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Having read great reviews, we decided to give Norwegian Epic’s Cirque Dreams Epicurean a whirl during our recent cruise. This new show debuted on Norwegian Epic in 2017. The European-style circus includes a three-course dinner and an approximately 45-minute performance. After experiencing the show, we agree that Cirque Dreams Epicurean on Norwegian Epic is worth the upcharge!

Why Cirque Dreams Epicurean on Norwegian Epic is Worth the Upcharge

This dinner theater takes places in the Spiegel Tent located on Deck 6. This custom-designed venue resembles a circus tent that we all remember from childhood. This room perfectly sets the stage for an intimate performance of some extraordinary feats.

There are two seating areas, standard and floor seating. The floor seating is located in the center of the room just inches away from the performers. Seating in the standard section is toward the periphery of the room on the first floor or in the balcony. Regardless of where you sit, the small circular venue puts everyone in the middle of the action. While you do reserve a particular seating section, the actual table and seats you are assigned are on a first come basis. So, get there early for the best seats in the house as doors open up 30 minutes before the scheduled showtime. We were able to get two front row seats with an unobstructed view.

Why Cirque Dreams Epicurean on Norwegian Epic is Worth the Upcharge

Let the Evening Begin

Dinner is a three-course, prix-fixe meal. The main course is a surf and turf, a medium cooked tenderloin with shrimp. The food is a welcomed addition, but the real feature here is the entertainment. Technically, the performance does not begin until everyone has finished the meal; however, their is a pre-show during dinner where many of the featured performers make the rounds in elaborate costumes.

As the house lights dim, the real show begins. According to the online description, the show is “an Avant-garde world of awe-inspiring feats and colorful eccentricities.” Not sure I know exactly what that means, but I can say the show was fantastic. In a traditional circus style, there was a ringleader, of sorts. The master of ceremonies was a clown that provided comedic interludes between acts as the different performers and props were switched out.

The stars of the show though are the many acrobats, aerial artists, and strength acts, including the fast-paced tightrope pirate that set the scene. As the ship swayed, it seemed like he was going to fall at any moment. What makes this highly entertaining spectacle even more amazing is that it is taking place on a moving cruise ship. Every moment of the show is systematically planned and flawlessly executed, even if the ship’s movements can be unpredictable.

Why Cirque Dreams Epicurean on Norwegian Epic is Worth the Upcharge

All of the performers were highly skilled, and the 45-minute show seemed to fly by, quite literally. From the various juggling skits, to the acrobats and strength acts, this high-energy extravaganza progressed without missing a single beat.

Cirque Dreams Epicurean on Norwegian Epic

Cirque Dreams Epicurean Recap

Norwegian Epic was the first ship to debut this dinner theater experience way back in 2010. While we never did see the original show, this revamped production had us on the edge of our seats from the very first balancing act. The Cirque Dreams show is offered multiple times during a typical cruise. You can reserve the experience beforehand on your NCL account or once onboard the ship.

Cirque Dreams Epicurean

Unfortunately, all of this fun is an upcharge. For our cruise, the floor seats were $47.19 a person and the standard seating cost was $35.39. These prices include a 20% service charge. You can also use one of your specialty dining credits (if you have a specialty dining package) and pay a small additional surcharge, $17.70 and $11.80 respectively.

Based on our experiences, the costs are well worth it. Cirque Dreams Epicurean is one of the best shows we have seen on a cruise!


Do you think Cirque Dreams Epicurean on Norwegian Epic is worth the upcharge? Have you experienced one of these dinner theater performances on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship? Drop us an anchor below with your opinions.

Why Cirque Dreams Epicurean on Norwegian Epic is Worth the Upcharge

Disclaimer: We were provided admission to the show courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line, but as always all opinions expressed are our own.

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