Carnival Outlines COVID Cruise Policies and Procedures

From pre-embarkation testing to mask mandates, Carnival now officially outlines its COVID Cruise Policies and Procedures.

Carnival COVID Policies and Procedures

While most of these changes have been expected and/or already announced by other cruise lines, Carnival now officially outlines its COVID Cruise Policies and Procedures. From pre-embarkation testing to mask mandates, we discuss all the new requirements.

Carnival Outlines COVID Cruise Policies and Procedures

Carnival Cruise Line has developed these COVID Cruise Policies and Procedures based on guidance from the CDC and in accordance with the recommendations set forth in the Conditional Sail Order. Of course, these requirements are subject to change based on current conditions and/or evolving recommendations.

Beginner's Guide to Planning a Cruise - Carnival COVID Policies and Procedures

At the time of booking, Carnival guests will need to provide any COVID screening information requested by the cruise line. Guests will also need to acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with cruising during the pandemic.

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Prior to embarkation day, all guests must complete online check-in and a health questionnaire as well as register for an embarkation time. Guests will only be allowed to enter the cruise terminal at this designated appointment time to allow for physical distancing measures. This regulation also applies to VIFP Diamond/Platinum and Casino guests.

Also prior to embarkation, guests will need to take a COVID test at their own expense. Every guest 2 years of age and older will need proof of a negative test taken between 5 days to 24 hours prior to the date of embarkation. Carnival also has the right to perform additional testing at the terminal or once onboard the ship.

Carnival COVID Policies and Procedures

If at anytime in the 14 days prior to the trip, or anytime during the trip, a guest tests positive, they will be denied boarding/re-boarding and will be subject to quarantine. In this instance, guests will receive a future cruise credit.

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Onboard Measures

Once onboard the cruise ship, guests will need to undergo daily temperature checks and possibly also at ports of call and/or before certain activities. Further, increased hand sanitizing and washing stations will be located throughout the ship, so guests can practice hand hygiene often.

Also, as suspected, all guests over the age of two will need to wear a mask when indoors except when inside their own stateroom. Other exceptions are when eating or drinking while seated at a table and when using cardio equipment in the gym. Guests will also need to wear a mask outdoors when physical distancing cannot be maintained. Face masks need to be worn over the mouth AND nose. Gaiters and bandanas are not acceptable, and face shields are only allowed in addition to a mask.

Carnival COVID Policies and Procedures

In order to maintain physical distancing onboard the ship, venues will have reduced capacity. Further, guests might need to use a reservation system for pubic areas such as pools, gyms, casinos, restaurants, bars, and entertainment. Entertainment and dining will be modified to ensure proper distancing as well as health and safety measures. This includes no self service at buffets.

Further, guests may be required to participate in contact tracing while onboard the ship. This could include use of wearables, video surveillance, transaction data, and photographs taken during the cruise.

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Shore Excursions

Another sticking point for many cruisers is the restrictions on activities while docked at ports of call. Specifically, guests will only be allowed ashore on shore excursions that have been approved by the cruise line. At least initially, self-exploration or non-Carnival sponsored excursions will not be permitted. Any non-compliance with shore excursion rules will result in guests being denied the ability to re-board the ship.

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Of course, Carnival may also alter the cruise itinerary at any time if there is an increased health risk at a particular port of call.

The Fine Print

Carnival implies that these rules will remain in effect as long as the declared Public Health Emergency involving COVID-19 remains. When cruising with Carnival during the pandemic, guests acknowledge all risks when accepting their Ticket Contract and agree to comply with all Carnival COVID Policies and Procedures. Guests also need to make an informed decision to cruise based on their own health risks.

Further, Carnival has not yet made any statements regarding the COVID vaccine. U.K. brand Saga Cruises was the first to announce this requirement. Then, this past week two smaller U.S. cruise companies, American Queen Steamboat Company and Victory Cruise Lines, did the same. Leadership from both Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line have also indicated that they are exploring this option as it might be the key to resuming cruising.

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Will you still cruise with these Carnival COVID Cruise Policies and Procedures in place? What are your thoughts on these requirements? Drop us an anchor below to share when you plan to cruise with Carnival again.

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  1. I’m not wild about all the restrictions. Hopefully by Nov. when we have one scheduled they will be more lenient. If everyone has proof they have had the vaccine or have taken a test which is negative, I don’t see why all he restrictions. A quick temp. test daily should be an indicator if anyone is getting sick. No need for the masks continually throughout the whole ship especially outside on the open deck. Extra hand sanitizing places is a good idea. The buffets around home here have gone to gloves that people use when handling the utensils at the bar. I think people should decide whether they feel comfortable around a crowd or not. I will go on cruise to relax and not worry. If I have to follow a bunch a restrictions I might as well stay home. Many are anxious to return to cruising, so if they sign up they know and except the risks. Those who are worried will hopefully stay home until they feel they are safe.

    No way I am getting this vaccine for me or my family. I have a down payment on a cruise in the end of Aug 2020.
    Would want my cruise REFUNDED NOT CREDITED if we are forced to have an unproven…untested vaccine!!!
    My daughter is a cardiac patient and there is NO WAY she or ANY of us will submit to that!!

      Totally agree with you. I can about deal with a mask though in protest, but no way are we getting the shot, which is NOT a vaccine but an OPERATING SYSTEM. It does not make you immune to the virus, and if you DO get it, your reaction will be worse than if you didn’t have it. We should not be forced into getting it to cruise. And I agree it should be a FULL refund, NOT a cruise credit which will probably expire before the mandate would be lifted.

    No I will not cruise with all of this garbage. I’m calling now to cancel my cruise for 4.

    I feel that if I have had the vaccine ( vaccine card) and test negative guest should be able to move about freely on board. All guest should have to prove that they have been Covid Vaccinated so that freedom on board can resume. We all are ready to do whatever is needed to get back on the high seas. Also, give discounts to us who have Carnival stock, remember we were supporting you while you were down.

      They will give you an OBC if you send proof that you own at least 100 shares of Carnival stock.

    For the people who have had the vaccine there should be no restrictions on board. If we can’t get off of the ship to explore we should just float a few miles off coast. It defeats the whole purpose of going on a cruise.

      It will be tough for the cruise lines to monitor who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t while onboard. So, for the first few cruises, they will need to impose the same health and safety protocols for everyone aboard. Thanks for the comment.

        Why don’t they just have vaccinated guests wear a certain wristband

    I will adhere to any of your rules during Covid. I’m just ready to go on a cruise!!! Even with a few restrictions. We have already booked a trip and I hope that it is not cancelled.

    I had Covid in June of 2020. In December, I went and had an antibody test which showed that I have STRONG antibodies against the Covid Virus. I am not opposed to getting an antibody test every six months to prove immunity. But I will NOT get a vaccine when I already have antibodies and I think Carnival needs to include positive antibody tests as a way to cruise freely. I also agree with other commenters that if you’ve had the vaccine or you test positively for antibodies, you should not have to wear a mask everywhere. Otherwise, what was the purpose of all the vaccinations? Until the antibody test issue is addressed, the cruising industry will not be getting my hard-earned dollars.

    I will not cruise under these conditions. I will wait until things get back to normal.

    We were getting ready to book a cruise but will not be doing so now. People cruise to relax and explore various ports of call often times on their own. We are not getting the vaccine for multiple reasons or following a bunch of restrictions while on vacation. Having a negative test prior to boarding and simple daily temperature checks would suffice.

      If these restrictions and or a vaccine is required we will not be going on our cruise we have booked for April 2022. Hoping by then masks won’t be required. I would rather have a refund instead of credit…not sure when we would be able to use if this is still going on!

    If vaccines are required to cruise all my family will not be going. These are experimental vaccines. They attack the lungs, kidneys and auto immune difficencies. Which I have all 3. I am in pretty good health and not a person that gets sick. I do not wear A mask. I think they are worse for you and are not much for protection. I have a Carnivals 50th Anniversary trip planned and I am hoping we all will be going. We have a big group whom will not get the vaccination. Not right to have to vaccinate for convenience. We would tolerate masks but not to happy about it. As far as the tests go they are so inaccurate. To bad they didn’t have something that was. A false positive test will surely ruin someones vacation they have been looking toward to. Not to mention all the money spent for it. I hope Carnival can stand strong on this.

    Our family has rebooked our 2021 cruise for 2023 hoping that all these restrictions will ease up by then. We have special circumstances why we can’t get the vaccination. So if this does become a requirement we will not be taking any more cruises. It is sad that we have come to this. There are people that have medical issues that do not allow them to receive the shot, such as allergic reactions, and/or certain medical conditions that would react in a negative way. These few should not be singled out from being able to enjoy their life to its full capacity.

    Our cruise for 2019 was canceled. We decided to wait till 2022. However at this point we are having second thoughts about that! It’s nuts to spend that much money and have to make reservations to go to the pool, hot tub or anything else!

    You are so right! We love to cruise We went on 4 cruises a couple of years ago and had so much fun. This is nuts to pay that much and not have nearly that much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Doesn’t sound like fun. Think I will just stay here. Too bad nobody wants to hold China responsible for the mess they created for the whole planet

    Not Cruising as long as Test are required, even though I have had my Covid Shots. Temp testing is fine, further than that i am not going there.
    Reading the comments, there are some who refuse to believe in the Covid Vaccine. This is why so many have passed, and we cannot get to an ALL CLEAR situation. Just thinkng that way will not solve the problem. Remember, when this clears and they start charging for the shot or treatment if you don’t get the shots, IT was your choice!

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