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Among the new innovations on Celebrity Edge is the newly re-conceptualized verandas. Instead of a standard balcony stateroom, the ship launched with over 500 Infinite Veranda cabins. This new design is aimed at getting cruisers closer to the water by essentially turning the entire room into a balcony with the push of a button. Along with increasing the size of the room by over 20%, these rooms also have new design elements and technological enhancements. After sailing on a recent seven-night Western Caribbean cruise, we are back with our honest Celebrity Edge Infinite Veranda review.

Celebrity Edge Infinite Veranda Review

Inside the Infinite Veranda Stateroom

We booked an infinite veranda stateroom on Deck 6 for Celebrity Edge before the deck plans were even available. Prior to our sail date, we were notified that our stateroom was a partially obstructed view. In hindsight, we should have contacted Celebrity Cruises to request an alternate room as we were not aware that the room was obstructed when booking. In the end, this limited viewpoint did not detract from our overall vacation experience.

Celebrity Edge Docked in Grand Cayman

Upon entering our infinite veranda cabin, we found the furnishings and décor to be sleek and modern. It had a subdued color scheme with pops of color and pattern to give it a chic and fun appeal. In fact, the entire ship has a Miami Beach luxury resort feel. 

At first glance, we did not really feel the 23% increase in cabin size when compared to the Solstice class. Even though, we had just sailed on Celebrity Eclipse 7 months prior and stayed in a balcony room.  

Celebrity Edge Infinite Veranda review

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The Layout of the Infinite Veranda Stateroom

Over the course of the week, we began to realize where all that extra space was hiding.  

We appreciated the extra storage and counter space. The loveseat and desk area also felt larger. However, you might not feel the difference from a maneuverability standpoint.

Celebrity Edge Infinite Veranda review

Our room was set up with the bed closer to the door, while the sofa and desk were closer to the balcony. We actually prefer this layout.

All of the Infinite Veranda rooms on Celebrity Edge are fitted with a king bed featuring Celebrity eXhale bedding and cashmere mattresses. These beds are a serious upgrade from the typical cruise ship cabin and a welcomed bonus in terms of comfort.


The Infinite Veranda

To be honest, we were not a fan of this new veranda. For us, the design seemed to limit our connection to the ocean. The full walls on each side of the balcony made it feel more closed off. While some might find this ideal from a privacy standpoint, we thought it limited our view.

Celebrity Edge Infinite Veranda Review

With the balcony “down”, you do get ocean breezes. But, it just felt like a big window instead of a veranda. This set-up does give the entire room a more open feel, as it extends the length of the cabin. Though, the set-up is not ideal if one member wants to sneak out on the balcony in the morning while others are still sleeping.

We really did not end up using this feature much. For the most part, we made use of these additional seats for some of our towel animals.

In the end, we give Celebrity Cruises credit for trying to push the limits in design, but some things are just better off in their original format. We definitely prefer a traditional balcony when compared to the new infinite veranda.

The Bathrooms in the Infinite Veranda Stateroom

For once, a cruise ship bathroom actually felt like something you would find on land! It was a somewhat traditional but roomier layout, with a curved shower that was larger than a traditional cabin shower. 

The sink and vanity area had plenty of storage and was longer as well which made getting ready in the mornings easier. The bath products were also well stocked and convenient.

Again, the color palette and design of the bathroom was very modern and elegant. The bathrooms in the Celebrity Edge cabins definitely get a big thumbs up.

The Technology in Celebrity Edge Staterooms

Where the infinite veranda was a letdown, the technology upgrades were better than expected. There were several power and USB outlets in the room. There were outlets near the bed which were great for charging phones at night. On the desk, there was an outlet hub, with USB, US, and European outlets. 

The digital display screen near the door worked efficiently. It could be used to adjust the lights, the room temperature, and to open the blinds on the infinite veranda.

Celebrity Edge Infinite Veranda Stateroom Review

The Celebrity smartphone app also functioned without hiccups. We were able to access our stateroom door with a swipe of our device as well as control the other in-room features. Controlling the lighting and blinds without having to get out of bed in the morning was great, even if it made us a bit lazy.

Of course, the app also included the typical features like show times, your daily schedule, and the ability to make reservations.

Recap of Celebrity Edge Infinite Veranda Review

Overall, our week-long cruise in the Celebrity Edge Infinite Veranda was comfortable and a step above the fleet’s standard balcony rooms.

Once we uncovered some of the “hidden” storage areas, we had no problems storing all of our clothes and other belongings nicely in the room. The bed and furniture were functional, stylish, and comfortable, especially after our long days ashore. The upgrade in bathroom size was also another perk of this cabin.

If you are looking for a more open concept to your room, the infinite veranda might be a nice fit for you. Personally, we would opt for a traditional balcony in the future though given the more restricted nature of the actual “balcony” component in this stateroom category.



Have you sailed on Celebrity Edge? Did you stay in a Celebrity Edge Infinite Veranda stateroom? Drop us an anchor below with your cabin review of this new stateroom category.

Review of Celebrity Edge Infinite Veranda Stateroom

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