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Being one of our favorite venues at sea, we were excited when Norwegian Cruise Line decided to add a Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway last fall. For those living under a rock, Margaritaville is a themed restaurant inspired by the life and lyrics of Jimmy Buffett. Open most days from 12-5pm, Margaritaville is the perfect stop if you are looking for some delicious lunch or a frozen concoction to help you hang on. Whether you are a parrothead or not, we have 6 reasons why you need to visit Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway.

6 Reasons You Need to Visit Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway

The Location

This cozy, outdoor restaurant and bar, located on deck 16, is perfectly situated just a few steps from the pool deck and the Spice H20 adults only area. The venue is close to all the action, yet offers a bit of seclusion. Protected from the elements, but still open to the Caribbean sun and cool breezes, Margaritaville is the ideal place to kick-back, do some people watching, and enjoy the ocean views. It doesn’t hurt that they also serve food and drinks here too, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

6 Reasons to Visit Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway6 Reasons to Visit Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway

The Vibe

Like the man himself, the Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway is calm, relaxed, and always on island time. The atmosphere fits in perfectly with the rest of the ship and public spaces. From the casual look and feel of the restaurant to the chill Jimmy Buffett music softly playing in the background, it feels like you are already at your next port of call. If you have ever been to a Margaritaville on land then you can relate, as this venue does a near perfect job of recreating that feeling and ambiance.

6 Reasons to Visit Maragritaville on Norwegian Getaway6 Reasons to Visit Maragritaville on Norwegian Getaway

Signature Margaritas

Okay, we lied…there are really 10 awesome reasons to visit Margaritaville. Those would be the 10 signature margaritas and boat drinks that you can only find at Margaritaville. From the Perfect Margarita, named after me of course, to the Watermelon Margarita and the Who’s to Blame, there is a libation to suit all tastes, including some tasty frozen concoctions. With all of the drinks covered in the Ultimate Beverage Package, there is no reason not to try them all!

Top Things to Do on Norwegian Getaway6 Reasons You Need to Visit Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway

The Crazy Low Prices

While the drinks are covered in the beverage package, the food is a la carte. Compared to similar restaurants on land, this place is a bargain. Fresh and well seasoned appetizers and meals are available for a cost of only $3-7 (feel free to download the menu). On our multiple visits to the restaurant, our tab never exceeded $15 for the two of us. If you have extra meals on the specialty dining package, you can use it here, but it might be hard to rack up enough costs to warrant using a meal.

6 Reasons You Need to Visit Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway6 Reasons You Need to Visit Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway

The Amazing Staff

While the staff and crew at all the bars on the ship were excellent, we tip our hats to the fun-loving bartenders and waitstaff at Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway for going that extra step to provide a superior experience. The whole team truly embodied the spirit and nature of the Margaritavilles on land. The bartenders at the Chill Bar kept patrons coming back for more with their impressive cocktail crafting skills. While the friendly waitstaff were always there to check in, grab more drinks (or napkins), and ensure you were enjoying your meal. Kudos to a great team.

6 Reasons to Visit Maragritaville on Norwegian Getaway6 Reasons to Visit Maragritaville on Norwegian Getaway

Social Media Food Porn

Okay, if none of the other reasons tempt you, we have two words for you- Volcano Nachos. Yes, this heaping pile of fresh tortilla chips loaded with cheese, chili, salsa, guacamole, and hot peppers is just as mouthwatering to eat as it is to post on social media. What you are seeing has not been altered in any way; this starter could easily feed a family of four!

6 Reasons You Need to Visit Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway6 Reasons to Visit Maragritaville on Norwegian Getaway

There are plenty of other selections at Margaritaville at Sea that are just as delicious and photo-worthy. From the Chicken Cobb Salad (seen above) to the signature Cheeseburger in Paradise, your social media will be inundated with likes from envious friends who wish they were cruising and chomping on the tasty menu items from Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway along with you.

6 Reasons to Visit Maragritaville on Norwegian Getaway6 Reasons to Visit Maragritaville on Norwegian Getaway

By now, the only question you should be asking yourself is “When am I going to sail on a ship with a Margaritaville at Sea?”. Well, you are in luck; along with the Norwegian Getaway, you can also find the venue on Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Escape, and Norwegian Star. So, book a cruise and experience the food, fun, and music at this one-of-a-kind cruise ship eatery firsthand.



Have you sailed on Norwegian Getaway? Have you visited one of the Margaritavilles at Sea on Norwegian Cruise Line? Drop us an anchor below to share your thoughts on this casual dining spot.

Reasons to Visit Margaritaville on Norwegian Getaway

Disclaimer: Our cruise on Norwegian Getaway was a sponsored trip, but as always, all opinions are our own.

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