Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite Review

Somehow the Princess convinced me to splurge on our recent Oasis of the Seas cruise. We upgraded to our first ever Junior Suite. Such a large and luxurious stateroom deserves an equally impressive photo tour.

Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite Review

Yes, you are reading that right, this is an Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite review. For those of you who know the Princess and I, I am sure you are in shock. Due to my tendency for being frugal, we book interior stateroom cabins on a majority of our cruises with an occasional upgrade to an ocean view or balcony room. But this time around, we decided to spoil ourselves with a Junior Suite.

Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite ReviewOasis of the Seas Docked in Labadee, Haiti

There are several reasons, which we will explain later, why we decided to book this lavish upgrade. The problem is now, once you have experienced such spacious accommodations, can you ever go back to a smaller cabin?

Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite Review

While the outside of the room may seem like an ordinary room, the inside of the room is quite different than an inside or ocean view cabin. Once you enter the Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite, you will immediately notice the sheer size of the room.

Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite ReviewEntering our First Junior Suite

According to Royal Caribbean’s cabin descriptions, an Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite is about 287 square feet. This is approximately 100 square feet larger than a large interior cabin. You can really feel that extra space in both the depth of the room as well as the width. This is one cabin that you won’t need to turn sideways to walk around the bed!

Royal Suite ClassOasis of the Seas Junior Suite Review – Our First Impressions

The location of the bed gave the room a more spacious feeling. It also made navigating around the other areas of the cabin easy. It was nice to be able to spread out and not have to worry about bumping into anything in the middle of the night. As far as comfort, the bed was on par with what we have experienced on other Royal Caribbean ships. These suites come with a luxury pillow top mattress, but we couldn’t really notice a big difference. We never have any issues falling asleep, and this cruise was no exception.

Oasis of the Seas Western Caribbean Cruise ReviewOasis of the Seas Junior Suite Review – King Bed

Unlike the typical “sitting area” which feels crammed in smaller staterooms, the Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite has a much larger lounge area including a chair, loveseat, and table. There is also a privacy curtain if you want to separate this section from the sleep area. We made great use of this space for things like eating room service, blogging, and just relaxing. With so much additional space, we were not resolved to using this area for storage.

Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite ReviewOasis of the Seas Junior Suite Review – Lounge Area

Speaking of storage, the extra large desk was a godsend. The Princess could use this area to get ready, while I still had plenty of counter space to charge and store my electronics.  Also, not that we spend much time looking at a television on a cruise, but the TV was at a much better angle for viewing. The one downfall is still the outlet space. The desk is the only area you will find electrical outlets, and sadly, there are no USB outlets like some newer ships. Good thing we never travel without our Belkin mobile surge protector.

Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite ReviewOasis of the Seas Junior Suite Review – Desk Area

Of all the great features in this room, the walk-in closet might have been the best, and this is coming from me! Being able to completely unpack and comfortably store all our belongings made planning and preparing for each day a breeze. Located right when you walk into the room, the closet is out of the way and doesn’t interfere with other areas of the room, unlike the design of most cabins.

Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite ReviewOasis of the Seas Junior Suite Review – Closet

The bathroom in an Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite is one area where, while bigger, did not feel like much of an upgrade. There is a bathtub versus the typical shower stall, but it is still rather narrow. The vanity area was slightly larger, but it had the same amount of shelving and storage areas as a typical bathroom. An upgrade from our traditional setup, yes, but worthy of admiration, not so much.

Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite ReviewOasis of the Seas Junior Suite Review- A Peek Inside the Bathroom

Last is the balcony. Here, you have the standard table and chairs plus an additional lounger. Given the extra space, we definitely made use of the balcony. Whether it was watching sail in or sail away, blogging, or just relaxing outside in our own little private alcove, the balcony in an Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite just felt more special, even if it really wasn’t that different.

Oasis of the Seas Western Caribbean Cruise ReviewOasis of the Seas Junior Suite Review – Balcony View

On Oasis of the Seas, the Junior Suite stateroom is part of the Royal Suite Class. The lowest of the three classes, the Sea Class offers guests additional perks including bathrobes to use onboard, upgraded bathroom toiletries, and privileges to dine in Coastal Kitchen for dinner. Unfortunately, it does not include access to the Suite Lounge or priority seating at shows like the higher tiered suites.

Royal Suite ClassOasis of the Seas Junior Suite Review – Bathroom Amenities

While definitely pricier than the rooms we typically purchase, we were very pleased with the investment. Scoring a rate that included free internet, onboard credit of over $500, free gratuities, and 4x Crown and Anchor points made the cabin fare well worth it. Of course, now our inside cabins will feel that much smaller. After sailing in this room, we came home to do some comparison shopping for a similar room on our upcoming Harmony of the Seas trip. When we realized that upgrading from our Central Park view room to a Junior Suite would cost over 3 times more than our current cruise fare, we weren’t about to make any changes. After all, it is only 7 days, and we really don’t spend too much time in our stateroom anyway.


Have you stayed in a Junior Suite Room on Oasis of the Seas? What is your favorite stateroom category? Drop us an anchor below to share you cabin review and help fellow cruisers pick the best accommodations for their trip.

Oasis of the Seas Junior Suite Review

Don Bucolo, or “DB”, loves everything about cruising- the ocean, the food, and the atmosphere. While he may be obsessed with doing extensive amounts of research on ships and all elements of a cruise, Don enjoys sharing his new found knowledge with fellow cruisers. When he is not sailing the high seas, he does whatever his wife tells him to do-it only took 10 years to realize this.
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  1. So torn…. our family of 4 can upgrade to a junior suite for $500 but not sure we will be in the room enough to justify it~ Didnt get the best rate originally as the current rate of our room is now $1000 less 🙁 8 nights, will we “need” the bigger room??

      Hi Rhonda, thanks for reaching out. We understand your dilemma. What type of cabin do you currently have booked for the cruise? How old our your children? If they are teenagers, the extra room and added privacy of a junior suite might be worth much more than $500. Also, why can’t you get a price adjustment on your current cabin if it is now 1000 less? Talk to your travel agent, about that too as you should be able to negotiate that as well. Let us know if you have more questions or what you finally decide. Happy cruising.

    We have booked a Jr. Suite on Oasis of the Seas, our older son and his family are taking two other Ocean View staterooms and our younger son another Ocean View. Our older son has five daughters so we feel the Jr. Suite will allow the 2 younger ones to come back to our room for the night as we’ll be early to bed, while the older ones and parents party the night away! So, the Jr. Suite allows us to do that and that is just fine with us! Looking forward to our family cruise!

      Just know that the perks mentioned above no longer apply to the Jr Suite. Obviously RC has changed things quite a bit since 2016.