Guide to CocoCay, Bahamas Cabanas – 2017

Enhance your next beach day on CocoCay, Bahamas with one of the island's cabanas. With so many different options, you might not be sure which one is right for you and your family. To help

When cruising to Royal Caribbean’s private island of CocoCay, Bahamas, you have plenty of options. The island offers a variety of different tours and excursions to let you make the most of your day ashore. During our most recent visit to the island, we decided to spend the day just lounging on the beach. Sure, you can find a chair and stake claim for a relaxing day, or you can enhance your stay by taking advantage of the different premium beach accommodations on shore. With so many different options, you might not be sure which one is right for you and your family. To help you make that decision, we have everything you need to know about the CocoCay, Bahamas cabanas.

Complete Guide to CocoCay, Bahamas Cabanas

First off, you should know that the island has four beaches that are open to all cruisers. You will find plenty of loungers scattered throughout these areas. Make sure to get off the ship early to snag your preferred chair as they are first come, first serve. You will want to bring your beach towels (and of course, your towel clips), so you have everything you need for a relaxing day ashore.

 CocoCay, Bahamas CabanasNew Beach Loungers

Renting Cabanas on CocoCay

If you are considering an upgraded beach experience, you might want to secure one of the various reserved beach accommodations for that added bit of luxury and personal service. If so, you should book prior to your cruise using the Cruise Planner on Royal Caribbean’s website. Reservations are usually available 75-90 days prior to your cruise, along with the rest of your island excursions.

CocoCay, Bahamas SignTime for a Beach Day on CocoCay

Royal Caribbean will charge you the total costs upon booking, but if your plans change, you can cancel up to 48 hours before your call to the island for a complete refund. If you wait to book until you are on the ship, you run the risk of the accommodations being sold out. Also, we suggest booking early to save money. Often, there are pre-cruise deals in the cruise planner. We took advantage of a limited-time deal to save 20% on our beach bungalow for our recent stop at CocoCay.

Cabana Locations

The only “official” place to get a cabana is the new Cabana Cove, a short walk from the tender. This new area offers beach front access directly from your cabana with all of the same amenities that were offered in the previous Island Oasis area.

CocoCay, Bahamas CabanasEntrance to Cabanas on CocoCay, Bahamas

The selections at Cabana Cove are the most luxurious (and expensive) options available. These are called Ocean View Deluxe Cabanas. With an advertised price of $294 for a cabana, you and up to five other guests have access to a private section of the beach reserved only for cabana guests.

Your rental includes two “resort-style” lounge chairs, two floating mats, and vouchers for 2 snorkel equipment rentals. You will also get beach towels, so you don’t have to bring them ashore. The cabanas include a wrap around couch that is completely shaded from the sun, but they are open air cabanas, so there is no air conditioning. You will have a great view of the ocean and now direct access to a beach right from these accommodations.

Oceanview Deluxe Cabanas at CocoCay BahamasOceanview Deluxe CocoCay Bahamas Cabanas

In 2016, Royal Caribbean updated CocoCay and added a new private beach area to the South Beach section of the island. This more secluded area now contains a few additional options that are very similar to the cabanas (but cheaper). In addition, transportation is available for travelers who do not want to walk to the back of the island. For us, the distance to South Beach is not a problem, as we enjoyed the long walk along the beach.

Beach Loungers

If staying out in the uninterrupted sun all day makes you a bit overheated, you can reserve a beach lounger, also referred to as a “clam shell”. These blue huts are staked into the ground and provide you with some shade. For $42, up to two beach goers can reserve a lounger to ensure protection from the sun. The location is right next to the South Beach Bar and is also pretty close to the Floating Bar, which tends to be a popular stop. Either way, you are not far from a frosty refreshment to help you further cool off during the day.

Beach Lounger on CocoCay BahamasBeach Lounger on CocoCay, Bahamas

Beach Beds

Beyond the Beach Loungers is the private section of South Beach. This roped off area is reserved exclusively for individuals who have purchased either a beach bed or bungalow. This area includes a private bar, the Sand Trap Bar, and dedicated transportation to and from the tender area on a “Cocolimo”.

Private Bar on CocoCay BahamasPrivate Bar on South Beach

Providing cruisers with some upscale protection from the sun, a beach bed rental is currently priced at $149 for up to four people. Included with the rental fee is four bottles of water, two floating mats, and towels. As the name implies, these are actual covered lounge style beds. There are curtains along the sides that you can untie to provide some privacy or further protection from the elements. Plus, you are only a few feet from your own beachfront water access.

Beach Beds on Cococay BahamasBeach Bed on CocoCay, Bahamas

Beach Bungalows

Lastly, you can opt to rent a Beach Bungalow ($244). Very similar to a cabana, these accommodations house up to six people. The rental includes two “regular” lounge chairs and a small sofa and cocktail table in the bungalow. In addition, you receive 4 bottles of water, 2 floating mats, and beach towels.

New Bungalows on CocoCayBeach Bungalows on South Beach

Bungalow guests also receive a catered lunch. You will get a menu delivered to your stateroom before arriving to the island to select your lunch options. Of course, if you do not like the options, you can always go to the island buffet for the barbecue lunch. You will want to return the menu as as soon as possible to the Explorations desk on the ship. At that time, you will pick out your bungalow location. Again, we recommend doing all of this right away if you want the best location with unobstructed views of the beach.

With a variety of different offerings to enhance your beach day on CocoCay, you are certain to find one that fits your budget and family needs. Now all you need to do is book a cruise stopping in CocoCay!


Have you rented a cabana on CocoCay? Did you find it to be a good value? Drop us an anchor below with your reviews of these island upgrades.

Everything You Need to Know About CocoCay Bahamas Cabanas

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  1. We have a party of 11. Can we rent one of the 8-person cabanas and swap people out throughout the day. The kids will probably spend most of the day at the waterpark, but it would be nice if everyone could stop by periodically. Is it an armband system where we could move them from person to person or is it on your cruise card?