10 Things to Do When It Rains on a Cruise

Most people go on a cruise to enjoy the warm and sunny weather. So, what happens when Mother Nature does not agree with your plans? Even if the sun is not shining, there are plenty

Top Things to do When It Rains on a Cruise

Most people go on a cruise to enjoy the warm and sunny weather. So, what happens when Mother Nature does not agree with your plans? Even if the sun is not shining, there are plenty of other alternative activities to still enjoy. As seasoned cruisers, we have come to expect the unexpected and always have a Plan B. Here is our list of the top 10 things to do when it rains on a cruise.

Top 10 Things to Do When It Rains on a Cruise

Explore the Ship

When the weather is not conducive to being outside, this is a great time to explore the ship. You can check out some venues that you have yet to discover. Most kids’ programs have scavenger hunts setup for the younger cruisers, but you could always create your own. Many cruise lines also offer organized tours of areas like the galley (read kitchen), a bridge tour, or a behind the scenes tour of the ship’s operations. These tours are often an extra cost and space is limited, so sign up early if you are interested.

When it Rains on A Cruise

Play a Game

Many ships feature a card room and other familiar board games like checkers for you to enjoy. We usually pack some travel games of our own too. These are great to play even when the weather outside is nice and you just need a break from the sun. Among our favorites is the dice game Quixx. Left, Center, Right is also a good way to spend a rainy afternoon. You might want to grab a few new friends to make the games more enjoyable, but that shouldn’t be too difficult on a cruise ship especially if you have the party games.

Watch a Movie

Watching a movie when it rains is a great pastime on land, so why not also catch a flick while at sea? Most cruise lines will add movies to indoor areas, like the main theater or atrium, when it rains. Many also offer outdoor movie screens that play rain or shine. If you can find a covered spot, you might be able to still enjoy some time outside. If nothing else, your in-room television will also have movies, sometimes for an up-charge. Before you begin the main feature, head to the buffet or snack shop for some munchies.

When it Rains on a Cruise

Test Your Wits

The entertainment staff generally have a few sessions of onboard trivia scheduled each day. Once the clouds roll in, odds are they will add a few more sessions throughout the day. You will have your pick from general trivia, music, sports, and other specialty topics. There will probably be some other game shows occurring too, like “Name that Tune” or “Deal or No Deal”. These game shows are fun to play but sometimes even better to just watch. Whether you participate or are just a spectator, these games will certainly provide some rainy day fun. Many newer cruise ships even have escape room experiences to really test your wits.

Press Your Luck

If you are out at sea and the weather turns sour, you can make your way to the onboard casino. While you might ordinarily spend your sea days out in the sun, the casinos are open and ready to take your money. The cruise ship regularly hosts casino events and tournaments throughout the day. The ship might also add a game or two of bingo to help cruisers continue to enjoy themselves even if the weather is not cooperating. While these events are extra costs, there is a potential that you could hit it big or maybe win a free cruise?!

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Learn Some New Moves

Great, it is raining out! Now, you can finally learn the cha-cha or all the steps to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Hey, what else are you going to do? The entertainment staff on the ship hosts a number of different classes during the trip. Along with dance classes, you could also partake in some informational talks or seminars on topics like digital photography or maritime history. If you are looking for something more hands on, you might find some cooking classes or mixology demonstrations. Wine pairings and martini classes are also offered by many cruise lines. Again, these will probably cost a few bucks, but learning how to craft a great cocktail is priceless.

Catch up on Your Screen Time

Since it’s raining, you can finally finish that novel or e-book. If you don’t have any reading material, you can always head to the onboard library. Most of these work on “the honor system” meaning it is up to you to return anything that you checkout during the trip. Most cruisers also travel with either a smartphone or a tablet device, so even if your plans were to stay “disconnected” during the cruise, you can opt for one day of internet to catch up on social media and emails while at sea. Now is the perfect time to hop on the web to see what is happening back on land.

Hit the Gym

Why not head to the onboard fitness center to burn some extra calories when it rains on a cruise? Yes, it will probably be crowded if you go at peak times, but you can certainly find a time during the day to hop on some cardio equipment. If the weather outside is tolerable, you could always go for a walk on the covered lower decks. You might also want to check out your ship’s daily schedule to see if there are any fitness classes being offered that interest you, such as yoga, boot camp, or spin. Some of these classes are free, while others have a small up-charge. After all of the eating you have done on this cruise, a little workout couldn’t hurt.

Top Things to Do When It Rains on a Cruise

Pamper Yourself

Now that you have some free time, you can finally get that massage you were contemplating earlier in the trip. Your ship is bound to have an onboard spa and beauty salon that will offer an array of different treatments, demonstrations, and other options that you could splurge on while stuck indoors. Or perhaps, you could spend the day relaxing in the ship’s thermal suite or therapy pools. A little bit of “you” time is well worth the additional costs. Even if you don’t want to spend the extra money, your ship may have an indoor solarium where you can relax in the pool or whirlpools while waiting out the rainy weather.

Challenge the Family

Your cruise ship is sure to have some indoor amusements that you and the whole family can enjoy. Many family-friendly ships have arcades featuring popular games like pinball, skeeball, and air hockey. You might also be able to find a protected outdoor area for a ping-pong match. More modern ships also have other attractions like self-leveling pool tables, bowling, laser tag, and Xbox centers for hours of indoor fun.



How do you spend your time when it rains on a cruise? Do you agree with our list of activities? Drop us an anchor below with your suggestions for how to have a great day at sea when the weather is less than stellar.

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Top Things to do When it Rains on a Cruise
Top 10 Things to Do When It Rains on a Cruise
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  1. How about name that tune or face ???

      Yes Dino, those are great alternatives when it rains on a cruise. We are a fan of those onboard games. Appreciate the suggestion. Happy sailing.