Top 25 Cruise Gift Ideas 2019

Top 25 Cruise Gift Ideas for 2019. Do you know someone who loves to cruise? Get them the perfect gift for their next voyage with these expert suggestions.

Top 25 Cruise Gifts for 2019

Do you need to get that special cruiser in your life a gift? Whether it is the upcoming Christmas holiday or another special occasion, don’t worry about finding the perfect present. We have put together our Top 25 Cruise Gift Ideas for 2019.

If you’d rather start shopping right now, we have put together our Amazon Cruise and Travel Packing List with all of the latest and greatest cruise gear for 2019 at the lowest prices.  

We have gifts in all price ranges. So, whether you want to get a little something or go all out, the perfect cruise gifts are here.

Top 25 Cruise Gift Ideas 2019

Packing Cubes – Packing is both a science and an art. Making sure you have all the essentials and can neatly store them in your luggage takes just the right balance. While we were a bit late to the game, we have finally been convinced that luggage packing cubes are an essential when packing for a cruise. Yes, we still might be over-packers, but at least everything is neatly stored and organized for all of our trips. 

Cruise T-Shirts – Show the world your love for the ocean with a fun cruise t-shirt. Yes, we are partial to certain sayings and graphics, but there are plenty to choose from. They are perfect for mom, dad, the kids, and even the grandparents. Everyone will love to wear one of these t-shirts on their next cruise vacation.

Packable Down Jacket – Being prepared for every situation is essential. Whether you are cruising the North Atlantic, the rivers of Europe, Alaska, or even the Bahamas, a versatile and lightweight down jacket is the perfect coat for all occasions. It can fit in your carry-on or day bag, and believe us, it will come in handy when the weather takes a turn for the unexpected.


180 Degree Snorkel Mask – Ocean lovers are going to want to upgrade to a modern snorkel mask. Topping our list this year is the Seaview snorkel mask. This modern design gives you unparalleled views of the ocean. Complete with an attachment for your action camera and a tubeless design, you will wonder why you hadn’t upgraded sooner.

Mobile Power Charger – Power outlets are a premium in a cruise cabin. That is why this conveniently shaped and cruise friendly charging station tops our list of the best cruise gift ideas for 2019. Charge your phone, cameras, and up to six devices with a mix of USB ports and traditional outlets. The extension cord allows you to strategically place the device to maximum space.

Portable Power Bank – The days when cruisers traveled to “disconnect” are long gone. Now everyone in the cabin has digital devices. From smart phones, to tablet computers, cameras, drones, and digital watches, you get the point. So, you will want to take some power with you during your trip. These popular portable power banks are light weight, hold hours of batter power, and will quickly charge your device, whether on land or at sea. We find this essential when going ashore for the day.

Noise-Canceling Headphones – If you want to escape to your own little paradise while on a mega-ship, these Beats Studio 3 headphones will do the trick. These wireless headphones deliver unparalleled sound quality. In addition, the headphones can block out all of the surrounding chatter to allow you to enjoy your favorite songs, audiobooks, or other streaming from your smart device.

Action Camera – Everyone is looking to capture cruise moments with video and photo. Our new favorite camera is the DJI Osmo Action Camera. The user interface is intuitive with an extremely responsive touch screen. The camera’s specs are top notch, with built-in stability, several 4K video capture modes, and a “selfie” front screen for capturing video and photos. Solid battery life means this new camera is perfect for capturing moments during your shore excursion. Oh, did we mention it is also waterproof up to 36 feet?

Anti-Theft Beach Bag – Never worry about leaving your bag unattended again. The CoolBag Generation 2 will keep your personal belongings safe with a combination lock zipper and cable handles that can be secured to a lounge chair while you are enjoying yourself at the pool or beach.

Or, if the cruiser in your life is looking for a smaller option to explore ports of call, one of these classic Travel On Messenger Bags is a great choice. Travel ashore with ease and security with this stylish bag which features RFID protection and locking zippered compartments. The bags offer plenty of pockets for your tablet computers, cell phones, and other items on our list of the top cruise gifts of 2019.

cruise gifts 2019

Yeti Water Bottles – Staying hydrated while onboard or exploring a port of call is crucial. That is why we invested in an over-sized Yeti Rambler bottle to fill with water. It really does keep beverages cold for the entire day. You might even consider a pair of Yeti tumblers with lids for those frozen drinks or iced coffees on the ship. After all, no one likes a watered-down drink! These Yeti thermoses also work great at keeping coffee warm if you are thinking of cruising to a colder locale.

RFID Passport Holder – You need to protect yourself when traveling. This new RFID passport holder is not only fashionable, but it also blocks cyber criminals from stealing your information. With plenty of room for your key card, some cash, and credit cards, this wallet can serve multiple purposes during a trip.

Cruise LanyardWould it be a cruise if you didn’t have your key card easily accessible? It is a time-honored tradition to proudly wear your lanyards while roaming the open air decks. Now, you have your key card at your fingertips to swipe for your next cruise drink. Or, if you are one who never leaves your cabin without a cell phone, you can opt for a cell phone card holder. These attach to the back of your phone for easy access to your key card, money, and more. 

Cruise Luggage Tag Holders – Don’t waste time folding and stapling your cruise tags to your luggage. These holders make adding your cruise tags to your suitcases simple and painless. These tag holders are perfect for Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line. These luggage tag holders work for Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises’ passengers. Either way, these are the perfect little gift for the cruiser in your life.

Lounge Chair Towel Clips – Don’t let the wind stop you from enjoying the Caribbean sun. These decorative towel clips fasten to any lounge chair in a snap. Find the pair that matches his or her personality. From animal designs to flip-flops, why not grab a couple for all your family members? These inexpensive gifts fit easily into your carry-on and are a must for any cruiser.

Fitness Tracker (or Smart Watch) – Keep track of your steps, decks climbed, and overall activity with the Fitbit Versa 2. This tracker and smartwatch includes built in Alexa features and connects to apps like Spotify. It also records your heart rate as well as calories burned during the day. Interchangeable bands also mean that you can customize the watch to match your outfit. Or, you could upgrade to a brand new Apple Watch Series 5 if you want to go all out.

Travel Pillow – This year, we have done some of our longest traveling. From 13 hour flights to Hawaii, to full days of travel to arrive at destinations like Germany and Sweden, we were inevitably forced to try to sleep on a plane. If you are in the same boat (pun intended), then you should opt for one of the best travel pillows. The Trtl Travel Pillow is flexible, lightweight, and scientifically proven to help you get a better sleep. That’s all we need to know! 


Carry-On Luggage – If it is time to upgrade your luggage, consider a bag utilizing design that flight crews use, the Travelpro Hardside Spinner. This 21″ inch bag is made of lightweight and durable polycarbonate and comes equipped with a built-in TSA approved lock and USB charging port. In addition, the luggage offers separate compartments for organized packing. The adjustable grip handle and 360-degree spinner wheels make it worth the additional costs. 

Packable Luggage Scale – If you are married to an over-packer like I am, then you need a durable travel luggage scale. Never pay luggage overage charges again. Accurate and easy to use, you can quickly determine the weight of your bag with this device. Avoid frantically emptying your suitcase at the ticket counter of the airport to get it under the allowable weight limits.

Magnetic Hooks – While they may not sound too practical for some travelers, cruisers will thank you when they see these handy hooks. Small yet strong, these magnetic hooks provide extra storage in those cramped quarters. Hang bags, clothes, the daily activity schedule, your tour tickets, and more on the cabin walls. We suggest the 40 lb. magnets if you plan on hanging anything with a little weight to it.

Travel Games – Frequent cruisers know to pack a few games to take on the trip for when they want to take a break from the sun. For family-friendly fun, our new addiction is the dice game Quixx. You can also consider a simple deck of cards or the dice game Left Center Right. Or, for those cruisers who aren’t “easily offended”, a few decks of Cards Against Humanity is sure to spice up your trip.

Insulated Wine Carrier – If the cruise line permits you to bring two bottles of wine onboard, this nifty wine bottle carrier will ensure your beverages arrive safely. This trendy carrier is insulated to protect your wine bottles from breaking during transit. These holders are easy to carry and stow away once onboard. The neoprene material will mold itself to fit most 750ml bottles of wine regardless of the shape.

Cord Organizer – If you are like us, then you might be bringing a few extra electronics along on the trip, like phones, tablets, and cameras. Keep all of your device cords organized with the ProCase Travel Organizer. Keeping everything neatly tucked into one place, this accessory makes packing a breeze and ensures that you won’t leave any essential cords behind.

Water Shoes – If you are cruising to a warm location, you may be partaking in some water-related activities. We recently upgraded to a pair of versatile Sperry water shoes. With the design of a sneaker, these lightweight shoes offer great traction. However, they also have built-in drains and are made from quick-dry material.

Tablet Computer – You could pack some paperback books, crossword puzzles, a computer, a camera, and other devices to enjoy on your vacation. Or, you could put all of those items at your fingertips with a small tablet computer. You can’t go wrong with a new iPad, one of the most popular tablets available with several features you would expect to find on its more expensive models, including the Pro. Or, if you need something with more computing power, you could opt for a Google Pixelbook, one of the premium tablet/laptop options built for travel. 

Cruise Gift Cards – Not exactly sure what to get that cruiser in life? While the Princess thinks they are a bit impersonal, I think a cruise gift card is a great gift choice. Many lines offer cards including Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line. If your favorite cruise line does not offer gift cards, you can still add onboard credit to an existing account for most lines. It just takes a little more work.


A Cruise – Yes, if you are willing to splurge this year, you can get that special someone the ultimate cruise gift of 2019- a cruise!  Surprise him or her with a brand new trip to plan. Or, if you can’t swing a new reservation, perhaps you can upgrade that inside cabin for a balcony or go all out with a suite. If you time it right with some of the cruise deals happening now, the upgrade may not be as costly as you think.

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How many of these items do you take on a cruise? Have we missed one of your favorite cruise gift ideas? Drop us an anchor below to share your favorite gifts for all the cruisers in your life.

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Our Top 25 Cruise Gift Ideas
Top 25 Cruise Gifts
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Top 25 Cruise Gift Ideas 2019

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