A Review of the Perfect Day at CocoCay Zipline

Thinking of testing out the new Perfect Day at CocoCay Zipline? Our complete review provides everything you need to know about this new tour.

Perfect Day at CocoCay Zipline Review Feature

As part of Royal Caribbean’s updates to Perfect Day at CocoCay, the cruise line added some new attractions. Among the new thrilling experiences is the island’s zip line. The Princess and I are not ones to shy away from adventure. So, we booked a combo excursion ticket that included this new zipline course. Are you interested in soaring over Perfect Day at CocoCay? We share our experiences in our latest review of the Perfect Day at CocoCay Zipline. 

The Perfect Day at CocoCay Zipline

Booking the Zipline 

We knew we wanted to test out the zipline and waterpark on CocoCay. Once we booked our trip, we monitored our pre-cruise planner for deals. Having now planned two trips to Perfect Day at CocoCay, we can say that the tours and shore excursion pricing varies greatly leading up to your sailing.

During a weekend sale, we noticed that the price of the combo Waterpark and Zipline ticket was available at the discounted price of $74.99. The advertised full price cost of the zipline is actually over $80. The “discounted” price for just the zipline was $65.99. So, getting to do both activities for just ten dollars more was an easy choice. 

Perfect Day at CocoCay Zipline

When you book the package online, you are provided with several time slots. For our trip, we had the option of 8:30 am, 10:00 am, 11:30 am, 1:00 pm, or 2:30 pm. Knowing that we wanted to tour the island first thing in the morning, we opted for the 10:00 am time slot. We figured this would allow us enough time to see the new sections of CocoCay before the zipline. Then, our plan was to spend the rest of the day in the water park. 

As luck would have it, we ended up with a bright sunny day on the island. This meant that for once, our plan went off without any issues. 

Perfect Day at CocoCay

Do keep in mind that the zip lines, as well as the other attractions, are weather dependent. They will not operate in heavy rain, lightning, or other less than favorable conditions. 

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Checking In and Gearing Up

Being among some of the first individuals off the ship, we had a solid 90 minute self-guided tour. This enabled us to get great pictures of Chill Island, the Oasis Lagoon Pool, and other areas with few guests. Our timing could not have worked out better, as we looped around the new walkways returning to the front of Perfect Day at CocoCay around 9:40 am. 

The Perfect Day at CocoCay Zipline desk is off to the right hand side as soon as you enter the port, tucked beside the Thrill Waterpark entrance. If you are not careful, you could actually miss the entrance.

At the Zipline desk, they scan your card and have you fill out a waiver. They also weigh you in prior to the tour. This is to ensure you meet the stated weight minimum (75 lbs) and maximum (270 lbs). Also, your weight determines the type of harness you must wear for the tour.

For families, the minimum height requirement is 48″. 

At the Zipline desk, there are free lockers to store items like your beach bag, wallets, phones, and cameras. You are not permitted to bring those items with you. A wearable action camera (e.g., a Go Pro) can be worn during the tour. Although, you are responsible for having the proper wearable accessories. You are also required to wear closed-toe shoes.

Perfect Day at CocoCay Zipline

After checking in, we quickly headed over to the Waterpark to grab a locker given we would be spending the remainder of the day here. The lockers in the Waterpark are complimentary too, but you can use the locker for the entire day. Placing our items in the locker and switching our footwear, we returned ready to join our 10 am zipline shore excursion. 

Flying Over Perfect Day at CocoCay 

Heading back to the meeting point, we were quickly equipped with a harness. Being “behind” the rest of our group, we were escorted with one other young man to watch the instructional video. Without any clear instructions, we decided to ascend to the top of the tower to begin the tour. 

Perfect Day at CocoCay Zipline Review

You will need to be able to walk up several flights of stairs, as there are no natural hills or landscapes to provide the height for the ziplines. If you have done the zipline on the cruise line’s other private resort of Labadee, Haiti, you may remember that you are escorted on an open air truck up over 500 feet above sea level. None of the three zip lines on Perfect Day at CocoCay are anywhere near that far off the ground. 

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To complete the three zip lines, it took a little less than 45 minutes.

The activities staff at each platform reviews the protocol for landing. They also ensure that you are properly secured into each line for safety. In total, you soar a distance of over 1600 feet. By our estimates, the longest zip line is the final one. This zip line crosses over the Harbor Beach and originally included a brush with the water fountain. However, the cable position was altered due to customer feedback.

Zipline on Perfect Day at CocoCay

Exiting the zip line at each platform requires you to climb off a ladder which might be difficult for those with mobility issues. At the final platform, you will also need to walk back to the original starting location to be de-harnessed. We definitely provided feedback that there should be a station at the end of the course to drop off the equipment.

Recap of the Perfect Day at CocoCay Zipline

While the ziplines were fun, we probably would not opt to do them again, unless we were able to get a great deal. 

For adventure seekers, the combo Thrill Waterpark and Zipline tour is a great way to spend the day on CocoCay. For us, the discounted package price made it an easy decision to test out both attractions. If we had to choose though, we would hands down pick the Waterpark.

If you have ziplined in rainforests or jungles in other locales like Costa Rica or Mexico, these zip lines might feel a bit too tame. For individuals who have never ziplined before, these might be a great “starter” set.

Perfect Day at CocoCay Ziplines

Overall, the tour was efficiently run and last about an hour in total. This included check-in, safety overview, completion of the course, and returning the equipment. This allows you plenty of time to enjoy all the rest of the amenities on the new Perfect Day at CocoCay.



Have you visited Royal Caribbean’s newly transformed island in the Bahamas yet? Have you done the Zipline on Perfect Day at CocoCay? Drop us an anchor below with your review of this tour. 

Zipline Perfect Day at CocoCay

Zipline on Perfect Day at CocoCay
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  1. I’m 71yo and I never thought the Zip line was an attraction I would try. Although all the stairs were a little tiring the 3 phased zip line proved to be remarkably enjoyable. The total of 1600 feet of cable of the 3 tiered ride was exhilarating. However, it’s very frustrating that I can’t find the actual distance and height off the ground the top deck of the final section to the ground.

      I was also trying to find the height of the heights to zip line off the ground. Does anyone know?

    I did and I loved it! It was my first zipline, and while I was scared, I’m so glad I did it and I want to do it on my next cruise!