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Our first cruise of the year could not come soon enough. In all fairness, it is only the first week of 2017, but we have been preparing for well over a year now. Since the ship was announced, the Princess and I have been very excited about sailing on Harmony of the Seas. Reserving our January 7, 2017 cruise on the very first day that bookings opened, we are finally about to set sail. Here are our top reasons why we are excited about sailing on Harmony of the Seas.

Top Reasons We’re Excited about Sailing on Harmony of the Seas

Putting Our Plan into Action

There is just something rewarding, and a bit thrilling, about taking all of the research, planning, and spreadsheets then finally getting onboard and putting our plan into action. Having all of our dinners, shows, and shore excursions mapped out, along with additional plans such as our “Drink Around the Ship” tradition and other cruise favorites, it certainly gets us pumped for vacation and ready to experience all the ship has to offer. Yes, we know it sounds a bit nerdy but that is half the fun.

Harmony of the Seas TipsOf Course We Are Excited about Sailing on Harmony of the Seas

A World Record Holder

Not that we like to brag but sailing on mega-ships is sort of our thing. We have sailed on the “current” world’s largest ship a few times. So, when it was announced that Harmony of the Seas would be replacing Allure of the Seas as the new champ, we knew that we had to book a cruise during her maiden season in the Caribbean. While it would have been great to get out to Europe or even on the transatlantic, we opted for a cruise in the beginning of 2017. Our typical January sailing to escape the cold weather and snow from back home.

The Ultimate Abyss

Zip lines, rope courses, and waterslides are all cruise ship adventures that we have conquered. Not to mention, there is the North Star and iFLY on the Quantum-class ships bringing cruisers to new heights. Our most highly anticipated onboard experience on Harmony of the Seas has to be the Ultimate Abyss. The ten stories of high speed fun is just so us, not to mention, it is perfect for my brand new GoPro Hero 5 wearable camera. I can’t think of a better way to break it in than a plunge on the longest slide at sea.

Sailing on Harmony of the SeasExcited about Sailing on Harmony of the Seas – The Ultimate Abyss (Courtesy of Royal Caribbean International)

A Return to Wonderland

It is a culinary adventure that one needs to experience to truly understand. Having dined at the first Wonderland on Quantum of the Seas, we were a bit giddy to hear that Harmony of the Seas would feature a two-story Wonderland. With the same style, and slightly different menu, we have plans to dine at Wonderland on the first formal night. The Princess and I are ready for another trip down this rabbit hole.

Harmony of the Seas TipsExcited about Sailing on Harmony of the Seas – Wonderland

Main Theater Production Shows

Here is where the Princess and I differ. For me, the comedy Columbus, the Musical! looks to be one of the highlights of the cruise. Early reviews peg the performance as a funny and lighthearted show in the mold of Monty Python. I am looking forward to enjoying this show on the sixth night of our cruise. For the Princess, Grease is the show that she is most looking forward to during our sailing. Booked for the first night of our cruise, she is hoping for some “summer loving” in the middle of January.

Excited About Sailing on Harmony of the SeasExcited about Sailing on Harmony of the Seas – Grease on Harmony of the Seas (Courtesy of Royal Caribbean International)

Exploring the Ship

If you have been following us, you know that we go a bit overboard on the first day of a cruise completing a photo tour of the ship. We suspect that it will be a bit harder to do on this cruise given that the ship is sure to be very busy. None the less, day 1 and day 2 (our stop in Nassau, Bahamas during which we plan to stay on the ship) will be dedicated to cruising around the ship with our brand new camera. We will be sure to share pictures of the ship on all social media, and maybe even throw in a few Facebook live updates for you all. Stay tuned for more Harmony of the Seas fun!

Getting Wet and Wild on the Waterslides

Even though Liberty of the Seas was the first Royal Caribbean ship to receive waterslides, Harmony of the Seas was the first ship to be built with waterslides as part of the original design. Being a bit more of a water rat than the Princess, I look forward to testing out the Perfect Storm (Typhoon, Cyclone, and Supercell) during what are sure to be multiple trips during this seven day cruise. Good thing we packed a few bathing suits.

Excited About Sailing on Harmony of the SeasExcited about Sailing on Harmony of the Seas – Waterslides (Courtesy of Royal Caribbean International)

Puzzle Break: Escape the Rubicon

Our first puzzle break room experience was on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas. Seeing the popularity of that attraction, they have created a room on Harmony of the Seas specifically for this attraction. Escape the Rubicon is billed to be one of the most high-tech and intense escape rooms ever created, especially for a cruise ship. While there is now a small cover charge of $8.99 a person, we were willing to pay the fee and have plans to escape with our fellow cruisers before time runs out on Day 6 of the cruise.

Excited About Sailing on Harmony of the SeasExcited about Sailing on Harmony of the Seas – Courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean Cuisine

Eating and drink are the hallmarks of any cruise. We are looking forward to trying the new nightly main dining room menus on Harmony of the Seas. Along with testing out these menus, we are also excited to hit up a few other favorite venues for the margaritas and snacks at Sabor, the roast beef sandwiches at Park Cafe, the dogs at the Boardwalk Doghouse, and who could forget the lattes at the Starbucks on the Boardwalk. Our mouths are already watering!

A Room with a View

On Harmony of the Seas, we are also looking forward to trying out a new category of staterooms. As many of you already know, I tend to be a bit frugal when it comes to booking a cabin as I rather afford my finances elsewhere. Instead of booking a traditional interior stateroom, we decided to book a Central Park View stateroom for this cruise. With 199 square feet of living space and a window view overlooking the luxurious Central Park neighborhood, how will this cabin category compare to others that we have stayed in before? More importantly, after just staying in a junior suite on Oasis of the Seas, will we survive?

Central ParkExcited about Sailing on Harmony of the Seas – Central Park

Our Ports of Call

Yes, this cruise is mostly about the ship. But, we opted for this Eastern Caribbean sailing so we could check off a bucket list item. And when I say we, I mostly mean me! We will be participating in the Yacht Racing Experience in St. Maarten. Deemed one of the top shore excursions in the Caribbean, this has been on my list for a while. We actually had it booked a few years ago, but it got canceled at the last minute. Then, during our stop in St. Thomas, we will be heading to St. John’s Trunk Bay for the first time to do a little exploring, snorkeling, and beaching.


Have you cruised on Harmony of the Seas yet? Why are you excited about sailing on Harmony of the Seas? Drop us an anchor below to share your reasons for taking a cruise on this newest and largest ship in the world.

Sailing on Harmony of the Seas


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