Windstar Cruises to Add Starlink Across Fleet

Small ship cruise line, Windstar Cruises, plans to add Starlink across its fleet (where available) offering guests high speed WiFi at sea.

Windstar Cruises to Add Starlink Across Fleet

Windstar Cruises to Launch High-Speed Starlink Internet Across Global Fleet  

Windstar Cruises has announced the launch of its Starlink Maritime high-speed, advanced broadband satellite internet capabilities. Already connecting the world by sea, Windstar Cruises will provide guests one of the most developed high-speed connections in the world both while sailing and when in port. 

Windstar launched the new Wi-Fi technology on Star Pride during a recent Caribbean voyage. The cruise line plans to implement Starlink across most of its global fleet by mid-2023. Star Legend will offer the service this spring, followed by Wind Surf, Wind Star, and Star Breeze. Wind Spirit will activate the new technology as soon as it’s available in French Polynesia.

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Currently, all Windstar Cruises use geostationary satellite service, Anuvu, for internet services. The addition of Starlink technology will amplify Anuvu, delivering more reliable and faster internet to Windstar’s guests. Starlink is the world’s first and largest satellite constellation with a low Earth orbit using lasers so communication can happen further away from ground based stations.

“I am thrilled to be working with Anuvu and Starlink to offer our guests the latest in satellite technology,” said Gregg Wagner, technology director, Windstar Cruises. “When the ships are inside the service area, faster speeds will alleviate much of the frustration felt at peak use times.” 

“Starlink is yet to be available worldwide, but Windstar Cruises is excited to be among the first in the cruise industry to offer this cutting-edge technology. The addition of high-speed internet service with our current geostationary satellite service will enable guests to stay connected to family and friends.”

Starlink will be available on select Windstar voyages where the service is active. Not all global destinations are available. View Starlink’s current maritime coverage and progress map here.

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Windstar Cruises to Add Starlink Across Fleet

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