Carnival Cruise Line Serves Up New Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Carnival Cruise Line serves up new alcohol-free cocktails using Lyre’s spirits to recreate popular Alchemy Bar drinks.

Carnival Cruise Line Serves Up New Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Carnival Cruise Line Serves Up New Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Carnival Cruise Line is mixing some of its most popular cocktails as delicious alcohol-free alternatives. Guest-favorite drinks from the mixologists at Carnival’s Alchemy Bar are now available with non-alcoholic spirits produced by industry-leading distiller Lyre’s.

“Our new partnership with Lyre’s gives guests who want non-alcoholic cocktails the best options at sea. We’ve seen popularity for non-alcoholic cocktails grow rapidly, so to meet that trend, our mixologists have been working to craft alternative versions of our most popular cocktails with none of the alcohol, but all the flavor,” said Zachary Sulkes, Carnival’s senior director of beverage operations.

Carnival Cruise Line Serves Up New Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Lyre’s is the world’s most awarded line of non-alcoholic spirits. The company uses all-natural flavors, including essences, extracts, and distillates, to match the aroma, taste, and appearance you find within time-tested classics.

Seven Popular Alchemy Bar Cocktails Recreated with Lyre’s:

  • Martini Seduction: Red passion fruit nectar, fresh lime juice and a hint of orange mix with Lyre’s White Cane instead of vodka to create this swoon-worthy drink.
  • Spicy Chipotle Pineapple Martini: Lyre’s Agave Blanco stands in for vodka to bring this spicy, pineapple cocktail into its non-alcoholic form.
  • The Remedy: Orange juice, pineapple and fresh lime juice are mixed with Lyre’s White Cane and Spiced Cane instead of dark and coconut rum.
  • Hearts of Fire: This award-winning concoction featuring fresh thyme and raspberries is re-imagined with Lyre’s Dry London instead of gin.
  • Restorative Basil Drop: Lyre’s Dry London is mixed with fresh basil and citrus to stimulate and restore the senses.
  • The Perfect Storm: This invigorating boost features strawberry puree, fresh lime and a hit of rosemary and Lyre’s Dry London instead of vodka.
  • Cucumber Sunrise: Another award-winning favorite among Carnival guests delivers the same light and delicious flavor with watermelon nectar, cucumber, lime juice and a splash of orange juice mixed with Lyre’s Agave Blanco instead of vodka.

Alchemy Bar is on nearly every Carnival ship sailing from the U.S. The new, non-alcoholic versions of the popular cocktails will be available on ships homeported in Australia at a later date.

In addition to the full range of non-alcoholic cocktails offered at Alchemy Bar, Carnival’s main dining rooms will now serve Lyre’s alcohol-free prosecco among the many wines offered across the fleet.

SOURCE Carnival Cruise Line


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Carnival Cruise Line Serves Up New Alcohol-Free Cocktails

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