currently complimentary on this ship.

For those looking for a little adventure, there’s the Ultimate Playground zone. This area of the ship features one of the best attractions at sea, Bolt. This electric rollercoaster at the top of the ship is certainly a thrilling experience. Cruisers can also enjoy a ropes course, Carnival Waterworks with 3 slides, and mini-golf.

Carnival Celebration Inaugural Cruise Review

Needless to say, there is never a dull moment on Carnival Celebration. With comedy shows, Playlist Productions, and various other Fun Squad activities, you might be wondering how you will fit everything into a week-long cruise.

If you want to learn more about this ship, we rate Carnival Celebration on a number of categories in our cruise ship scorecard review.

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Carnival Celebration Inaugural Cruise Review – Day 1

Welcome Aboard Carnival Celebration

For this 6-day Carnival Celebration Inaugural Cruise Review, we flew down to Miami a few days early.

We were invited to the exclusive ribbon cutting ceremony of Terminal F and the naming ceremony onboard the ship which occurred the day before this cruise. This evening was packed with events, so we didn’t get to experience much of the ship. Plus, it was raining. So, this meant we didn’t explore any of the outdoor spaces.

Needless to say, we were anxious to check out all that Carnival Celebration and the Excel Class of ships have to offer. This was only our second Carnival cruise ever, sailing on Panorama back in January 2020.

While we didn’t have far to travel Monday morning, we did have a later in the day boarding time. Completing our check-in rather late for this cruise, we received a boarding time of 1:30 PM.

Checking out of our hotel, East Miami, around noon time, we decided to head to the port in hopes of getting on the ship early. In retrospect, it was a good thing that we did leave early.

With construction, tunnel closures, and lots of traffic, it took us all of 75 minutes to get from the Brickell area to PortMiami!

Carnival Celebration cruise review

Once at the new Terminal F, the check-in process went smoothly. We were upstairs, through security, and boarding the ship in about 30 minutes. Though, this is the first time in over 60 cruises that security scrutinized and searched our electronics bag which added a few extra minutes to the process.

Boarding the ship right around 2 PM was pretty anti-climatic, and we headed straight to our cabin on Deck 10 to drop off our carry-on items. Cabin 10426 is a pretty standard balcony cabin and is located fairly mid-ship.

The décor in the room is rather plain without much art or accent pieces. The stateroom features beachwood tones and pops of blue color like most newer cruise ships. The size of the room is on par with most newer cruise ships from contemporary lines as well. Though, the bathroom does seem a bit smaller while the balcony is bigger.

Fitting In As Much As We Can

Being so late in the day, our first order of business was checking into our muster station, C7 in the casino. We then grabbed some lunch at Shaq’s Big Chicken. This quick service venue is located outdoors on Deck 16 near the Tides Pool.

As you would expect, Shaq’s serves chicken, from sandwiches to tenders. Now, this is my kind of place! Our first visit here got two thumbs up from us. In fact, we think Carnival really shines when it comes to all the casual eats around the ship.

Without much time left before the scheduled sail away, we explored the outdoor decks. Though, they were already too crowded to get much accomplished in terms of capturing photos and videos. Thus, we went back to our cabin to unpack and get settled in for the week instead.

Carnival Celebration cruise review

Up to the pool deck around 4:15 PM for the sail away party, it was packed. Cruise Director Lee was hosting the busiest deck party we’ve seen since the cruise restart over a year ago.

Staying about 45 minutes, we decided to head back to our cabin to finish unpacking and change up for dinner. We were originally scheduled for the 5:30 PM traditional seating, but we switched to Your Time Dining upon boarding the ship to give us more flexibility.

On Carnival Celebration, Cucina del Capitano and Chibang! are both complimentary. Cruisers can join a virtual queue in the app, and they will get notified when their table is ready.

The advantage to Your Time Dining is that you can request a table at these venues anytime between 5:30 and 9:30 PM. Traditional cruisers can still dine at these “specialty” restaurants for free but not until 7:45 PM.

Our First Evening Onboard

Tonight, we decided to try Chibang. Requesting a table around 6:30 PM, we waited less than 10 minutes. The service at dinner was prompt too, taking only about an hour for all three courses.

Chibang is a fusion of Mexican and Asian dishes. Though, we decided to stick with Asian items tonight. I started with the lettuce wraps followed the kung pao chicken and hakka noodles. Hubby started with the pot stickers and spring rolls followed by the Singapore chili shrimp.

We enjoyed the kung pao chicken, hakka noodles, and spring rolls the best. While the food was good, we don’t think this venue is worthy of an up-charge. So, we hope that Chibang remains free on the ship.

Since we were out of dinner earlier than expected, we b-lined to the shops to purchase our requisite inaugural t-shirt and ship ornament. Luckily, the ship was well-stocked with this merchandise.

Then, we snuck into Celebration Central for Meet the Cruise Director and Showtime at 8 PM. Here, we were introduced to the musicians who would be playing in various venues around the ship during the week.

Next on the agenda was the 9:15 PM Playlist Productions in Grand Spectrum, Carnival Celebration’s main theater. Tonight’s show was Amor Cubano. This Latin-themed production was your typical cruise ship revue show. Honestly, we expected more on the brand’s newest ship, as it is no where near the quality of Royal Caribbean or NCL theater productions.

With so much to do and only 6 days on Carnival Celebration, we set off on our “drink around the ship” quest. First up, it was the new Latitudes Bar and acoustic guitar music with Paul. This was followed by more cocktails at the new Golden Jubilee Bar with violin music from the Quora String Trio.

We ended this first evening of our Carnival Celebration inaugural cruise review in the main theater with adult comedy at 11:30 PM. This ship features several comedy shows in the Punchliner Comedy Club, Limelight Lounge, and the Grand Spectrum Theater.

Tonight’s comedians were Jim Brick and Billy D. Washington. Both were pretty average comedians, with Jim Brick being moderately funnier in our opinion.

Carnival Celebration Inaugural Cruise Review – Day 2

Back Into Our Routine

Day 2 of this Carnival Celebration Inaugural Cruise Review was our first sea day.

Back into our routine, Don headed out slightly after 6:30 AM to collect photos and videos of some of the indoor spaces while I got ready for the day.

Returning with our morning coffee, we grabbed breakfast at the Blue Iguana Cantina this morning. This quick-service venue on the Lido deck offers breakfast burritos and is just one of the many alternatives to the buffet on Carnival Celebration.

Carnival Celebration Cruise Ship Review

After breakfast, we set out for a walk to explore more of the outdoor decks since yesterday was rather rushed. We eventually set up shop on Deck 18 near Serenity and overlooking the action on the pool deck.

Intermittently wandering off to check out some of the sea day activities occurring around the ship, we left our home base around 1 PM in search of lunch.

We decided to head back inside and check out the Miami Slice and Deco Deli located within the new 820 Biscayne zone on Deck 8. I opted for pizza while the hubby got a sandwich.

We tested out the Four Cheese and Pepperoni pizza which were both pretty good. While not the best pizza at sea, it was certainly better than some of the competitors.

Don tried the Bocadillo Salumeria sandwich and didn’t really like it, so he ended up eating some of my pizza instead. We had intentions of giving the Deli another shot, but with so many other options around the ship, we never got back to it.

After lunch, we strolled the indoor spaces collecting what we could for photos and videos before making our way back out to the pool deck for some Swirls soft serve and an 80’s sing-a-long near the Beach Pool.

Finally heading back to our room around 4:30 PM, it was time to relax a bit before changing up for dinner and our second evening on the ship.

An Elegant Affair

Tonight was Carnival Celebration’s first formal night and lobster night in the main dining room. Thus, we decided to test out the Festivale main dining room for dinner. Given there was a show in Celebration Central and the main theater tonight, we opted to eat dinner on the earlier side.

We entered the virtual queue around 5:45 PM and received a notification that our table was ready shortly after. While we weren’t sure how this process would work, it turned out to be pretty efficient. We never waited more than about 10 minutes for a table. Further, the Carnival HUB app indicates the estimated wait times at venues.

Dinner was quick, managing to finish three courses in about an hour. The service too was friendly and personal. However, we had mixed reviews on the food.

Don was not a fan of his fried oyster appetizer as they were all breading. For entrees, I enjoyed my cabonara pasta, and Don’s lobster was on par with other cruise lines. Though, his attempt at surf and turf was a fail as the prime rib was dry and too tough to enjoy.

Following dinner, we headed straight to Celebration Central to secure seats for the 7:30 PM showing of Celestial Strings. While we do like the dynamic Celebration Central space, it is a tough venue for shows. Much of the seating has obstructed views, and prime seats fill up very quickly.

We have seen Celestial Strings in the past but always enjoy this performance. The intimate and dynamic nature of the venue adds character to the show. This cast of singers and dancers, along with the string trio, put on a powerful performance while journeying through the seasons.

Along with many in the crowd, we made our way next door to the Punchliner Comedy Club following the show for the 8:45 PM comedy show featuring Jim Brick. On Carnival Celebration, there is certainly not a lack of things to do. In fact, our sailing featured 5 distinct comedians all offering several shows.

From here, we continued our entertainment tour in the main theater for tonight’s Love and Marriage show. Hosted by Lee, this show is always good for a few laughs. Though, this version was a bit tamer than other shows that we’ve seen in the past.

With plenty more to discover on Carnival Celebration, we headed up to the Lido Deck for the 80’s Deck Party. However, it was too windy, so we changed course and caught the last set of the evening in Piano 88. Here, Eden covered a wide range of songs with his own unique flair.

When his set ended around midnight, we called it a night. Tomorrow was our first port of call.

Carnival Celebration Inaugural Cruise Review – Day 3

Grand Turk Welcomes Carnival Celebration

Day 3 of this Carnival Celebration cruise review was our first port of call in Grand Turk. We didn’t have any real plans for the day, but we were going to at least get off the ship for a bit to get some photos.

Up around 6:30 AM, hubby headed off for about an hour or so to continue collecting photos and videos of the ship. Returning with coffee and breakfast sandwiches from Java Blue Cafe, we were ready to head ashore around 9 AM.

Luckily, we were going to be the only ship in port today. This meant we would be able to get some great shots of the ship right from the neighboring beach. So, that is what we did.

Carnival Celebration cruise review

Spending around 3 hours on some lounge chairs near Margaritaville, we decided to head back to the ship around 12:30 PM. Our shaded spot was now in direct sun, and it was getting too hot for me. Plus, there were many other eateries on the ship that we still need to try for research purposes.

Don decided on Guy’s Burger, and I returned to Shaq’s Big Chicken. Both are great quick service options on Carnival Celebration. Since I don’t eat red meat, I’ll have to take the hubby’s word that these are some of the best burgers at sea.

While in the area, we made our way up to the sports deck for a round of mini golf. We do enjoy this activity; though, the course is rather simplistic when compared to the competitors. Unfortunately, DB took the victory this time around. I blame the heat!

While he debated the waterslides, we decided to cool off indoors and grab an afternoon coffee.

We then retreated back to the room for a bit to relax and get some work done before dinner.

Hubby may have snuck out to grab a snack from Street Eats at some point as well. Street Eats is essentially a collection of food windows located on the pool deck, serving snacks like loaded fries, satays, pot stickers, and more.

Another Evening of Fun

Tonight’s dinner was at the specialty restaurant Rudi’s Seagrill. This up-charge restaurant is $48 per person. Since we enjoy Rudi’s Sel de Mer on Holland America ships, we were interested to see how this version compared.

Ready a little early, we stopped in to see the “show” on the screens near the Latitudes Bar. Honestly, these time travel segments don’t really fit the vibe of the Getaway area like we thought they would. We envisioned them to be more like the Skyline Bar on NCL ships showcasing skylines from around the world. Yet, one minute there are dinosaurs and the next you are in space?!

Arriving to Rudi’s around 6:15 PM, we were seated promptly at a table for 2. Across all the restaurants on Carnival Celebration, the tables are all very close together. So, even though you are at a table for 2, it’s not a very intimate dining experience.

Further, the service at Rudi’s was the slowest we experienced all week, taking well over 90 minutes.

Once again, the food was hit or miss. Unfortunately, this Rudi’s rendition fell short of the similar concept on HAL ships. Don’s oysters and tuna tartare were okay. They were certainly an upgrade to the selections in the MDR, but they were pretty plain in terms of flavor.

He did enjoy his lobster entrée and apple cheesecake though. These dishes were more akin to specialty restaurant selections on other cruise lines.

We rushed through dessert in attempt to make the 7:45 PM showing of Family Feud in the main theater. By the time we arrived, the show had already started and it was standing room only in the venue. We stayed through the end but decided we would return for the late night showing at 11:30 PM as well.

From the theater, we made our way to Celebration Central for the 9:30 PM showing of the Most Magnificent Circus. Getting a seat turned out to be a circus as well!

There were multiple lines forming to enter the venue which didn’t open until 8:45 PM. Despite our best efforts, there were not two seats available. So, I squeezed into the end of a bench, and Don went upstairs to Deck 7 to scout out some rail space.

This mystifying circus show was our favorite of the cruise. With variety acts, aerial performances, strong vocals, and great use of digital elements, this show should not be missed. Just make sure to arrive early for seats.

With some time in between shows, we continued our drink around the ship at Bar 820. This bar’s menu features Cuban-inspired cocktails. I tried the key lime pie drink, and hubby did the calle ocho.

Carnival Celebration cruise review

Enjoying our drinks, we people-watched until it was time to return to the theater for the 11:30 PM Family Feud After Hours.

This rendition of the popular game show was a bit more risque than the earlier showtimes but still rather tame. We got to witness the first family win the Fast Money round on Carnival Celebration.

On that happy note, we called it a night.


Carnival Celebration Inaugural Cruise Review – Day 4

Thanksgiving in Amber Cove

Day 4 of this Carnival Celebration cruise review was Thanksgiving. Further, we had a call in Amber Cove, Dominican Republic.

Much like yesterday, we didn’t have any real plans for today. We figured we would walk around for a bit and get some photos of the ship while in port. Then, we would enjoy the onboard amenities. We also scheduled an afternoon reservation to ride Bolt.

Up around 7 AM, our morning routine was underway. With a delay in the ship’s clearance, we grabbed some breakfast sandwiches at Java Blue before heading ashore around 9:30 AM.

Carnival Celebration cruise review

Walking around the port, we secured some photos and the obligatory t-shirt before getting back on the ship about 2 hours later.

Now, we had the rest of the day on the ship to check out the sports court offerings. First, nothing says Thanksgiving like a Mexican lunch at Blue Iguana.

Changing up into the appropriate attire to ride Bolt, we arrived early for our 2 PM reservation. It was actually pretty quiet, so there was no issue riding early.

This attraction is a $15 up-charge for 2 continuous laps around the track. Given each lap takes less than 45 seconds, it is a quick ride for the price. Nonetheless, it is quite fun. So, we decided to ride again.

With the adrenaline pumping, Don tested his agility on the ropes course. I decided to just take photos and videos of him. There are multiple different challenges, allowing you to make the course easier or harder based on your skill level. There’s even a small zipline and a plank off the side of the ship.

After all this action, we needed our afternoon pick-me-up. Back to the room a little after 4 PM, we did some work before showering and changing up for dinner.

This is Thanksgiving Dinner?

We decided to head back to the main dining room as tonight was Thanksgiving dinner. In retrospect, maybe we should have skipped it.

We requested a table around 6:15 PM, and we were directed to a table at the Carnivale main dining room on Deck 6. While this venue was mostly reserved for traditional dining, they were using it for overflow seating tonight.

Once again, service was timely and cordial. The food on the other hand, left something to be desired. Let’s just say it was the worst Thanksgiving dinner that we’ve ever had.

After dinner, we headed to the Limelight Lounge for the 8 PM comedy show by Vince Morris, followed by the 8:45 PM show in Punchliner by Percy Crews 2. Both comedians put on a good show.

Next up on the agenda was Deal or No Deal in Celebration Central. After 60+ cruises, we have never played this popular game show. So, we decided to purchase some cards and play along tonight.

Carnival Celebration Cruise Ship Review

Unfortunately, we weren’t picked to go head to head with the banker, but we still scored some prizes from our cards. We won a Bingo credit and $30 of free play in the casino.

After a long, active day, we called it a night around 11 PM.

Carnival Celebration Inaugural Cruise Review – Day 5

Some Sea Day Fun

Day 5 of this Carnival Celebration cruise review was a sea day. What better way to start a sea day than with Carnival’s signature Sea Day Brunch. This main dining room brunch features some tasty menu items.

Sleeping in a bit, we checked into brunch around 9 AM. Given the venue was busy, it did take a little while for our food today. Still, we were out in under an hour.

I started the day with an omelet, and hubby ordered eggs benedict. We may have also shared the skillet cake which was quite tasty.

After breakfast, we took a walk around the track and scoped out the waterslides. Since they weren’t too busy, hubby changed up into a bathing suit to see how they compared to the slides on other cruise lines.

The Carnival Waterworks features 3 slides, a drop slide, face-first mat slide, and a traditional body slide. He was able to ride each slide twice in just about an hour. His favorite was the face-first mat slide.

Following his adventure, he joined me at the daybed I had secured on the starboard side of the sports deck. Here, we did some work in the shade for about 2 hours.

Carnival Celebration inaugural cruise review

It was about time to finally sample the drinks at the RedFrog Tiki Bar. I tried the Hula Girl frozen concoction and Don did a zombie. Both beverages were just the Caribbean drinks that we needed.

Now, it was about time to put our Bingo credit to use. We joined the other players in the packed theater for the 1:30 PM session of Bingo. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but we still had a fun time.

After Bingo, we decided to sample Emeril’s Bistro as a late lunch. This venue’s menu is priced a la carte and is heavy on seafood selections.

Don ordered the fried oysters and a shrimp po’boy, while I grabbed some snacks from the Java Cafe instead. This venue serves sandwiches, mini chicken pies, empanadas, and more during the afternoons.

While hubby was really looking forward to this menu, both items he ordered were nothing like you would get in New Orleans. The bright side is that the beignets were really good. This generous portion comes with 6 mini donuts, so we ended up taking some back to the room for a late night snack.

Dinner and a Show

Following lunch, we relaxed and did some work in our cabin until it was time for our 6:30 PM reservation at Fahrenheit 555. This is the specialty steakhouse on Carnival Cruise Line ships.

We reserved this specialty restaurant pre-cruise for a price of $42 per person. We purposely picked Day 5 because we assumed it would be the second formal night of the cruise, and we were right.

Dinner tonight did take 90+ minutes but that’s typical for specialty restaurants on any cruise line. Our waitstaff were friendly, and the courses were well-paced.

Since this steakhouse menu did not have my go-to appetizer, a wedge salad, I changed things up with the French onion soup and a Caesar salad. Don started with the pork belly and tuna tartare. All of the starters were pretty average, with nothing wow’ing us.

For entrees, he ordered a filet which was seared to his perfect medium rare temperature. Of course, I ordered the only chicken dish on the menu. The entrees were good, but the sides were pretty small and basic. These dishes did not compare to our recent dining experience at Fine Cut on Celebrity Beyond.

For dessert, he enjoyed his apple tarte tatin. I ordered the chocolate sphere, which was rich but basically melted down to a plate of chocolate.

Not that it was a big deal, but dinner was interrupted by the ship’s alarms. Apparently, there was an issue with the PA system that was tripping an alarm. Thankfully, Lee was quick to inform everyone that there was no need for concern.

After dinner, we headed to the Punchliner Comedy Club for the 8:45 PM show with JC Coccoli. This female comedian was probably the best of the five comedians we saw during this sailing.

Continuing on to the next performance, we made our way to Grand Spectrum for the 9:45 PM show Color My World.

This Playlist Production was certainly better than the Amor Cubano show we saw earlier in the cruise. It featured a talented cast of singers and dancers along with colorful set pieces and vibrant songs. Still, it is rather entry level when compared to the stage productions on other cruise lines.

The night still wasn’t over yet! The Evolution Dance Party was occurring in Celebration Central at 11 PM. First, we grabbed some cocktails from the Alchemy Bar. With a signature cocktail menu, we opted for a side car and the 40 is the new 20 drinks.

This mega-dance party hosted by DJ Cue was high energy with many fellow cruisers taking to the dance floor. If you know us, then you know we didn’t dance. Though, we did enjoy watching others’ dance moves.

Finally, we rounded out the evening with one last drink at Latitudes and some guitar music with Reggie before calling it a night around midnight.

Carnival Celebration Inaugural Cruise Review – Day 6

Make Your Own Sea Day

Day 6 of this Carnival Celebration cruise review was our final day onboard the ship. It was also a port of call in Nassau, Bahamas. For us, this usually means a make-your-own sea day.

Having collected all the footage we needed for the trip, we slept in this morning. Skipping breakfast, we grabbed a daybed forward in the adults-only Serenity. Here, we spent close to 3 hours just relaxing.

Around 1 PM, we were starting to get a bit hungry. Thus, we set off for lunch. Don grabbed his second Guy’s Burger of the trip, while I returned to my favorite, Shaq’s Big Chicken.

Since this was our day to relax, we headed back to Serenity where we grabbed some cocktails from the specialty menu. We ran into some fellow content creators and ended up chatting for an hour or more.

Finally, around 3:30 PM, we made our way back inside for a much needed coffee and some work before dinner.

Our Last Evening on Celebration

Tonight, we had plans to try Cucina del Capitano. This Italian restaurant is currently complimentary on Carnival Celebration. We requested a table around 6 PM and were pinged fairly quickly.

Service was once again friendly and prompt. Throughout the entire cruise, all waitstaff addressed us by name and were quick to take our requests.

For dinner tonight, I went with the arancini and chicken parm, one of my favorite dishes. Don started with the Nonna’s meatball appetizer, followed by the baked rigatoni and short rib entrees.

Most of the dishes were just average and certainly not the same caliber as we would get in the North End of Boston. The meatball starter was the highlight of these dishes.

For dessert, it was tiramisu and the apple crostata.

Out of dinner by 7:15 PM, we headed to Celebration Central for a series of short shows occurring here this evening. The lineup included We Are One and All You Need Is Love.

With not much else going on tonight, we went back to the cabin to pack before venturing back out for one last drink of the cruise. We may have also stopped in the casino to use our $30 free play that we won in Deal or No Deal…and lost even more money. That’s how they get you!

Alas, we thought it would be fitting to end the trip with some cocktails and the string trio in the Golden Jubilee.

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Carnival Celebration Inaugural Cruise Review – Disembarkation

Time to Go Home

Today was the saddest day of our Carnival Celebration inaugural cruise review. It was disembarkation day.

We chose to complete self-assist disembarkation which was scheduled to begin around 7:30 AM. Our plan was to be ready to get off the ship then, as we were traveling from Miami to Fort Lauderdale for a 12:30 PM flight. It was also the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so we expected traffic and crowds.

Departing our cabin right around 7:30 AM, self-assist had already been called. Even though the elevators are quite small, we surprisingly secured one with room rather quickly.

Down to Deck 6, we were scanned off the ship, through the facial recognition at CBP, and curbside for an Uber in 15 minutes.

The drive to Fort Lauderdale was uneventful, and the airport was pretty manageable too.

Back home Sunday evening, we will have just enough time to decorate for Christmas and pack before heading off on our next adventure. We will be attending MSC Seascape’s naming ceremony in New York in just over a week. So, stay tuned.


Did you enjoy our Carnival Celebration Cruise Review? Do you have plans to sail on this brand new Carnival Cruise Line ship? Drop us an anchor below to share your recent cruise reviews!

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