Mariner of the Seas Restaurant Guide with Menus 2018

If you like to cruise, then you probably like to eat. Food is a big part of cruising, and we know our fellow cruisers are always eager to see what is available at the different

Mariner of the Seas Restaurant Guide and Menus

If you like to cruise, then you probably like to eat. Food is a big part of cruising, and we know our fellow cruisers are always eager to see what is available at the different restaurants onboard. So, we are just back from a great three day escape to the Bahamas on the newly revitalized Mariner of the Seas and have put together this Mariner of the Seas Restaurant Guide. We have pictures, menus, and all the details for each venue.

Mariner of the Seas Restaurant Guide 2018

Complimentary Venues

Windjammer Cafe

If you have cruised on Royal Caribbean before, then you are very familiar with the Windjammer restaurant. This casual, complimentary buffet is open most of the day. On both sea and port days, the Windjammer serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For breakfast (approximately 6:30am-11am), you can find your typical selections including fruits, breakfast pastries, cereals, and a host of hot meals such as scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage.

For lunch (approximately 11:30am-3pm), you will find a selection of salads, cold cuts and sandwiches, a grill with hamburgers and hot dogs, and other hot dishes which vary slightly during the cruise.

From 6-9pm, dinner is offered in the Windjammer with different themes including “Italian Dinner”, “Mexican Dinner”, and “Caribbean Dinner”. Of course, you will also find your standard buffet selections in addition to the themed offerings.


Cafe Promenade

Open 24 hours a day, the Cafe Promenade is your go-to spot for snacks any time of day. Serving up coffee, breakfast pastries, sandwiches and pizza, and small desserts, you will never go hungry on Mariner of the Seas. Cafe Promenade is a great place to grab a table and people watch as there is always something happening in the Royal Promenade.

Espresso Menu

Main Dining Room

If you are looking for a complete dining experience, then you will want to visit the main dining room. On a short cruise such as this, the dining room was only open for breakfast and dinner.

The MDR serves breakfast every morning of your cruise on deck 3. Here, you can have a made to order breakfast. Options are very similar to a breakfast menu on land. Main dining room breakfast can be crowded at times, so don’t be surprised if there is a line of guests waiting to be seated.

Main Dining Room on Mariner of the Seas

For dinner, the main dining rooms offer a different menu each night. Cruisers with traditional dining (decks 4 and 5) can choose either a 6:00pm or 8:30pm seating. My Time Dining can check in on deck 3 anytime between 5:30-9pm.

You can make reservations for set times or just walk up. Either way, the menu options are the same as the traditional dining. These options do rotate each evening, with a set list of Classics options.

Menus: Breakfast | Dinner Night 1 | Dinner Night 2 | Dinner Night 3 | Kids Menu

Dog House

If you love the Boardwalk Dog House on the Oasis-class ships, then you are in luck. Mariner of the Seas now has a Dog House on the pool deck.

Dog House on Mariner of the Seas

Serving up your favorite dogs like the Coney Island, the Big Apple, and the German, the Dog House is open daily at 11:30 am. This might just be the perfect midday snack while lounging by the pool or after returning to the ship from a long day ashore in the Bahamas.

Dog House Menu on Mariner of the Seas

Specialty Restaurants

Chops Grille

Chops Grille is the Royal Caribbean signature steakhouse. This specialty restaurant currently has an up-charge of $39 on Mariner of the Seas. You can make reservations at this restaurant prior to your cruise using the Cruise Planner on Royal Caribbean’s website.

You can also make reservations once onboard the ship, but prime dinner times do fill up quickly. Chops Grille was open every night of the cruise from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Drink Menu | Dinner Menu | Dessert Menu

Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s Italian, by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, is an Italian specialty restaurant found on newer Royal Caribbean ships. Jamie’s Italian on Mariner of the Seas is open nightly for dinner from 5:30pm to 9:30pm and on select days for lunch.

This specialty restaurant up-charge for dinner is $35 per person and $19.95 for lunch. You can also make reservations for this restaurant pre-cruise using the online cruise planner.

Drink Menu | Dinner Menu | Dessert Menu | Lunch Menu


This popular sushi restaurant on Royal Caribbean now features a hibachi restaurant on Mariner of the Seas. Openly nightly for dinner from 5-9pm, this specialty restaurant offers dinner and a show for an up-charge of $45 per person.

Izumi Hibachi

This teppanyaki experience includes edamame beans, a green mix, vegetable fried rice, your choice of entree, and a dessert. Additional starters and sushi are available for an added cost. Izumi Hibachi also offers pre-cruise reservations via the online cruise planner.

Chef at Hibachi Experience on Mariner of the Seas

Drinks Menu | Dinner Menu

Johnny Rockets

Another staple found on many Royal Caribbean ships is Johnny Rockets. Those back on land will recognize this 1950’s inspired hamburger shop. Yes, this restaurant on Mariner of the Seas is exactly the same, complete with the singing and dancing.

Johnny Rockets on Mariner of the Seas

Priced at $9.95 for all you can eat, this venue is an up-charge. This does NOT include milkshakes, which are about $6 in addition. However, milkshakes are now included in the Deluxe Beverage Package. The venue is open most days for lunch and dinner but opens at varying times between 11:30am and 1pm.

Food & Drinks Menu


Like your coffee house on land, Starbucks on Mariner of the Seas offers all your drink favorites. From lattes to iced teas and frappucinos, your handcrafted beverage awaits you. Starbucks is located on Deck 4 and has a la carte pricing.

Starbucks on Mariner of the Seas

Small pastries and espresso-based drinks will all cost you extra money even if you have a beverage package. If you want to stick with the espresso drinks covered in the beverage package, you will have to head to Cafe Promenade.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream

Serving up your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors at sea, Mariner of the Seas has an ice cream shop located on the Royal Promenade. Ben & Jerry’s is open daily from 11am-1am so you can score a frosty treat day or night. Purchases made at Ben & Jerry’s are a la carte. Complimentary soft serve ice cream is available on the pool deck if you’d prefer not to spend the extra money.

Playmakers Sports Bar

This new sports bar located on the Royal Promenade on Mariner of the Seas is the perfect place to grab a handcrafted brew and watch a game on the more than 25 TV screens.

Playmakers Sports Bar and Arcade on Mariner of the Seas

Lucky for you, there is also pub food available if you get hungry while you are there. Unfortunately, these pub favorites like chicken wings, nachos, and sliders are an additional cost ranging from starters for $3 to sandwiches for $9.

Drink Menu | Food Menu



Do you have a cruise planned on the newly revitalized Mariner of the Seas? Which dining venues do you enjoy on Royal Caribbean ships? Drop us an anchor below to share your dining experiences.

Mariner of the Seas Restarant

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  1. Did you get the ultimate dining package while onboard? If so, how hard was it to get reservations that you wanted? Were you able to get lunch at any of the specialty restaurants/was that included in the package? Can you repeat restaurants? Love your articles. Thanks!

      Hi Alex, great questions. We actually didn’t get the Ultimate Dining Package. Mainly, as you can not make reservations ahead of time with the package, Royal Caribbean makes the first one for you and then you make the rest onboard. From our experience, getting reservations onboard was limited, even though the specialty restaurants were never really full when we dined. Yes, you can repeat restaurants. The dining package does include specialty restaurants during sea days, but we didn’t have any of those on this trip. Hope this helps. Thanks for reading.

    Do you have a wine/drinks menu for the MDR or is it the same as something else? Thanks!

    We are going on our first cruise in a week. Which of these places are included in the price of the cruise? The one we don’t have to pay extra for?

      Also, is there a dress code at the main dining room? The fancy one?

    I noticed on the main dining room menu that the lobster has a price on it. So those items at the bottom are an up charge?

    Going on Mariner next month for 4 nights. Any chance you have MDR menus for it?

    Going on Mariner next month for 4 nights. Any chance you have MDR menus for it?

    Do I need to purchase a soda package? What non alcoholic drinks are “included” and at what locations?