MSC Seascape Bar Guide With Menus

We share all the drink menus in this MSC Seascape Bars Guide to help you make the difficult decisions, like which bar to visit first!

MSC Seascape Bar Guide with drink menus

When it comes to enjoying a drink, MSC Cruises’ new cruise ship, MSC Seascape offers cruisers a variety of bars and lounges to make good use of their drink packages. Not sure where to start? Our MSC Seascape Bar Guide includes all of the details and bar menus to help you make the difficult decisions, like which bar to visit first!

MSC Seascape Bar Guide With Menus

How many bars are on MSC Seascape?

There are 20 different bars and lounges on MSC Seascape. Some of these bars have signature drink menus while others serve the standard bar menu. With numerous bars scattered around the ship, you will never have to go far to grab a drink while enjoying all the amenities this new vessel has to offer.

MSC Seascape Bars
  • MSC Yacht Club Grill & Bar (Deck 20)
  • Top 19 Bar (Deck 19)
  • Horizon Bar (Deck 19)
  • Marina Bar (Deck 18)
  • Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge (Deck 16)
  • Jungle Pool Beach Bar (Deck 16)
  • Marketplace Buffet Bar (Deck 16)
  • Sky Bar (Deck 16)
  • Loft Café (Deck 8)
  • Sports Bar (Deck 8)
  • Hola! Cantina (Deck 8)
  • The Wine Cellar (Deck 8)
  • Cocktail Bar (Deck 8)
  • Uptown Lounge (Deck 8)
  • Infinity Bar (Deck 8)
  • Casino Bar (Deck 7)
  • Champagne & Wine Bar (Deck 7)
  • Le Cabaret Rouge (Deck 7)
  • Venchi 1878 Chocolate Bar (Deck 6)
  • Shine Bar (Deck 6)
  • Seascape Bar (Deck 5)

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MSC Yacht Club Bars

The Yacht Club is MSC Cruises’ “ship within a ship” concept. Not only does the Yacht Club feature the most luxurious accommodations on the ship, it includes an exclusive sundeck, restaurant, lounge, and bar. These facilities require keycard access and are limited to only those staying within the Yacht Club.

Guests staying in the MSC Yacht Club have two exclusive bars, one on the Deck 20 sundeck and the indoor Top Sail Lounge on Deck 16.

Yacht Club guests can order up their cocktails of choice or perhaps splurge on a bottle of wine from the carefully curated list.

Sundeck Bar Menu | Top Sail Lounge Menu

Top 19 Bar (Deck 19)

The Top 19 Solarium is an exclusive outdoor space for Aurea guests on Deck 19 of MSC Seascape. The area features prime deck space with upgraded lounge furniture, two whirlpools, and a bar. Thus, it is certainly a nice escape from the crowds.

Depending on whether it is a sea day or a port day, the Top 19 Bar opens anywhere between 9 AM and 2 PM and stays open until 7 PM in the evenings.

Horizon Bar (Deck 19)

The Horizon Bar is located on Deck 19 overlooking the main outdoor pool area. This small bar features the standard pool bar menu and offers some comfortable lounge seating nearby for guests looking to relax while enjoying their beverages.

Depending on the ship’s ports of call, the Horizon Bar opens somewhere between 9 AM and 3 PM and remains open until 11 PM at night, weather permitting.

Pool Bar Menu

Marina Bar (Deck 18)

The Marina Bar is the large bar located near the main outdoor pool, the Marina Pool. This will be your go-to bar if you are lounging poolside or if you are enjoying one of the many pool deck parties in the evenings. The Marina Bar also has a gelato station off to one side.

The Marina Bar is open 8 AM to 1 AM daily, weather dependent.

The pool bar menu features all your favorite drinks from a pina colada, to a mai tai, mojito, and margarita, along with beer and wine.

Jungle Pool Beach Bar (Deck16)

Likewise, the Jungle Pool Beach Bar is located near the Jungle Pool on Deck 16. This family-friendly pool has intricate theming and a retractable roof, meaning it’s always a pool day no matter the weather outside. There is also additional lounge seating and a few tabletop games located upstairs.

MSC Seascape Bars

While you are enjoying all the fun that this space has to offer, the Jungle Pool Beach Bar will serve up your favorite Caribbean cocktails, alongside gelato selections.

On sea days, the Jungle Pool Beach Bar is typically open from 8 AM until 8 PM. On port days, this bar is generally open from 1 PM to 8 PM.

Marketplace Buffet Bar (Deck 16)

The Marketplace Buffet & Restaurant is the only casual, complimentary dining option available on MSC Seascape. Thus, odds are you will be eating here quite a bit, at least for breakfast and lunch. So, if you want a drink to go along with your meal, this is the place.

Though, you aren’t able to order directly from the bar. You have to order with a server who will deliver the drink to you.

The Marketplace Buffet Bar is open daily from 6 AM to 1 AM.

Buffet Bar Menu

Sky Bar (Deck 16)

The Sky Bar is located on the portside of Deck 16 aft overlooking the iconic glass-floored Bridge of Sighs. This is a great spot to grab a sail away drink or to just enjoy the views. With the additional seating on the starboard side of this outdoor deck, it’s also a nice spot for al fresco dining at the Marketplace Buffet.

The Sky Bar is generally open 8 AM until 8 PM, but it occasionally closes midday on port days.


Loft Café (Deck 8)

While many of the bars on MSC Seascape lack any theming or unique décor, the Loft Café is an exception. This venue features oversized chairs and tables, with yellow and wood tones reminiscent of a writer’s room or a quiet hotel lounge.

The venue features live music in the evenings and is occasionally used during the day for private events.

Open from 7 AM until late, the Loft Café serves the standard bar menu alongside espresso based beverages. This was our go-to spot for our morning lattes and a great spot to grab some espresso martinis in the evenings.

The service at the Loft Café was some of the best on the ship as well.

Standard Bar Menu

Sports Bar (Deck 8)

Decked out with sports memorabilia, this classic sports bar offers craft beers, a fully stocked bar for other beverages, classic game time food options, an oversized television for sports broadcasts, and individual TV booths to watch the action. There is also an adjacent billiard room.

The Sports Bar opens anywhere between 10 AM and 4 PM depending on the ship’s call into port and remains open until late.

This is the perfect spot to grab some friends, brews, and chicken wings to watch your favorite team play.

Sports Bar Menu

Hola! Cantina (Deck 8)

Hola! Tacos and Cantina serves up Mexican-style street food in a vibrant open setting restaurant, with a nearby bar also serving up some tasty drinks. This bar is open whenever the restaurant is open. If you’d prefer to just pull up a seat at the bar instead of dining at the restaurant, you can certainly do so.

MSC Seascape Bars

The Hola! Cantina features a variety of tequila, mezcal, and cerveza. So, you can choose from a standard margarita or create your own. Check the dailies for specials like BOGO margaritas at this bar.

Hola! Cantina Menu

The Wine Cellar (Deck 8)

The Wine Cellar is located on Deck 8 nearby the specialty restaurants. This space allows guests to explore the ship’s walk-through wine cellar and indulge in various tasting experiences. There are pour-your-own wine stations located here as well.

While the dailies state that the venue is open from 12-2 PM and 5:45-10 PM daily, we never witnessed much going on in this space during our sailing on MSC Seascape.

Cocktail Bar (Deck 8)

The elegantly appointed Cocktail Bar in the Chef’s Court on MSC Seascape serves a variety of fun and refreshing drinks. This is a cozy spot to enjoy some exclusive cocktails like the Rose Lychee Sangria, a spiced Mai tai, or the Indochine martini before or after dinner in one of the specialty restaurants.

MSC Seascape Bar Guide with drink menus

The drinks and the service at this bar were some of the best we encountered on our sailing.

The Cocktail Bar is generally open whenever the specialty restaurants are open, usually 12 to 2 PM and 5:45 to 10 PM.

Cocktail Bar Menu

Uptown Lounge (Deck 8)

The Uptown Lounge hosts a variety of activities during the day including trivia, dance classes, Name That Tune, the Majority Rules game show, and more.

In the evenings, this lounge features live music and cocktails for those looking to unwind after dinner.

The bar in the Uptown Lounge generally doesn’t open until 7 PM each evening and serves the standard bar menu.

Infinity Bar (Deck 8)

Perhaps one of the best areas on MSC Seascape is Deck 8 aft. This space features an adults-only Infinity Pool. These two pools offer great wake views and even some in-pool loungers. Conveniently located nearby, there is an outdoor bar and gelato shop as well.

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Not to mention, both the portside and starboard sides of deck 8 midship feature additional outdoor seating and side-facing whirlpools for more fantastic views.

If you are lounging in this space, the Infinity Bar is your go-to spot to grab a cocktail. This bar is open 7 AM until 10 PM daily, weather permitting.

Casino Bar (Deck 7)

The MSC Seascape Casino Bar is centrally located in the casino on Deck 7 and is adorned with an artistic representation of the Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty can be seen from the deck above in Liberty Plaza.

The Casino Bar opens at 10 AM on sea days and somewhere between 2 and 6 PM on port days.

Champagne & Wine Bar (Deck 7)

The dazzling Champagne & Wine Bar is located off the open atrium on Deck 7. This bar’s signature menu offers a variety of champagne, prosecco, and other bubbly drinks from around the world, like the Chambord Royale or French Kiss.

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This bar is open from 5 PM until midnight daily and is a great spot to grab a pre-dinner cocktail while enjoying some of the happenings in the atrium.

Champagne Bar Menu

Le Cabaret Rouge (Deck 7)

Le Cabaret Rouge is an entertainment space located at the aft of MSC Seascape. This large, yet intimate venue is home to a variety show each evening which highlights several unique acts. From live singers, to a comedian pianist, to acrobats and a hula-hoop dancer, it is a hodge-podge of entertainment. 

The venue hosts other activities as well like the Guinness World Record game show and the Glow Party, and it also turns into the ship’s nightclub each evening at midnight with a DJ spinning hits until sunrise.

During all this evening fun, you can grab your drinks from the bar in this venue which is open from 7 PM nightly. There are also servers making their rounds in this venue.

Of note, this venue is not used much during the day. So, it can be a nice quiet spot to read, get some work done, or just relax sans people.

Venchi 1878 Chocolate Bar (Deck 6)

The Venchi 1878 Chocolate Bar is a chocolate lover’s paradise. This venue serves a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages made with the brand’s signature chocolate including some delicious espresso-based drinks. The bar also serves a variety of other chocolates and gelato that are crafted on board in an open-air kitchen.

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Venchi is generally open every day from 8 AM to midnight. Unfortunately though, none of the drinks (or other items) at Venchi are included in any of the MSC drink packages.

Venchi Chocolate Bar Menu

Shine Bar (Deck 6)

The Shine Bar is located in the open atrium on Deck 6. This bar is open from 4 PM daily, serving the ship’s standard bar menu. Overlooking all the action of the atrium, this is a great place to grab a drink while enjoying the live music or nightly festivities that occur here.

Of note, there is no bar located in Times Square also on this deck. So, if you are heading there to listen to the live piano music, you might want to grab a drink at the Shine Bar first. There are some servers in the area taking drink orders as well.

Seascape Bar (Deck 5)

Last of the MSC Seascape Bars is the aptly named Seascape Bar. This bar is located on Deck 5 in the center of all the action occurring in the atrium.

This is also one of bars open the earliest on the ship, as it is open from 6 AM daily. All bars on MSC ships serve espresso along with other cocktails; thus, you can head here early in the morning for your caffeine fix.

However, if you are looking for a custom latte, you might be turned away like we were several mornings. While we were told this bar should be able to make them, the bar staff here often directed us to wait until the Loft Café opened at 7 AM. This is why we miss a dedicated coffee bar on MSC Seascape.

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Do you have plans to sail on this new MSC Cruises ship? What is your favorite MSC Seascape bar? Drop us an anchor below to share your picks for best drinks and bars on MSC cruise ships.

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