Complete Guide to Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club

In this Complete Guide to Celebrity Cruises Captain's Club, we provide all the updated details on each level in this loyalty program.

Celebrity Cruises Captain's Club

It certainly pays to be loyal to one particular cruise line. Most cruise lines offer incentives for repeat customers with loyalty programs. These tiered programs offer cruisers more and more perks as they work their way up the ranks. In this Complete Guide to Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club, we provide all the details on each level in this loyalty program including all the associated benefits.

Complete Guide to Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club

How to Sign Up for Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club

Becoming a member of Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club is easy. All you need to do is take a cruise with Celebrity! You will then need to create an account on the Celebrity Cruises’ website and enroll as a new member. Once that is complete, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises Extend Cruise with Confidence Policy

Cruisers will then accrue loyalty points based on the number of cruise days and the room category booked. This point structure applies to most cruise destinations. Further, the cruise line will occasionally run promotions offering double points for booking.

Hint: This is happening right now! Classic members and above can earn double points for booking a veranda stateroom or higher on sailings departing through December 2021. 

Exclusive to Celebrity Cruises’ loyalty program, you can also earn points for non-sailing activities through the line’s Power Up Points program. For every 10 Power Up Points earned, you’ll get 1 Club Point.

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How to Earn Points in Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club

Earning Club Points in Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club is easy. The more you cruise, the more points you earn. Cruisers will receive these points after completing their cruise. They will enjoy the new membership benefits on the sailing after they achieve the next membership level.

Complimentary sailings, Seminar at Sea, travel agent rates, and employee rates do not earn points. Reduced rate upgrades will only earn points at the original stateroom category purchased, NOT the category of the upgraded stateroom. 

Celebrity Edge Infinite Veranda review

If two adult members reside at the same address, they have the option to link their member accounts. While each member still earns points based on their individual sailing activity, both will have access to the points and tier level associated with the member who has the higher Club Point balance. Further, guests traveling solo in a stateroom will earn double the amount of points.

Unlike other cruise line loyalty programs though, the points earned with Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club are a bit more tiered based on the room category booked.

The minimum number of points that you can earn per night is 2 points for inside and oceanview rooms. You will earn 3 points per night for verandas and 5 points per night for Concierge Class or Aqua Class. If you book a Sky Suite, you will earn 8 points per night. Further, Celebrity, Signature, Sunset, and Royal Suites as well as Edge Villas qualify for 12 points per night, and 18 points for Reflection, Penthouse, and Iconic Suites.

Celebrity Cruises Captain's Club

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Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club Levels


As a Preview member, you’ll receive complimentary access to the Captain’s Club Loyalty Desk and a Captain’s Club newsletter. Preview members are also eligible for Captain’s Club offers when booking a future cruise onboard their current sailing.


After taking one cruise with Celebrity Cruises, you will achieve Classic level. This level includes cruisers with 2-149 points. Classic level cruisers receive access to exclusive Welcome Events that will now take place in outdoor settings. They are also entitled to one complimentary scoop of gelato, 10% off internet (which may be applied to an upgrade from Surf to Stream if sailing with Always Included pricing), and one pre-cruise category upgrade through Aqua Class.

Further, guests will receive 5% off a pre-cruise beverage package upgrade from Classic to Premium, a 25% discount on a photo package, complimentary specialty coffee when dining in a specialty restaurant, and a 10% discount off a bottle of wine. Casino perks include 1 match play for roulette or black jack and 3 free Bingo cards with the purchase of 3 cards. A new sneak peek event, Wonder of Eden, will also be debuting on Apex.

Celebrity Cruises Captain's Club


The second level in Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club is Select. Guests with 150-299 points are Select level. These members receive all benefits of the Classic level as well as additional perks. These additional perks include increased discounts to 25% off for internet, 30% off for a photo package, and complimentary pressing of 2 clothing items.

Further, guests are entitled to a 10% multi-use discount on spa services, a complimentary wine seminar with advanced reservation required, 15% off a bottle of wine, 2 match plays in the casino, and 6 complimentary Bingo cards with the purchase of three.


The next tier in Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club is Elite. This tier is for guests with 300-749 points. This level entitles guests to all the Select tier perks as well as additional perks. The additional perks include unlimited drinks from the Captain’s Club menu daily from 5-7pm (if they are not sailing with Always Included pricing), an increase to 30% off internet packages (or upgrade) plus 90 mins of complimentary Stream internet, and an increase to 40% discount off a photo package. The Captain’s Club drinks are now available at bars and lounges throughout your ship

Further, Elite guests have access to the Persian Garden on one port day (Solstice and Millennium class only), 10% multi-use discount on spa services, and a 10% discount on a beverage package upgrade. Additionally, guests receive a complimentary bag of laundry and 2 pressed items, access to priority tender and departure lounge where available, a 20% discount off a bottle of wine, and 3 casino match plays. Create and Pour is also a new event starting on Celebrity Apex which is exclusive for Elite guests and above.

Of note, Celebrity Cruises does indicate as more members start to sail with the Always Included package they’ll be introducing new events and benefits.

Elite Plus:

The Elite Plus level includes guests who have acquired 750-2,999 points. These guests receive all of the Elite member perks along with added benefits. The added benefits include 2 complimentary bags of laundry, a 15% discount on specialty dining, and complimentary specialty coffee. These guests also receive an increased discount off internet to 35% plus 240 minutes of complimentary Stream internet.

Celebrity Cruises Captain's Club


The most loyal guests in Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club are the Zenith members. These guests have 3,000+ points in the loyalty program! As you would expect, these guests are entitled to the most perks. These benefits include complimentary unlimited Stream internet, a complimentary fitness class, complimentary laundry, and an automatic beverage package upgrade.

Further, Zenith guests are entitled to large discounts off onboard purchases like 50% off at the photo gallery and 25% off specialty dining. They also receive priority seating in the theater and Concierge lunch in the main dining room.

The best part is they even qualify for a free cruise! Zenith members receive a complimentary 7-night Caribbean or Bermuda cruise for every 3,000 points earned.

Further, the Top Cruiser on each sailing will enjoy a complimentary dinner at a specialty dining restaurant, along with complimentary flowers and wine. This special guest will also now have the opportunity to take part in an interview with the cruise director.

Celebrity Cruises Captain's Club

Of note, Zenith access to the lounge at The Retreat and Michael’s Club will be limited to members staying in The Retreat until further notice. This is due to changes that need to be implemented to ensure reduced capacity in venues once cruising resumes.

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Additional Perks of Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club

All Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club members will receive additional on land perks as well. These include exclusive member discounts and savings on cruises, member perks with MGM Resorts International and HERTZ Gold Plus rewards points, and an online Captain’s Club Newsletter.

Additionally, Captain’s Club members receive discounts through Celebrity Cruises Night Out for tickets to a wide variety of entertainment options. They also earn up to 15% off purchases from 1-800-Flowers and family brands including Harry & David, Cheryl’s Cookies, and The Popcorn Factory.

Finally, Captain’s Club members get reciprocity with sister brand, Royal Caribbean International. Celebrity Cruises’ Select level guests can crossover to Platinum level on Royal Caribbean, and Elite guests can crossover to Diamond level on Royal Caribbean. There are no crossover points from Celebrity Cruises’ Captain’s Club Elite Plus or Zenith levels.

However, cruise points will remain according to actual cruises taken and calculated using the accrual system for each respective brand. Further, credits earned on one brand are not combinable with credits earned from another brand.

What’s Changed Recently?

  • Increased Photo Discounts
  • Multi-Use Spa Discounts
  • Adjustments to Internet Discounts (which can now be applied to upgrades for guests sailing with Always Included pricing)
  • Beverage Package Discounts (which can now be applied to upgrades for guests sailing with Always Included pricing)
  • Reimagined Parties and Welcome Events
  • Temporary Pause on Priority Embarkation
  • Advanced Reservations for Certain Events (like access to the Persian Garden and Wine Tasting)
  • Cocktail Hour Throughout the Ship (for those not sailing with included drinks)
  • Zenith Access to Retreat and Michael’s Club Temporarily Paused

Below is an example of Elite perks from the first sailing in the U.S. in 2021 from Celebrity Edge.



To which of the Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club levels do you belong? Do you take advantage of all the perks associated with this loyalty program? Drop us an anchor below to let us know if you prefer to stay loyal to one brand or cruise with a variety of brands.

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Complete Guide to Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club

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