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Norwegian Cruise Line is all about the specialty dining. One of the many options available is the Italian restaurant, La Cucina. On our recent Norwegian Getaway cruise, we booked another dinner at this rustic eatery located on the Waterfront. Why do we keep going back for more? Well, here are our 5 reasons you should dine at La Cucina on Norwegian Getaway. Napkins might be needed for this review.

Five Reasons to Dine at La Cucina on Norwegian Getaway

Waterfront Dining

La Cucina is perfectly situated on Deck 8 on Norwegian Getaway. Even though it is near most of the action, the restaurant still has a relaxed, subtle ambiance. You can choose to either dine inside the venue or take in the al fresco views on the Waterfront. Indoors, you can enjoy a rustic Northern Italian decor while you dine. Or, you can have a more scenic experience and watch the waves under the moonlight outside. Either way, you will have a superb dinner that is the perfect start to what is sure to be a fantastic night aboard Norwegian Getaway.

La Cucina on Norwegian GetawayLa Cucina on Norwegian Getaway

It’s Included in the Specialty Dining Package

Everything at the restaurant is included in the specialty dining package. That means you can order as much as you want from all of the menu options. Order a few appetizers, no one is keeping track. Thinking of trying a pasta and an entree, well that is included as well. Just be sure to save room for some dessert. However you decide to dice it up, all of your selections at La Cucina will be covered in the meal package. With prices starting as low as $21.75 a person (depending on how many nights you purchase in the package), it is a real bargain.

Off to a Great Start

Speaking of ordering multiples, we can’t help but indulge when dining at La Cucina. The dining experience starts with the hot, crusty Italian bread with dipping oil. It is tough to not consume the entire loaf before dinner even begins. After that, you must select your appetizers. Choose from options like fresh Buffalo mozzarella and tomato or perfectly crispy fried calamari with marinara sauce, our personal favorites. If you are dining with a large party, we suggest ordering multiple dishes to share. But, we don’t want you to fill up just yet, there is more to come.

La Cucina on Norwegian Getaway

Did Someone Say Pasta

While there are plenty of solid entree options, no visit to La Cucina is complete without a pasta dish. Seafood lovers will enjoy the light and sweet sauce topping clams, mussels, shrimp, and more in the Linguine Cioppino. Vegetable lovers will devour the Lasagna Ortolano or the Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini. Again, there is no reason why you can’t share one or two of these plates among the table to save room for the entrees. If you feel yourself getting full from all the yummy pasta, take a break, as Steak, Osso Bocco, Lamb, and more Seafood options await you in the entree section of the menu.

La Cucina on Norwegian GetawayLa Cucina on Norwegian Getaway


Still have some room left? If Italians are known for anything else besides pasta, it is dessert, and no dessert is more iconic than tiramisu. Good thing La Cucina serves up a noteworthy rendition of this classic final course. Light and airy, this moist, sweet coffee flavored dessert was the perfect way to end our dining experience at this specialty restaurant. Other classics are also available including affogato and a lemon ricotta cheesecake. Perhaps you’ll want to savor these desserts along with a hot cup of coffee or after dinner drink. They taste as good as they look. Don’t believe us? Try them for yourself.

La Cucina on Norwegian GetawayLa Cucina on Norwegian Getaway

Final Thoughts on La Cucina on Norwegian Getaway

We will continue to dine at this Italian restaurant on Norwegian Cruise Line as we have never been let down by the food or the service. This restaurant is sure to have something to please even the pickiest eaters, like the Princess. The flexibility of the dining plan means you can choose a variety of different plates and not worry about the costs. As always, we recommend making reservations at the restaurant, as it can get busy during peak dining times. La Cucina is open for dinner every night of your cruise from 5:30pm to 9:00pm.

Dinner Menu


Have you dined at La Cucina on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship? What is your favorite specialty restaurant with the cruise line? Drop us an anchor below to share your dining reviews with other travelers.

La Cucina on Norwegian Getaway

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