Top 10 Cruise Myths Debunked

We debunk the Top 10 Cruise Myths that travelers have about cruise vacations. Once you sort through this fake news, you might be ready to book a cruise!

Cruise Myths Debunked


Frequent cruisers have heard them all. Those pesky little fibs that spread throughout social media. Yes, we are talking about cruise myths. When you tell someone who has never cruised before that you are a cruise addict, they are quick to cite some alternative facts about cruising. Oh yes, there is even fake news about cruising. For those travelers who are skeptical about taking their first cruise, we debunk the top 10 cruise myths.

Top 10 Cruise Myths Debunked

Cruises Go Nowhere Interesting or Fun

The Alaskan wilderness. The historic cities of Rome and St. Petersburg. Trekking through Antarctica. The Galapagos. If these places sound boring or uninteresting, we would love to know what you do on the weekends. Cruising has expanded rapidly in the last decade. This means travelers have so many more options when it comes to seeing the world via cruise ship. With cruise lines now traveling to literally every corner of the globe, you can visit almost anywhere on a cruise. Sail up and down the rivers of Africa and South America or bask in the Caribbean sun. There are few places that you can not see from the perch of your cruise ship balcony.

Cruises Are For (Fill-in-the-Blank) People

There are going to be too many kids. Cruising is for old people. You get the point. Many travelers who are reluctant to cruise feel that it is for “other” people. Well, that is why there are different cruise lines. Some cater to couples, others to families, and still others appeal to more seasoned and luxury travelers. Yes, there will be families onboard most major cruise lines, but not all of the itineraries and ships are built exclusively for kids (some are even 18+). There is much variety when it comes to cruising nowadays. From a luxury trip onboard Viking Cruises to a family-friendly trip on Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Line, or Royal Caribbean, you can certainly find a ship and itinerary that match your style.

Cruise Ships Are Tacky

The public venues will be ugly and over the top. We have heard the uniform complaint about the apparent lack of style on cruise ships. Newsflash- Today’s ships are sleek and trendy! Even ships that cater to families are abound with works of art, sophisticated public areas, and even celebrity partnerships. The newest classes of ships deliver unique and appealing designs that individuals would expect from world class hotels and resorts. Not convinced? Check out Royal Caribbean’s Quantum-class, or some of the newest builds like MSC Seaside or Celebrity Edge. Then, let us know if you still think cruise ships lack style.

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I Will Get Seasick/An Illness Onboard

A very small percent of people get sick on a cruise. If you believe the news reports, it seems like every cruise is overridden with some virus. The truth is that there are occasionally outbreaks on ships, but these are no more frequent than you would find on land. In addition, most modern cruise ships have technology that limits the sensation of the ship moving. You are sailing, so there is bound to be some motion, but we rarely ever feel it. For those with extra concerns for motion sensitivity, there are plenty of low cost options to help prevent seasickness. The small chance that either of these “illnesses” should occur is no reason to avoid trying a cruise vacation.

You Gain Too Much Weight on a Cruise

Yes, food is everywhere on a cruise. If you are not careful, the cruise pounds can add up quickly. Although, today’s cruise ships have plenty of ways you can burn off the extra calories. State-of-the-art gyms and fitness classes mean you don’t have to miss your workout routine. In addition, outdoor sport decks and jogging tracks allow you to still get some sun while adding some extra steps. Even though you are on vacation to indulge a bit, you do not have to gorge yourself either. Have that sweet treat, but opt to take the stairs to offset the added calories. Just like on land, moderation is key.

Top 10 Cruise Myths Debunked

Cruises Are Too Expensive

When you factor in accommodations, food, onboard amenities, and entertainment, cruises are one of the best vacation values. Once you account for everything that is included in the cruise fare, cruises typically cost a fraction of other similar vacations. Plus, if you time things right, you can often take advantage of special promotions that provide even greater value, like a free beverage package, free specialty dining, or free gratuities. Finding a trusted cruise specialist to help book your trip can give you even more perks. If you start comparing cruises to other popular family vacations (or even all-inclusive resorts for couples), you might quickly realize that cruises are anything but expensive.

My Kids (and I) Won’t Have Anything to Do on the Ship

We don’t know why people always seem to think that they will be bored on a cruise. Modern cruise ships have so much to do and see that there is never a dull moment. Family and adventure travelers will enjoy features like zip lines, ropes courses, water slides and other onboard amusements. Dance classes, wine/cocktail classes and demos, as well as cultural experts and historian lectures are regularly scheduled for those looking for some enrichment during the trip. Outgoing travelers will love the onboard game shows, trivia, and dance parties. And the list goes on. Nighttime entertainment can even include Broadway shows and Tony-award winning acts. Each cruise line’s offerings cater to a slightly different clientele, so there is certainly a cruise line and cruise ship for you. Of course, you can also choose to just relax if you’d rather soak up the sun.

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I’ll Be Stranded in the Middle of the Ocean

So you can not live without internet access for an entire week? Well luckily, modern cruise ships now have WiFi and plenty of high tech features. Everywhere you look, cruisers are on their smartphones and tablets posting on social media, checking emails, uploading videos, or streaming movies. With all of the cool things to do and see on the ship, we don’t know why you would want to be tied to a device all week, but it is nice to check in with family and friends back home. Maybe you can even FaceTime to make them jealous with all the fun you are having.

You Don’t Get to Truly Experience the Destinations on a Cruise

What can you do with only a few hours at a port? Travelers looking for “authentic” experiences from their travel destinations often think cruising is not for them. Cruise lines have listened and created itineraries and options for more in-depth experiences. Many ships now have longer stays in port, even overnights is some popular cruise ports of call. Also, new shore excursion options exist for travelers to get more culturally enriching time ashore. Of course, you are not bound to use the tours provided by the cruise lines. In our travels, we have found many local tour providers who have given us amazing, authentic experiences often at a fraction of the cost of a cruise line tour.

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I Won’t Be Able to Escape the Other Passengers

A frequent concern from those who have never taken a cruise is that they won’t be able to escape their fellow passengers. After cruising over 12 years on the world’s largest cruise ships, we have never worried about crowds. Modern cruise ships offer a variety of venues to suit travelers with different tastes. Multiple indoor and outdoor spaces let you find your own spot to unwind and relax. Family areas and adult only areas also exist to ensure you find your happy place. In addition, newbies often learn that cruisers are friendly and gregarious people. They might even return from their first trip with some new friends.




Can you think of any other cruise myths that we should debunk? Do you have some counter arguments to share with other skeptical travelers? Drop us an anchor below with your thoughts on these cruise myths.

Cruise Myths Debunked

Cruise Myths Debunked
Top 10 Cruise Myths Debunked
Don Bucolo, or “DB”, loves everything about cruising- the ocean, the food, and the atmosphere. While he may be obsessed with doing extensive amounts of research on ships and all elements of a cruise, Don enjoys sharing his new found knowledge with fellow cruisers. When he is not sailing the high seas, he does whatever his wife tells him to do-it only took 10 years to realize this.
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  1. Great article. Cruises are what you make of them and after the first, you are probably hooked! Personally, I would never had traveled so far or seen so much of the world and come away with so many memories without cruising. I worked my entire adult life to be able to travel when I retired, and have found cruising with my family or alone, to be the ultimate way to go. Happy cruising!

    PS: One piece of advice, don’t wait until you retire – travel NOW; one day soon after retirement you may find you have health concerns trying to slow you down. Fit cruising and/or any travel plans in now.

      Thanks Carol for the comment. We agree cruising is the ideal way to see the world. We plan to keep on cruising for as long as we can too. When is your next trip?