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Pearl Harbor Tours Review

Pearl Harbor Tours Review

If you want to visit Pearl Harbor when in Hawaii, an organized tour might be your best option. Here is our honest Pearl Harbor Tours Review.     read more...

Top Things to Do in Oahu, Hawaii

Top Things to Do in Oahu, Hawaii on a Cruise

Planning a Hawaiian cruise? We recommend you spend a few pre-cruise days in Oahu. Our Top Things to Do in Oahu, Hawaii on a cruise will help you maximize yo     read more...

Oahu Grand Circle Tour Review in Hawaii

As one of the most popular tours in Honolulu, Hawaii for any first time visitor, we explore the entire island in our Oahu Grand Circle Tour Review.     read more...

Celebrity Solstice Hawaii Cruise Review

Celebrity Solstice Hawaii Cruise Review

We are back with our latest cruise ship review. This time, we explore the Hawaiian islands in our Celebrity Solstice Hawaii Cruise Review.     read more...

Best Summer Cruises 2019

Best Summer Cruises for 2019

We give you our picks for the Best Summer Cruises of 2019. From exotic locales, to historic cities, to private island retreats, which will you choose?     read more...

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