Norwegian Bliss Bar Guide

When it comes to enjoying a drink, Norwegian Bliss offers travelers 18+ different bars and lounges. With so many choices, you might want to complete your own “drink around the ship” sampling at least one

Norwegian Bliss Bar Guide

When it comes to enjoying a drink, Norwegian Bliss offers travelers 18+ different bars and lounges. With so many choices, you might want to complete your own “drink around the ship” sampling at least one beverage from every venue onboard Norwegian Bliss. Or, you could simply make good use of that Norwegian Ultimate Beverage Package at your favorite watering hole. Not sure where to start? Our Norwegian Bliss Bar Guide includes all of the details, photos, and bar menus to help you make the difficult decisions.

Norwegian Bliss Bar Guide

Deck 6

Mixx Bar

Located between the Savor and Taste main dining rooms, the Mixx Bar is the ideal location for a pre-dinner or post dinner cocktail. This central location is a hub of activity and a great meeting spot to gather up your crew. Along with a selection of house wines, beers, and standard cocktails, the venue offers the standard cocktail list found throughout the ship.

Mixx Bar on Norwegian Bliss

Norwegian Bliss Standard Signature Cocktails

Social Comedy Club

This entertainment venue offers a variety of acts from live comedy during the evenings to dance music until the wee hours of the morning. No matter what your mood, you are bound to find yourself in the Social with a cocktail in hand at some point during your cruise. So, it’s a good thing that there is a complete bar serving up all of the classic beverages from the standard cocktail menu and more.

Atrium Bar

Located in the center of the ship is the Atrium Bar. This lounge has you covered throughout the day. Need a morning mimosa? Looking for a glass of wine or beer while enjoying one of the many events occurring in the Atrium? The Atrium Bar is perfectly situated so you are never too far away from a drink. Similar to many of the other indoor venues, the Atrium Bar serves the ship’s standard cocktail menu.

Q Texas Smokehouse

During the evening, Q Texas Smokehouse is a specialty restaurant serving up Southern-style barbecue (check out our full restaurant review). At night, the venue turns into a kick up your heels good time with live country music. Couple the band with a signature drink menu featuring exclusive cocktails including the always on tap smoked peach margarita, and Q might just become your new favorite hoedown on the ship!

Norwegian Bliss Bar Guide

Q Texas Smokehouse Drinks Menu

Deck 7

Skyline Bar

This is not your ordinary casino bar. On Norwegian Bliss, the new Skyline Bar has been re-imagined, making it a must see even if you are not a gambler. The high definition screens that line the back wall depict different skyline’s from cities around the world, giving you an unforgettable view as you sip your favorite drinks.

Skyline Bar on Norwegian Bliss

The Local Bar and Grill

Pull up a stool with some pals, the Local Bar and Grill is the newest hangout spot on Norwegian Bliss. This friendly bar, which has replaced O’Sheehan’s, has the brews and bites you are craving. Open 24 hours a day with food menus for the morning, day, and late night, you can unwind with a pint or perhaps catch the latest sporting event on the two-story television.

Norwegian Bliss Bar Guide

Local Drink Menu 1 | Local Drink Menu 2

Deck 8

A-List Bar

You don’t have to be famous to be noticed at the A-List Bar. Positioned next to two of the most popular specialty restaurants on the Waterfront, Los Lobos and Cagney’s, the A-List Bar serves up a signature menu meant for celebrities. At this trendy bar named after the President & CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line and his family members, you know you are in exclusive company when you cozy up at this new lounge.

A-List Bar on Norwegian Bliss

A-List Signature Drinks

Malting’s Whiskey Bar

Whiskey lovers will want to indulge in one of the internationally inspired mixed drinks from the Malting’s Whiskey Bar. Featuring a variety of whiskeys that span the globe, you can enjoy the signature cocktails from the comforts of the cushy seating indoors or while admiring the ocean views on the Waterfront. Either location is perfect for that nightcap with some newly made friends.

Malting’s Whiskey Bar Signature Drinks

Sugarcane Mojito Bar

You don’t have to head to Miami or Havana for the ultimate mojito. You have several options in the vibrant Sugarcane Mojito Bar which is located inside and outside on the Waterfront on Norwegian Bliss. With so many signature drinks to try, one stop is never enough at this popular lounge. Showcasing impressive craft drinks and cocktail making skills by the bartenders, be sure to visit Sugarcane during your cruise.

Norwegian Bliss Bar Guide and Menus

Sugarcane Mojito Bar Specialty Drinks

The Cellars

You will always find an expert pour at Norwegian Bliss’ wine bar, The Cellars from the Michael Mondavi family. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or simply want to enjoy a glass of rosé, this lounge offers expert and novice cruisers alike the chance to sample the various varietals from around the world.

The Cellars Complete Wine Menu (this is a large file)

Cavern Club

It’s time to “twist and shout” at the onboard rock club on Norwegian Bliss. Home of the Beatles tribute band, the Cavern Club is where music lovers congregate to rock out while enjoying classic cocktails, beer, and wine. If you are looking for a seat, you better get there early as the Cavern Club tends to be standing room only for most performances.

Cavern Club on Norwegian Bliss

District Brew House

Craft beer drinkers rejoice. The District Brew House is your spot for a few brews and live music, featuring the most extensive beer selection on the entire ship. Offering two dozen draft selections that change regularly, 50 additional choices in bottles and cans, and some exclusive beer cocktails, the menu at the District Brew House is as craft as you will find at any pub at sea.

District Brew House Cocktails | District Brew House Page 1 | District Brew House Page 2

Norwegian Bliss Bar Guide and Menus

Deck 15

Observation Lounge

Along with breathtaking views from the 180-degree glass walls, the Observation Lounge on Norwegian Bliss has a bar serving up your favorite drinks. Whether you are watching a sail in to a new port of call, enjoying the entertainment, or simply just relaxing, the Observation Lounge is the place to be for uninhibited views from the top decks while sipping your beverage of choice.

Norwegian Bliss Live Blog Day 3

Deck 16

Waves Bar

Grab a frozen drink, a cocktail, or a beer at the pool deck’s most popular spot. There is no better way to enjoy the crisp Alaskan air or the Caribbean sun than with one of your favorite beverages from the outdoor bar menu. Regular freestyle cruisers will be familiar with some of these famous drinks, such as the Bushwhacker or the Rebellious Fish.

Norwegian Bliss Outdoor Menu

Surf Bar

If you don’t want to venture too far from the pool, the Surf Bar is also just feet away. Nestled next to some outdoor seating for the Garden Cafe, this bar will be one of your daytime favorites while enjoying the great outdoors. The Surf Bar also serves a selection of popular beers, wines, and other drinks from the Outdoor menu.

Deck 17

Spice H20 Bar

The adults only Spice H20 Bar delivers the classic outdoor menu in a fun, cool, and mature atmosphere. One of our favorite venues on the Breakaway-plus class of ship, Spice H20 is the perfect place to catch some rays without all of the commotion of the main pool deck. With a few hot tubs, a refreshing water feature, and some great drinks, you can enjoy the atmosphere with your drink in hand sans kids.

Jimmy Buffett Chill Bar

It’s five o’clock somewhere, and you are always welcomed to try one of the specialty margaritas at the Chill Bar located in the Margaritaville restaurant on Norwegian Bliss. Located in the back of the dining venue, the margaritas and other specialty drinks at the Chill Bar are covered in the Ultimate Beverage Package without having to pay to eat at the restaurant. So, if you want to skip a cheeseburger in paradise (although we do highly recommend the food), you can simply join the other parrot heads at this popular bar.

Chill Bar Specialty Menu

Deck 19

Sun Deck Bar

Sun worshipers can replenish their drinks at this Sun Deck Bar (located right outside Vibe). Serving the standard outdoor menu, this bar is usually less busy than the popular pool deck bars. From this vantage point at the top of the ship, you can enjoy the spectacular ocean views, some peace and quiet, and a fruity drink of course.

Sun Deck Bar on Norwegian Bliss

No matter which bar you choose, you are bound to find a drink and some new cruise buddies. With so many great options, why not try them all in your very own pub crawl. We always do!


Have you cruised on Norwegian Bliss? What is your favorite Norwegian Cruise Line lounge or bar? Drop us an anchor below to share your go-to watering hole on an NCL ship.

Don Bucolo, or “DB”, loves everything about cruising- the ocean, the food, and the atmosphere. While he may be obsessed with doing extensive amounts of research on ships and all elements of a cruise, Don enjoys sharing his new found knowledge with fellow cruisers. When he is not sailing the high seas, he does whatever his wife tells him to do-it only took 10 years to realize this.
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  1. Thank you so much Don for your comprehensive NCL Bliss Bar Guide! I’ve been waiting for someone to cover all the specialty drinks on the Bliss. I really appreciate all the legible photos you took of all the menus. It is also great to know that we can go to the Chill Bar in Margaritaville just for drinks without having to pay the cover charge if we don’t want to eat there. Thanks for taking the time while on board to document all the drink venues and their menus, this is really great info and it is much appreciated!

      Hi Ben, we are so glad you found the guide helpful. Let us know if you have any other questions. We do you sail on Bliss?

    Hi thank you for the great information… Do you happen to also have The Local food menu? We spent a lot of time in O’Sheehan’s on Escape and expect much of the same in December on Bliss. Thank you!

      Hi William, we put together an entire post of all of the restaurant menus for Bliss, including The Local. You can find it here. Let us know if you have any other questions.

      Hi William, we put together an entire post of all of the restaurant menus for Bliss, including The Local. You can find it here. Let us know if you have any other questions.

      Hi William, we put together an entire post of all of the restaurant menus for Bliss, including The Local. You can find it here. Let us know if you have any other questions.

      Thank you for this great information. We will be traveling on the bliss February 16th with a group of 25 friends and family so this will help a lot! I think a fun bar crawl is in order!

    Thanks for the great reviews. Are there snacks or an included bar menu at any of the bars?

      Hi KP, great question. Some bars have complimentary snack mix. But, there is no complimentary appetizers if that is what you are asking about. Happy cruising.

    Great stuff.Thanks very much for sharing the menus.?????????

      Thanks for the comment, Joe. We are glad you found the menus useful.

    Great stuff.Thanks very much for sharing the menus.?????????

    Do you have the ingredient proportions for the Matador at Maltings bar? I want to make it for Christmas with our kids that went on the Bliss with us to Alaska.

      Hi Jimmy, sorry, we do not know the recipe. Perhaps you could try one of the forums or cruise boards to see if anyone knows the ingredients and proportions. Happy Cruising.

      I really appreciate your sharing of the menus and drinks. I have heard they serve non-alcoholic beer but I don’t see it on any of the menus. Do you know if that is true?

    This was great information. We are cruising in August to Alaska and picked the drink package as a perk. Good to know we made a good choice..

      Hi Melissa, thanks for reading and the comment. The Ultimate Beverage Package is a great perk! You have to try the drinks at the Sugarcane Mojito Bar, it is our favorite venue on the ship!

    This is a really great guide! For the wine bar, if you have the Unlimited Bar package, is 15$ deducted from the cost of a glass more than 15$ then you pay the difference plus gratuity?

    Our family is (excitedly) planning our first cruise to Alaska in September. I’m an uber planner, and almost every time I look up a question, I get your site in the results. Thank you for taking the time to make other people’s vacations even better!

    Hey, the information you provide is helpful.

      Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

    Wow, I’ve got a great plan to maximize my upcoming time on the Bliss (Mexican Riviera, Oct 2019, Halloween). We have not yet been on a mega-ship and were a bit apprehensive about choosing one for our next cruise, but I was convinced to book by your great insider tips and the NCL Free at Sea promotional perks. Thanks for helping me see ways to maximize the value of those prepaid packaged FaS amenities.

    Question: are there “free” saunas or steam rooms available in the mens/women’s locker rooms in the fitness area or are these perks only available on a “fee for use” basis?


      You will love NCL BLiss! We don’t believe there are any free steam rooms in the gym. You would have to purchase a pass to the thermal suite. Have a great trip.

        Hey we are going in December and are very excited! Thanks for the tips!

    We are getting the free at sea drink package. Are most of the drink prices below the $15 limit? I see most of the menus do not have pricing.

    Thank You