New Harmony of the Seas Bar Menus

Royal Caribbean has recently changed all of the bar and lounge menus on Harmony of the Seas. Luckily, we had our camera ready to capture all of the new concoctions being offered on this ship.

Harmony of the Seas Bar Menus

We are just back from a seven night sailing on the largest cruise ship in the world, Harmony of the Seas. During our sailing, we noticed that Royal Caribbean introduced some new Harmony of the Seas bar menus throughout the ship. It appears that these menu are slowly being rolled out fleetwide, with prices slightly varying by ship. We were fans of some of the new drink options but disappointed in a few of the changes at some locales. We have all of the bar menus below for you to see the latest drink offerings for your next Harmony of the Seas cruise.

New Harmony of the Seas Bar Menus

New Standard Menu

Harmony of the Seas Bar MenusHarmony of the Seas Bar Menus

The classic “Quenchers at Sea” menu has been replaced by a brand-new drink menu. This new menu is organized by featured spirit, with drinks at 3 different price points. The most expensive are signature cocktails costing $15, meaning a $2 up-charge if you have the Deluxe Beverage Package. Then, there are Premium Cocktails and Classic cocktails which are $13 and $10, respectively. The Princess and I sampled a number of the rum and vodka drinks, with our standouts being the Sexy Ocean and Spiced Rum Runner. This menu can be found at most bars including all the outdoor bars, like Pool Bar, Mast Bar, Sand Bar, Solarium Bar, Wipe Out Bar, and venues like the Attic and Jazz on 4. The Bartender’s Choice page are drinks from the menu that are offered for a slightly discounted price and vary by bar.

Bartender’s Choice | Vodka Drinks | Rum Drinks | Gin Drinks | Tequila Drinks | Scotch-Whiskey Drinks | Liqueurs | Wines | Beers | Non-Alcoholic | Combos


If you are up for some Latin music, dancing, and spicy cocktails, head over to Boleros located on the Royal Promenade. This venue has also gotten an upgrade when it comes to the bar menu. Like the new standard menu, Boleros now includes drinks in 3 price tiers with Signature cocktails priced at $15 (over the drink package allotment). We tried a few of the new premium drinks that were within the package and saw no need to upgrade.

New Harmony of the Seas Bar MenusHarmony of the Seas Bar Menus

Boleros Signature Drinks | Page 2 | Page 3 | Wines

Boot and Bonnet Pub

Harmony of the Seas Bar MenusHarmony of the Seas Bar Menus

The English Pub is your home for some odd cocktail combinations and an extensive beer menu. Boot and Bonnet offers a variety of mixed drinks featuring Beertini and Cockt-ales. Honestly, we have yet to find a cocktail here that is worthy of a second round, although the most popular Belgium Sour is at least palatable. We suggest sticking to the beer menu while listening to the pub entertainment in this venue.

Boot and Bonnet Menu Page 1 | Page 2

Rising Tide Bar

Harmony of the Seas Bar MenusNew Harmony of the Seas Bar Menus

This is one bar menu change that disappointed us on Harmony of the Seas. We had just sailed on Oasis of the Seas and enjoyed the specialty cocktails in that Rising Tide Bar, which were very similar to the R Bar cocktails found on other Royal Caribbean ships. Now, the menu is much smaller and features mostly champagne-inspired selections. There were no standout drinks for us, minus the Kir Royale which is a staple at this venue.

Rising Tide Bar Menu

Bionic Bar

Harmony of the Seas Bar MenusNew Harmony of the Seas Bar Menus

At the Bionic Bar, you can get a variety of classic drinks, think Long Island Iced Tea or Sex on the Beach, or what is known as the Bionic Signature drinks, like Bionic Tea and From Earth. All beverages at the Bionic Bar are currently included in the Deluxe Drink Package, even though the names are a bit misleading given signature drinks are an up-charge on other menus.

Bionic Bar Signature Menu Page 1 | Signature Page 2 | Signature Page 3

Bionic Bar Classics Menu Page 1 | Classics Page 2

Schooner Bar

New Harmony of the Seas Bar MenusHarmony of the Seas Bar Menus

Another Royal Caribbean classic venue located on Deck 6, the Schooner Bar is the ship’s piano bar. Found on most Royal Caribbean ships, this is one lounge that has not YET changed its bar menu on Harmony of the Seas. It still contains a number of venue specific drinks that are all priced at $13, meaning they are all included in the beverage package, including my favorite the Sidecar.

Schooner Drink Menu Page 1 | Page 2 | Wine | Beer


Harmony of the Seas Bar MenusHarmony of the Seas Bar Menus

This al fresco venue in the Boardwalk on deck 6 serves up freshly made margaritas that are worth a trek to the aft of the ship. Some of our favorite drinks of the cruise were crafted here, including the Jalapeno-Cucumber Margarita and the Aztec martini. All beverages at Sabor are currently included in the beverage package. You can relax at the side bar and enjoy your drinks or order them alongside some small plates at the restaurant, like the spicy tuna tacos or the made to order guacamole.

Sabor Bar Menu Page 1| Page 2


Harmony of the Seas Bar MenusHarmony of the Seas Bar Menus

The ship’s wine bar, Vintages, is located in Central Park on deck 8 of Harmony of the Seas. We are not big wine buffs, but in our experiences here, the per glass wine options are limited, especially within the beverage package. We also overheard other cruisers attempt to order a listed bottle of wine only to find out that they did not have that option available but could offer something “comparable”.

Vintages White Wine List | Vintages Red Wine List

Wonderland Bar

Harmony of the Seas Bar MenusHarmony of the Seas Bar Menus

If you do not want to pay to dine at this experimental venue on Deck 12, you can at least try one of their five specialty cocktails. As uniquely crafted as all of the dishes at Wonderland, these cocktails are worth the trek up a few flights. We tried each of the 5 cocktails, with our favorites being Helios in the Sand and Dream Catcher. There is also a complete bar for those wanting something a bit more ordinary.

Wonderland Cocktail Menu


What are your favorite Royal Caribbean cruise drinks? Do you like the new Harmony of the Seas bar menus? Drop us an anchor below to share your opinions on the new offerings and tiered pricing structure.

Harmony of the Seas Bar Menus

Don Bucolo, or “DB”, loves everything about cruising- the ocean, the food, and the atmosphere. While he may be obsessed with doing extensive amounts of research on ships and all elements of a cruise, Don enjoys sharing his new found knowledge with fellow cruisers. When he is not sailing the high seas, he does whatever his wife tells him to do-it only took 10 years to realize this.
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  1. Hey guys! I’m back again for advice. I know you have spoken about the Deluxe Drinking Package on Harmony of the Seas but I’ll mention this anyway. I just saw on RCI site a promotion for thie package for $48 per day/per person. I know this package usually goes for $55. I’m not a big fan of drinking but I do enjoy a few frozen alcoholic drinks a day. My husband enjoys a few beers and a few glasses of wine a day so I’m wondering since there is a promotion that it might be worth taking advantage of this price. We’re going on Harmony on a 7 day cruise in March. I know this is wrong for asking but since I’m not a real drinker can’t I just get the package for my husband and when I’m in the mood for a drink have him order it for me? How do they know who is drinking it or perhaps even sharing the one drink? Yes I know it’s wrong that I’d want to share but I can’t see paying that price per day for me because I definately do not drink that much to break even. I’d love your feedback. Don’t know how long this promotion will last but it did start today. Also, just to mention, shore excursions are discounted today as well as their internet packages. I’ve never been able to get an adjustment when calling RCI because they just tell me to cancel the excursions and rebook them at the lower price which is what I did this morning. Thanks for your site! I love it!

    When does your shore excursions go on a discounted price? I am going on this cruise this February 2020?