The Most Romantic Things to Do in San Francisco

Most Romantic Things to do in San Francisco - Our pick for the 8 city highlights you should enjoy with that special someone when visiting San Francisco! 

Most Romantic Things to Do in San Francisco

Are your upcoming cruise travels taking you in or around San Francisco? If so, then you will want to check out this guest post by Amber Clark on the Most Romantic Things to Do in San Francisco. Love is in the air, so plan the perfect getaway for you and your significant other now!

The Most Romantic Things to Do in San Francisco

Looking to celebrate your love in style? How can you not when you are in San Francisco. Romance was literally invented here. San Francisco has everything for creating a picture perfect getaway for two people in love. From picnic parks to bay cruises, the city offers the best platform to celebrate your love for your partner.

In this post, we give you our picks for the best getaway places that will be perfect for you to spend a day or an evening with your partner.

Most Romantic Things to Do in San Francisco Most Romantic Things to Do in San Francisco – Source: Christopher Chan

Day Cruises in San Francisco

The most peculiar thing about spending time in San Francisco with your loved one is the number of options there are for cruising around the area. Bay cruises in San Francisco offer you the most spectacular views of the skyline and shoreline of the city. A cruise trip can surely create an endearing moment for your love to blossom. Below are some of the best day cruises that you should consider.

Golden Gate Bay Cruise Tour

If you fancy a splendid time with your partner on a bay cruise in San Francisco, a Golden Gate Bay Cruise should be on your must-do list. Your visit to San Francisco is incomplete without sailing aboard a Golden Gate Bay Cruise. The cruise departs from Fisherman’s Wharf, navigates along the breathtaking skyline of San Francisco and passes the wonderful neighborhood of North Beach. In addition, you also get to view plenty of exciting sights such as the Maritime National Park, vessels at Hyde Street Pier, the famous swimming clubs of Aquatic Park, and more.  Audio narrations are also available in sixteen different languages.

Most Romantic Things to Do in San FranciscoMost Romantic Things to Do in San Francisco – Source: Dennis Jarvis

Alcatraz Cruise Tour

An Alcatraz Cruise Tour will irrefutably be one of your most memorable cruise tours in a lifetime. The thrill and adventure that the Alcatraz Island offers its tourists is phenomenal. This infamous island was once a well-known American prison housing famed criminals such as ‘The Birdman’ and ‘Al Capone’. It is now, of course, open as a tourist attraction that is swarmed by thousands of tourists from all over the world each year.

So, if you and your partner fancy an evening full of spookiness and mystery, a visit to the Alcatraz Island should be your priority. However, make sure that you book your tickets for the cruise tour well in advance.

Most Romantic Things to Do in San FranciscoMost Romantic Things to Do in San Francisco – Source: joergnielsen

Sightseeing in San Francisco

If you want to venture beyond the waterfront, then a day date on the roads of San Francisco might be a good choice. City sightseeing in San Francisco is a great date idea, especially if the weather is warm and conducive for walking. Some of the things that you and your partner may want to experience are listed below; however, don’t restrict yourself to just these options as there are plenty of other activities to enjoy.

Visit Telegraph Hill

Telegraph Hill is an amazing place for couples who want some quiet time, away from the hustle-bustle of the downtown. San Francisco has approximately 44 hills; Telegraph Hill is one of the original ‘Seven Hills’ of San Francisco. As vans and buses are not allowed to enter this particular hill, you will not find many tourists here. It’s a beautiful hill that offers picturesque views of the cliffs. Coit Tower, atop the hill, is the spot that the two of you must visit and take some photos. It is a good idea to contact a local San Francisco sightseeing tour company as they will help you to arrange a half day SUV tour.

Take a Cable Car Ride

You are going to love the cable car experience. The cable car ride starts with a climb up Nob Hill and then moves ahead toward Chinatown and Russian Hill. You then need to come down to Hyde Street and the Fisherman’s Wharf. In order to avail the cable car ride, you need to stand in queue for your turn, which can sometimes be quite long, but it is worth the wait.

Most Romantic Things to Do in San FranciscoMost Romantic Things to Do in San Francisco – Source: Robert Cross

Visit Dolores Park

Dolores Park is a favorite among the locals and tourists. It is one of those parks that still hasn’t lost its glory. Here, you are likely to see men and women getting a tan, reading a book, or sipping beers, all while smiling at each other. This park just has a magical effect on its visitors. A couple is sure to feel the romance in this green space. You can pack some snacks and drinks and create many romantic moments for yourselves in the open air.

San Francisco is a beautiful city to visit, even if only for a short time. So, book your tickets and set out to explore some of the romance and charm in San Francisco.


Have you visited San Francisco? If so, what are your favorite things to do? Drop us an anchor below to tell us about your experiences while visiting this city.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’off’][/author_image] [author_info]I’m Amber Clark, a travel and adventure blogger by interest. After relocating its been four years in San Francisco. I’ve been working in various areas of writing for more than a decade, covering an array of travel and feature topics for a smattering of various blogs and magazines.[/author_info] [/author]


Most Romantic Things to Do in San Francisco

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The Most Romantic Things to Do in San Francisco

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