MSC Cruises Joins Green Marine Europe Label

MSC Cruises joins the Green Marine Europe Label, committing to sustainability and a pledge to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

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  • MSC Cruises and Explora Journeys commit to measure environmental performance annually, submit results to an external accredited verification party and publish them
  • All vessels in the Division to be measured across eight key environmental performance indicators

Geneva, Switzerland – February 14, 2022 – MSC Group’s Cruise Division announced today its commitment to join the Green Marine Europe Label, becoming the first major global cruise company to do so. This is a voluntary environmental certification program for the maritime industry. Following the success of Green Marine’s North American environmental certification program, the European initiative was launched in 2020 to create a mechanism that supports shipowners in demonstrating their environmental performance. Joining the initiative will support the MSC Group’s Cruise Division’s pledge to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. 

To ensure success, the Division’s two brands, MSC Cruises and its newly launched luxury offering Explora Journeys, are committing to measuring their environmental performance under the program’s guidelines annually. The plan calls for tracking progress across eight key performance indicators: aquatic invasive species, pollutant air emissions (SOx and PM), pollutant air emissions (NOx), greenhouse gas emissions, oily discharge, waste management, underwater noise, and responsible ship recycling. 

MSC Cruises Joins Green Marine Europe Label

In recent years, MSC has made considerable advances across all areas of its cruise operations thanks to the deployment of state-of-the-art environmental technologies, fuels and solutions. These include advanced emissions control systems, ballast water treatment systems, and advanced wastewater treatment systems, to name a few. Explora Journeys’ first two ships, which are currently under construction, will feature these and other environmental solutions. 

The two brands have equally committed to submitting their annual environmental performance results to an external accredited verification party, and to publishing them. 

Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of the Cruise Division of MSC Group, said: “Even while we tackled the many challenges of the past two years, we never lost sight of our responsibilities in the long term. In line with our commitment to sustainability and our pledge to reach net zero emissions by 2050, the Green Marine Europe Label will help us demonstrate our progress and share this with our guests, the communities that we serve and all other stakeholders. All of this, while we continue our work on several projects studying the development of green fuels and technology solutions and we look forward to bringing them to life soonest.” 

The Green Marine Europe Label is the result of partnerships of The North American environmental certification program Green Marine, which has been operational for ten years, and the Surfrider Foundation, a leading NGO in ocean and maritime protection in the European Union. The partnership was established in 2019, and the program was launched in the spring of 2020. 

Minas Myrtidis, MSC Cruise Management’s Vice President Environmental Operations and Compliance said: ‘’Certification to the Green Marine Europe Label across our entire fleet will further demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability as it also reflects our desire to continually improve our performance in that space.’’



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